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CAC/19/18 Funding Request: Rock Paper Scissors 'Twisted History'


63.1.     Ms Lulu Horsfield, Creative Director at Rock Paper Scissors Art Group, reported that Rock Paper Scissors offered quality creative art provision and inspiring after-school activities to a range of young people to enable them to tell stories through creative art.

63.2.     The ‘Twisted History’ experience would give schoolchildren access to exhibits at Ipswich Museum to allow them to immerse themselves in history through a range of activities and create artwork from recycled materials.  £1,270 was requested to enable St Helen’s Primary School to take part in the pilot ‘Twisted History’ experience at Ipswich Museum.

63.3.     Councillor Rae noted that free workshops had been provided on the Cornhill previously and asked why the proposed activities needed to be paid for.
Not all of Rock Paper Scissors workshops were free, some were provided at low cost (e.g. £5 for 2-hour Saturday workshop).  ‘Twisted History’ was being developed as part of the school creative curriculum.  Some of the costs were for the development of the package and promotion to other schools in the area.

63.4.     Councillor Rae queried the cost of the session leaders (£180 per person per day) which equated to a gross equivalent salary of £43,000.
The Arts Council provide gradings for qualified staff costs for the education of children. Ms Horsfield commented that she had over 20 years’ experience of developing high quality art tuition.

63.5.     Councillor Jones commented that the pilot project would need to affordable to schools for it to be sustainable; schools would not be able to afford £1,270 for 2 days’ creative education.
The pilot would be the first step of the process, which would be subject to Arts Council review, before considering the packaging and promotion of the project.  Over the last year, Rock Paper Scissors have demonstrated that their projects were sustainable.

63.6.     Councillor T Lockington commented that as this project was to be delivered as part of the school term, there needed to be better understanding of the purpose of this one-off activity and how its outcomes would be measured, and whether it was appropriate to deliver it as part of school curriculum.

63.7.     Councillor Cook reported that there were at least 5 primary schools in Central Ipswich and asked about the cost of delivering this project to other schools if the pilot was successful.
The cost to other schools would be less as it would not include the development costs.  The Arts Council were consulted with regard to costs involved and £280 per day for a session leader was not considered expensive. The project aims to deliver something not currently being provided at schools.
[** Note: This minute was subsequently amended at the meeting held on 10 June 2020.]

63.8.     Councillor Riley commented that creative education sessions had recently been developed by Ipswich Museum and were now offered at no additional cost as part of the school visit package and asked whether schools had been consulted as to whether the proposed costs would be affordable.
St Helen’s Primary, PRUs, St John’s Primary, Westbourne Academy and the Arts Council have been consulted about appropriate costs, bearing in mind the experience of the staff who would be delivering the project, and the proposed costs were 20% less than the Arts Council’s recommendation.  The project would enable Ipswich schoolchildren to be immersed in their local history and children learnt so much in this environment; a Saturday club had already been held at Ipswich Museum.

63.9.     County Councillor Abbott commented that school budgets were tight and the arts and history were often the first areas to be subject to funding cuts.  County Councillor Abbott asked whether SCC had been approached for funding as it was the responsible authority for the provision of education.
Rock Paper Scissors had been in contact with Jayne Knight, Arts Development Manager at SCC’s Suffolk Arts Service.  The costs of the project had been well researched and Rock Paper Scissors had demonstrated their ability to engage with the local community.

63.10.  Councillor I Lockington proposed that a lesser amount of £635 of funding be awarded to Rock Paper Scissors Art Group as a contribution to enable St Helen’s Primary School to take part in the ‘Twisted History’ experience, subject to the remaining funding being secured from other funding sources, and this was agreed.



that the Central Area Committee approve funding of £635 from the Central Area Committee budget to the Rock Paper Scissors Art Group CIC to enable St Helen’s Primary School to take part in the ‘Twisted History’ experience, subject to the remaining funding being secured from other funding sources.


Reason: To give the children a unique and exciting learning experience and to support the Ipswich Museum to broaden its engagement.

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