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OD/16/53 Bus Service 14 - Subsidy of Saturday Services

18/01/2017 - OD-16-53 Bus Service 14 - Subsidy of Saturday Services

Decision: To exercise the Council’s powers under the Transport Act 1985 and The Service Subsidy Agreements (Tendering) (England) Regulations 2002 (as amended) to enter into an agreement to provide service subsidies with Ipswich Buses Ltd in respect of Service 14 for the provision of an additional 3 return journeys per day on Saturdays for a trial period (up to 6 months).


Reason: As it is considered that the current service level on this bus service is not as frequent as is desired on Saturdays and a trial provision of additional journeys will help to ascertain whether there is a case for such journeys to be provided on a longer-term basis.