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PD/19/08 Item 3 - Application IP/19/00831/FUL

178 Ashcroft Road



Ward:             CASTLE HILL


Proposal:      Erection of a detached two-storey dwelling and formation of vehicular access in land severed from garden of existing dwelling.


Address:       178 Ashcroft Road


Applicant:     Mr Mark Rush


Agent:            Mr Peter Wells


The Senior Planning Officer presented the report illustrated by drawings and photographs.  A site visit was undertaken by Members of the Committee on 14 October 2019.




Grant planning permission upon condition that (briefly):-


1.         Development to be in accordance with approved drawings.


2.         Details to be submitted and approved:-  external hard surfacing; boundary treatments. Agreed details to be fully implemented prior to occupation


3.         Dwelling to be constructed using Ibstock Leicester Weathered Red Stock bricks and Marley Double Roman concrete tiles, or similar.


4.         Soft landscaping and biodiversity features to be provided as per submitted drawing prior to first occupation.


5.         New vehicular access to be laid out and completed in all respects in accordance with Drawing No. DM03; and with an entrance width of 5m and made available for use prior to the dwelling first being occupied.


6.         Prior to the new dwelling permitted being first occupied, the new access onto the highway shall be properly surfaced with a bound material for a minimum distance of 5 metres from the edge of the metalled carriageway, in accordance with details previously submitted to and approved.


7.         The areas to be provided for storage of Refuse/Recycling bins and secure cycle storage as shown on drawing number PW1041-PLO1 shall be provided in its entirety before the development is brought into use and shall be retained thereafter for no other purpose.


8.         The use shall not commence until the area(s) within the site shown on drawing no PW1041-PLO1 for the purposes of manoeuvring and parking of vehicles has been provided and thereafter that area(s) shall be retained and used for no other purposes.


9.         Before the access is first used clear visibility at a height of 0.6 metres above the carriageway level shall be provided and thereafter permanently maintained in that area between the nearside edge of the metalled carriageway and a line 2.4 metres from the nearside edge of the metalled carriageway at the centre line of the access point (X dimension) and a distance of 43 metres in each direction along the edge of the metalled carriageway from the centre of the access (Y dimension).


10.       Should unexpected contamination be discovered in the course of development then development should cease and the matter reported to the Council’s Environmental Protection for further instruction.


11.       Remove permitted development rights for the provision of additional upper floor window and roof-slope openings on the north and west elevations, unless they are fixed shut and obscure glazed.


12.       Remove permitted development rights for further extensions (Schedule 2  Part 1 Class A) and alterations to the roof (Classes B and C)


13.       Dwellings to meet necessary energy and water use sustainability targets as required by policy DM1.




1.         Ipswich Borough Council supports the use of automatic sprinkler systems.

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