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PD/19/07 Babergh and Mid Suffolk Councils Joint Local Plan Preferred Options (Regulation 18) Consultation


57.1.    The Planning Policy Team Leader presented the report, outlining the points to be raised in the Council’s proposed response to the Babergh and Mid Suffolk Councils Joint Local Plan Preferred Options (Regulation 18) consultation, which was due to close on 30 September 2019.

57.2.    Councillor P Smart commented that the proposed housing on the fringes of Ipswich could equate to over 5,000 residents and highlighted the need for contributions to alleviate the impact on Ipswich.  Councillor P Smart added that although contributions were being proposed for A14 junction improvements, it would be preferable to consider how increases in traffic flows could better be mitigated, for example, similar traffic attenuation measures to those employed along Norwich Road where traffic was held at Bury Road and released at a rate that could be accommodated further along the road network.

57.3.    Councillor P Smart also advocated contributions towards providing a bus network and public transport improvements.  The Planning Policy Team Leader reported that a joint strategy would be put in place to mitigate transport and air quality issues relating to fringe developments, which would consider improvements to public transport. Officers would work with the Ipswich Strategic Planning Area Board to ensure that land would be reserved to deliver these improvements, e.g. bus stops, cycle network.

57.4.    Councillor P Smart highlighted that contributions to mitigate the impact on Ipswich’s services needed to be made up front to be effective, e.g. the bus service on the Ravenswood was implemented at the start of that development.

57.5.    Councillor Cook asked about the amount of Gypsy and Travellers accommodation currently provided in Babergh and Mid Suffolk. The Planning Policy Team Leader reported that Mid Suffolk had a high provision as it had authorised a site that had previously been unauthorised, but Babergh had a much lower provision.  The Gypsy and Travellers Accommodation Needs Assessment from 2017 was available on the Council’s website as part of the evidence base for its Local Plan.

57.6.    Councillor Gage commented on bus services being cut by operators to the East of Ipswich, impacting on routes to Martlesham and Woodbridge, and highlighted that it was not just a matter of influencing Babergh and Mid Suffolk authorities, but also gaining support from Suffolk County Council and bus operators.

57.7.    Councillor Gage highlighted the long term needs of Ipswich and its surrounding areas for GPs and medical services.  The Planning Policy Team Leader commented that Officers were working closely with the NHS in relation to the provision of medical services across the Ipswich Strategic Planning Area; in those areas where recruitment of GPs was proving difficult, ‘super medical centres’ could be considered that would offer a wider range of services.

57.8.    Councillor Holmes proposed that the fifth point of the Council’s proposed response be amended to also request contributions towards NHS medical services and public transport provision, and this was agreed.



that the Committee note the summary of the main points of the Babergh & Mid Suffolk Local Plan Preferred Options (Regulation 18) Local Plan, and authorise the Head of Development to respond by 30th September 2019 covering the points in this report, subject to the minor amendment of the fifth point as detailed above.


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