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OD/16/43 Anglia Business Exhibition, Strategic partner funding

10/10/2016 - OD/16/43 Anglia Business Exhibition, Strategic partner funding

The Anglia Business Exhibition (ABE) is organised by the Suffolk Chamber of Commerce and ISSBA. For the last 3 years Ipswich Borough Council has been a 2nd Tier Sponsor of the event.


There are three funding options;

·         Option One – do not fund (no provision of sponsorship or stand)

·         Option Two – Fund (sponsorship and stand) for one Year at a cost of £5,000

·         Option Three – Fund (sponsorship and stand for three years at an overall cost of £13,500, funding of £4,500 per year


The decision is to fund option three – effectively a continuation of the level of support that the Council has provided in recent years,


Funding for three years enables IBC to influence the shape of the event, the three year ‘package’ is more cost effective that single year arrangements - providing a saving of £1,500. The three year package also enables IBC to select a stand prior to general sales.


As a strategic partner in the 2017 event IBC will be able to host a one hour reception / networking event, the space provided has the capacity to hold 50 delegates.