Community Right to Bid - Assets of Community Value

One of the key policy goals of the Localism Act 2011 is to give communities more power to become involved in the way local services are delivered. The government hopes to stimulate social, environmental and economic growth and regeneration through community asset ownership. The policy is intended to counter the damage that can be done to communities and community services when buildings or other amenities are closed or sold.

One of the ways this policy goal has been implemented is through the introduction of a right to bid for and buy local land that is considered to have community value, referred to as an asset of community value (ACV).

When the owner of land listed as an ACV wants to dispose of it,the community is given the opportunity to develop a bid and raise capital to buy the land. This necessarily means that an owner of land listed as an ACV is restricted from disposing of its land. Therefore the legislation provides for:

It is important to note the right to bid provisions do not:

Eligible bodies and community groups may wish to nominate a property for potential listing as Asset of community Value and you will need to complete the Nomination form and provide the supporting information to the Council.

On receipt of eligible applications, applicants and the land owner will be notified of whether the asset has been listed within 8 weeks of the application. The Owner then has a further 8 weeks to appeal against any listing.

For more details on what information is needed and whether you are entitled to nominate a property for listing download the form here. For Local Guidance on the community Right to Bid please click here.

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