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AG/17/07 Internal Audit Reports - Recently Issued


14.1    Treasury Management - Bank and Cash - 2016/17

            Mr Hanson asked if lessons had been learnt about the cash account not being reconciled for six months and the Head of Internal Audit said that the cash reconciliation would now be completed monthly.


14.2    Payroll IT Key Controls 2016-17

The Head of Internal Audit confirmed that the recommendation, rated as adequate, was being followed up. 


14.3    Councillor Fisher expressed concern that the internal audit report   ‘Agency & Consultancy Spend’ had not been included in the previous agenda and the Officer agreed to bring this report to the next meeting to enable the Committee to discuss it further.




that the contents of the Audit reports on the following, be noted and the recommendations within the report be endorsed.

1.    Agresso IT Key Controls – 2016-17

2.    Bank and Cash – 2016-17

3.    Council Tax – 2016-17

4.    Debtors – 2016-17

5.    Northgate Revenue & Bens System ICT Key Controls 2016-17

6.    Paris IT Key Controls 2016-17

7.    Payroll IT Key Controls 2016-17

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