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PD/19/11 Item 4 - Application IP/19/00624/FPI3

Burton Son and Sanders Warehouse, St Peters Wharf



Ward:             ALEXANDRA          


Proposal:      A hybrid application comprising:


Full application for change of use and associated external works to the brick warehouse building to D1 (Non-residential Institutions) and D2 (Assembly and Leisure) uses.


Outline application for change of use and associated external works to the concrete-framed building (including link section) to increase the height of the building by 3 storeys, to provide A3 (Restaurant and Café)/A4 (Drinking Establishment)/A5 (Hot Food Take-away) at Basement and Ground Floor; B1 (Office) at 1st and 2nd Floors; and C3 (Residential) for up to 14 self-contained flats with roof terrace amenity area and ancillary plant at 3rd to 7th Floors.   


Address:       Burton Son and Sanders Warehouse, St Peters Wharf


Applicant:     Ipswich Borough Council


Agent:            Mr Richard MacRae


The Principal Planning Officer (Special Projects) presented the report illustrated by drawings and photographs.


Ms Ellie DeGory of EDRM spoke on behalf of the applicant in support of the proposals:


-        Worked closely with Officers to bring life back into derelict buildings and regenerate the gateway to the Waterfront.

-        1950’s brick warehouse building earmarked as future home for the Gecko Theatre company.

-        One-storey glazed link building proposed between brick warehouse and concrete-framed building, plus an area of public amenity space.

-        Outline application for the concrete-framed building, providing a mix of potential uses over the basement and 7 floors.

-        Detailed application for brick warehouse has been developed in collaboration with Gecko, who had recently secured grant funding, proposing a sensitive restoration of industrial features by revealing some of the currently covered elements.

-        Transparency to be added to brick warehouse elevations through the use of glazing and screens, providing an active and visually engaging façade.

-        Where former elements cannot be repaired, they will be replaced, e.g. roof.




The Head of Development be authorised to grant Outline and Full planning permission for the proposed hybrid development subject to the completion of a legal agreement under the provisions of Section 106 of the Town and Country Planning Act (1990) securing the following contributions (index linked):-


1.         Education (Primary School) £33,192.

2.         Pre-School £33,192.

3.         Libraries £224.

4.         Recreational Avoidance Mitigation Strategy £1,706.46.


And subject to the conditions as set out briefly below:-


1.         Submission of reserved matters (Layout, Appearance, Scale, Landscaping) to be within set timeframes.


2.         Development to be in accordance with approved plans.


3.         Details to be submitted and approved: External materials; windows and doors including roof-lights and window screenings; Hard and soft landscaping scheme; boundary treatments; biodiversity surveys and enhancements; secure cycle and PTW storage; bin and cycle storage details and presentation areas; replacement/retention of ‘Burtons’ signage and public art, and maintenance thereafter.


3.         Residential dwellings to meet necessary energy and water use sustainability targets.


4.         Submission of pre-commencement construction management strategy (including Surface Water management during construction) for approval and implementation.


5.         Details of waste management to be submitted, approved and implemented.


6.         Noise impact assessments and mitigation measures to be agreed and undertaken.


7.         Archaeological investigation and assessment to be undertaken.


8.         Confirmation of Fire Hydrants supply and locations.


9.         Strategy for the disposal of surface water flooding to be approved including the prevention of means to prevent surface water discharge onto the highway.


10.      Details of implementation, maintenance and management of surface water strategy to be provided.


11.      Any gates proposed shall open inwards, and not over the public highway and shall be automatic opening mechanism.


12.      Photographic condition survey of the highway fronting and near to the site to be completed and agreed.


13.      Access to High Speed broadband to be included in the building – details to be submitted and agreed.


14.      Air Quality assessment and necessary mitigation to be submitted, approved and necessary mitigation implemented.


15.      Remediation Strategy to be approved and undertaken if contamination not previously identified is found during development.


16.      Details to secure appropriate flood mitigation measures such as finished floor levels and appropriate emergency flood planning.


That, in the event that such a legal agreement has not been completed within a period of 6 months (or other time frame to be agreed), the Head of Development be authorised to refuse Hybrid Planning permission on the grounds that the requirements necessary to make the development acceptable in planning terms have not been secured through a s106 legal agreement contrary to policy CS17 of the Core Strategy and Policies DPD 2017.




1.         Ipswich Borough Council supports the use of automatic sprinkler systems.

2.         Archaeological investigation informative.

3.         Fire Service comments regarding Building Regulations and proper consideration of a sprinkler system for the building.

4.         Suffolk Constabulary comments

5.         Anglian Water comments regarding assets on or near the site.

6.         Environmental Permit for Flood Risk Activities

Supporting documents: