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PD/19/09 Item 2 - Application IP/19/00722/FUL

Ipswich Hospital NHS Trust, Heath Road


Ward:             BIXLEY


Proposal:      Extensions and alterations to hospital buildings adjacent to South Wards and Emergency Assessment Unit to provide an Urgent Treatment Centre, relocated Emergency Department and clinical facilities. New entrance to South Wards, relocated Emergency Vehicle entrance and drop off/loading/parking area and realigned bus loop road; landscaping and ancillary works.


Address:       Ipswich Hospital NHS Trust, Heath Road


Applicant:     East Suffolk and North Essex NHS Foundation Trust


Agent:            Mrs Natalie Makepeace


The Development Management Team Leader presented the report illustrated by drawings and photographs.


Mr Paul Fenton, Director of Estates and Facilities at East Suffolk and North Essex NHS Foundation Trust, spoke in support of the application:


-        Following merger of Ipswich and Colchester Hospitals, a Sustainability Transformation Plan has been ongoing to determine how acute hospital and healthcare provision would be provided.

-        As a result, significant investment would take place.

-        Proposals would provide efficient and cost-effective services.

-        The proposed Emergency Assessment Unit and Urgent Treatment Centre (UTC) were an important part in improving clinical services.

-        Considerable consultation has been undertaken with the local community and LPA.

-        New UTC would be GP lead, with the ability to triage and filter patients.

-        Acute care would be assessed at the UTC.

-        Location of UTC and Emergency Department aligned with long term plan for this unit to be more centrally located within the hospital site.

-        Only part of the Garratt Anderson Centre was used for emergency treatment.

-        Design reflects that of the Garratt Anderson Centre.

-        Proposals would enhance public realm at front of the site.

-        Parking and traffic unlikely to increase as effectively there would be no material increase in patients or visitors.

-        Development could be accommodated in terms of existing parking on site.

-        Proposal would provide improved accessibility from loop road, and improved safety and efficiency for buses and emergency vehicles.

-        Works due to start in 2020.


Councillor Armitage raised safety concerns in relation to the reconfigured bus stops and drop-off bays and the potential conflict between ambulances and queuing buses.

Councillor Gage requested that bus timetables and real-time passenger information be provided on site, and also requested clear signage for pedestrians from the extremities of the site.

[**Note: This minute was subsequently amended at the meeting held on 11 December 2019.]  


Councillor Jones proposed that an informative be added requesting that these concerns be addressed as part of the annual travel plan review for the Ipswich Hospital site, and this was agreed.




Grant full planning permission upon condition that (briefly) :-


1.         Development to be in accordance with the approved plans, including details of external materials and hard landscaping (including vehicle parking areas).


2.         The use shall not commence until the displaced parking and cycle/PTW provision has been made available for use.


3.         Details to be submitted and approved:- External windows and doors; CCTV details; Soft landscaping; and lighting columns; Details of the specification to be provided for secure cycle/PTW storage. All agreed details to be provided prior to occupation.


4.         Development to be constructed in accordance with the submitted Arboricultural Impact Appraisal.


5.         Replacement planting within 5-year period if soft landscaping removed or become seriously damaged or diseased.


6.         Submission of a pre-commencement Phase 2 Land Contamination Assessment.


7.         Any unidentified contamination (if found) to be reported to the Local Planning Authority.


8.         Renewable and low-carbon energy sources to be installed as per submitted Sustainability and Energy Statement, and thereafter retained as such.


9.         Submission of pre-commencement details of the strategy for the disposal of surface water on the site.


10.      Submission of pre-commencement details of the implementation, maintenance and management of the strategy for the disposal of surface water on the site.


11.      Details of plant equipment and sub-station, including details of noise levels associated with the equipment and any proposed attenuation measures.




1.         Suffolk Constabulary comments.


2.         Suffolk Fire and Rescue comments.


3.         Anglian Water comments.


4.         Ipswich Borough Council supports the use of automatic sprinkler systems.


5.         Travel Plan Review: The applicant is strongly urged that as part of the next review (or sooner) of the Ipswich Hospital Travel Plan, that consideration is given to providing users of the hospital site with bus timetables and real-time passenger information, and also clear signage for pedestrians accessing the hospital facilities from outside the hospital grounds in advance of the first occupation of the hereby approved development which includes a reconfiguration of various departments from within the wider hospital site.  The Local Planning Authority will provide the Suffolk County Council Travel Plan Officer with the observations of the Planning & Development committee as detailed in this informative for consideration as part of the next review of the Travel Plan.
[**Note: This minute was subsequently amended at the meeting held on 11 December 2019.]

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