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OS/17/02 End of Year Performance Dashboards 2016/17


9.1      The Chief Operating Officer presented this report which highlighted the performance across all portfolios to the end of year, at 31 March 2017.  It had been reported at the Overview & Scrutiny Committee on 2 March 2017 that this further information would be provided.  The performance across the Council was good although there were some areas where attention should be focussed.


9.2      Discussion took place about whether trends could be noted in future reports and whether target LI 195(i) was 100% attainable, when the number of missed bins amounted to 45 per 100,000 (or 99.96%) of bin collections being undertaken on the scheduled day. There could be many factors, some out of the Council’s control, which could be the reason for non-collection and Councillor C Smart suggested that a grading system be put in place e.g. below 30 – ‘green’, 30-45 ‘amber’ and over 45 ‘red’. 


9.3      Councillor Debman expressed concern about the reduction in the number of visitors to Christchurch Mansion and that the income of the sports and leisure facilities was being lost to private facilities.  The Officer confirmed that this was a target setting issue as the Constable Aspire exhibition had been at Christchurch Mansion when the target had been set and that recent building work had also affected the visitor numbers however, the marketing and advertising of the museums was to be improved over the next 12 months.  The Sports and Leisure review, which was now in the process of being implemented, included changes to memberships and more football teams had been recruited at the Whitton and Gainsborough facilities.


9.4      Councillor Whittall said that homelessness needed to be measured more critically as the performance statistics did not highlight where any obvious priorities were needed.  The Officer confirmed that systems were in place to address the priorities, through the Corporate Risk Register and that the Performance Dashboard offered an overview with a brief summary of each Portfolio.  The new Corporate Plan also offered information of where IBC was ‘Building a Better Ipswich.’


9.5      Councillor Knowles said that he could not understand why there had been significant capacity issues in Legal Services which continued to be addressed by employing agency staff.  Councillor M Cook, in his capacity as Portfolio Holder said that this would only be a short term solution.  Partnership working had been considered but it had been decided it would not be effective, legal staff were in high demand and it remained difficult to recruit to legal posts.  The Chief Operating Officer said that existing staff had been recruited to the Lead Lawyer posts and the Operations Manager post would soon be put out to advert.


9.6      Councillor Gage asked whether focussing on the red grading guides of the risk matrix should be put into context and the Chief Operating Officer said that the Performance Dashboards should be looked at as part of a wider picture and each relevant Portfolio Holder could bring briefing papers with more detail on their service when they were invited to give their Annual Portfolio Holder update.               

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