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OD/15/65 Bus Shelter Repairs

20/04/2016 - OD/15/65 Bus Shelter Repairs

The Council now wishes to carry out the enhanced level of repairs to all relevant bus shelters that were not repaired in this way in 2015 together with some other general repairs.


As a competitive tender exercise was run for the same type of works only a year ago and as there was only one tender submitted for these works at that time, it has been decided to waive the requirement for competition in the Council’s CSOs. This is because it is considered unlikely that there would be any compliant quotations received other than from the company who successfully tendered in 2015 and so running a competitive tender exercise would not provide any benefit to the Council but would incur unnecessary costs and delays. A quotation has been received for this from the same company that successfully tendered for the work in 2015 and the price for the works is in line with the previous tender exercise.


The main alternative options would be to either not carry out any repairs or not carry out any further enhanced level of repairs. The first alternative option would be detrimental to public safety and the second would be likely to lead to an increased level of repair costs to the Council in the long-term.


DECISION: To waive the requirement in CSOs for competition on this occasion only in respect of repairs to the Council’s bus shelters and to proceed with an order for such works with the same company that successfully tendered for the same work in 2015.