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PD/19/06 Item 4 - Application IP/19/00667/FPF

Sizewell C (Stage 4 Consultation)


Proposal:      Stage 4 Consultation with regard to erection of a nuclear power station (Sizewell C).


Address:       Fringe Area Application for Sizewell C


Applicant:     NNB Generation Company (SZC) Limited


The Principal Planning Officer presented the report, providing comparative information of the 3 transport strategies being considered: Rail-Led Strategy, Integrated Strategy and Road-Led Strategy.


Councillor Holmes highlighted the need for the retention of the public rights of way in relation to the proposed Ipswich Garden Suburb development and the potential risk to the delivery of the foot/cycle bridge by the developer if the rights of way were to be altered.  Councillor Gardiner clarified that the delivery of the foot/cycle bridge and vehicular bridge over the railway were not at risk as these elements of infrastructure would be funded from the Housing Infrastructure Fund rather than by the developer.

Councillor P Smart commented that any changes to the Westerfield crossing should be considered in relation to supporting the doubling of freight from Felixstowe rather than the temporary period for the construction of Sizewell C.


Councillor P Smart commented that the Rail-Led Strategy should not be ‘watered down’ and highlighted that the Integrated Strategy did not offer much improvement in comparison to the Road-Led Strategy.


Councillor P Smart also highlighted that the East Suffolk railway line improvements would help to encourage more sustainable travel in the future, which would help to support the aims of recent Climate Emergency declarations.


Councillor Jones emphasised that no attention had been given to Ipswich in terms of the Accommodation Strategy; Ipswich already had a shortage of private rented housing, and further demand for this housing could result in poorer members of the local population struggling to compete for the limited accommodation available.


Councillor Gage commented that in light of the potential environmental impact on the countryside, improvements to the East Suffolk railway line would be a minimal offset to this development.




That the Head of Development be authorised to make representation on behalf of Ipswich Borough Council to EDF Energy on the Stage 4 consultation on the Sizewell C Nuclear Power Station.


1.         Of the three strategies proposed, IBC would strongly encourage the use of a Rail-led transport strategy, as the most sustainable way of getting construction materials to the site, followed by the Integrated strategy and the last strategy that should be followed is the Road-led strategy.


2.         Should the Integrated strategy be pursued this should include

improvements to the East Suffolk line providing a legacy of rail



3.         The DCO application must have proper regards to the proposed

development of 3,500 dwellings at Ipswich Garden Suburb, with particular reference being made to potential added noise and disturbance to existing and future occupants, the need for level crossing improvements at Westerfield Station, and the retention of the public right of way and installation of a foot/cycle bridge, rather than a permanent diversion.


4.         The Ipswich housing market needs to be part of the Accommodation Strategy that is being considered by EDF and should form part of the DCO submission, both in terms of the impact on the Ipswich rental market, and the likely need for workers who may be living in Ipswich.


5.         The information contained within the Consultation contains limited detail to fully justify why the Marine-led strategy is no longer being pursued as an option.


6.         Impact upon Ipswich’s air quality needs full consideration as part of the DCO process including in the EIA, and necessary mitigation such as low emission bus transfers for staff from Ipswich/Westerfield Railway Stations.


7.         The Environmental Statement should have proper regard to the proposed development of 3,500 dwellings at Ipswich Garden Suburb, including traffic implications.


8.         Further information is required on the diversion strategy for HGVs and LGVs should the Orwell Bridge be closed at any time and for any reason.


9.         Impacts upon Ipswich’s road network and air quality needs to be assessed in the Environmental Statement for all vehicular movements (HGVs, LGVs, Buses, Cars).

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