Attendance summary

Explanation of the statistics columns

The number of meetings that the Councillor was expected to attend in their capacity as member of that committee. Only attendances at formal meetings of the Council are counted (a list of these committees is available by clicking 'Committees' in the bar on the left).
The number of meetings that the councillor attended in their capacity as member of that committee.
Councillor Expected Present
Councillor Collette Allen98
Councillor Helen Armitage108
Councillor Sarah Barber1211
Councillor John Carnall107
Councillor Nadia Cenci107
Councillor Glen Chisholm85
Councillor Stephen Connelly1716
Councillor John Cook128
Councillor Martin Cook1311
Councillor Kelvin Cracknell77
Councillor Shelly Darwin109
Councillor K. Elango Elavalakan87
Councillor David Ellesmere1212
Councillor Roger Fern22
Councillor Ian Fisher1212
Councillor Sandra Gage1514
Councillor Peter Gardiner1313
Councillor Julian Gibbs88
Councillor David Goldsmith44
Councillor Martin Goonan32
Councillor Tracy Grant97
Councillor Bob Hall1311
Councillor Sheila Handley109
Councillor Elizabeth Harsant1513
Councillor Darren Heaps66
Councillor Oliver Holmes99
Councillor Elizabeth Hughes97
Councillor Stephen Ion33
Councillor Carole Jones1817
Councillor Bill Knowles55
Councillor Colin Kreidewolf1313
Councillor Adam Leeder1010
Councillor Inga Lockington1210
Councillor Tim Lockington66
Councillor Neil MacDonald1212
Councillor Daniel Maguire97
Councillor Sophie Meudec1414
Councillor Jan Parry1110
Councillor Edward Phillips88
Councillor Richard Pope99
Councillor Lee Reynolds22
Councillor Luke Richardson88
Councillor Jane Riley98
Councillor Alasdair Ross1210
Councillor Bryony Rudkin2012
Councillor Christine Shaw99
Councillor Colin Smart99
Councillor Philip Smart1615
Councillor Jenny Smith66
Councillor Barry Studd1614
Councillor Lucy Trenchard88
Councillor Robin Vickery1211
Councillor Colin Wright99
Councillor Erion Xhaferaj98