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Strategic Overview & Scrutiny Committee

Purpose of committee

The Strategic Overview & Scrutiny Committee supports the work of the Council and its Executive.


There is one overall Strategic Overview & Scrutiny Committee that is responsible for monitoring and reviewing all its decisions taken by the Executive.


More information about what the Strategic Overview & Scrutiny Committee is responsible for and who the members are, is available in the Ipswich Borough Council Constitution (Part 3, Section 4).


If the Strategic Overview & Scrutiny Committee considers that a decision is taken which may be contrary to public interest it can recommend that Executive reconsiders this decision.


The Overview & Scrutiny function ensures that:


Executive Decisions are publicly held to account;

The policy process and decision making becomes more transparent;

The corporate priorities and the budgetary framework are effective.


Find out more in our Committee handbook:


Overview & Scrutiny – A Guide.


Find out more about what an Overview & Scrutiny Review is:


Overview & Scrutiny Reviews




If it is felt that an Executive decision has been made incorrectly, the Strategic Overview & Scrutiny Committee has the power to call-in that decision. The decision then cannot be acted upon until the ‘call-in’ has been considered by Strategic Overview & Scrutiny Committee. If, after considering the call-in, the Committee still has concerns, it can refer the matter back to the Executive.


Ipswich Borough Council Constitution – The Call-In Process.







Contact information

Support officer: Ainsley Gilbert. 01473 432510