Agenda item

Ward Councillors Feedback from their Communities


St John’s ward:


34.1.    Councillor Darwin reported that speeding vehicles was still an issue on Camden Road and this issue had been referred to County Councillor Adams.  Councillor Darwin also highlighted that there had been a number of doorbells stolen in Cowper Street, which had been reported to the Police.

34.2.    Councillor Darwin had also been dealing with the safety issue of Transit vans causing obstruction by parking on verges, weeds on pavements, and campaigning against the proposed closures of Children’s Centres.

34.3.    Councillor Darwin reported that the ‘Think before you park’ initiative had been launched this week, in conjunction with the Fire Service, with leaflets being placed on vehicle windscreens in Orwell Road, Stanley Avenue and Pearce Road, to advise drivers to park considerately so that Emergency Services vehicles could access these narrow streets.

34.4.    Councillor MacDonald commented that whilst it was possible to apply to SCC for a dropped kerb at a cost of £300, there was no guarantee that this request would be granted, as it would need to meet a set of criteria in line with the latest policy; this could result in an inconsistent approach with the potential for a resident having a dropped kerb, whilst a neighbouring resident might have their request turned down.  Councillor MacDonald added that he had been dealing with the issue of overgrown hedges.

Bixley ward:


34.5.    Councillor Carnall commented that he had reported issues relating to weeds in gutters and the poor condition of grass verges, and commended the prompt action taken by Council Officers.

34.6.    Councillor Carnall reported that he had been dealing with a number of queries relating to planning applications, including an application for 4 flats behind a shop on Woodbridge Road East that had not been well received by residents and had since been withdrawn by the agent.

34.7.    Councillor Carnall commented on the cost of the plinths on the Cornhill that had been removed and would not be replaced.  Councillor Ross highlighted that the plinths had not been paid for and therefore bore no cost to the Council.

34.8.    Councillor Carnall commented that the Ed Sheeran concerts had been good for the town and added that he had requested information on the financial outcome for the Council; this information could not be released at this time, but there would be a report to Executive once the outcomes of the concerts were known.

34.9.    Councillor Phillips reported that there had been some dubious tradesmen knocking on doors and advised residents to refuse their offers of work.  Councillor Phillips added that he had also been dealing with issues of overgrown hedges and trees.

34.10.Councillor Pope reported that he had also been dealing with a larger number of planning application queries than usual.  Councillor Pope reported that on the footpath behind Temple Road, the developers had cut back shrubs leaving the roots exposed and had also left the fence in a dangerous state.  Councillor Pope commented that whilst it would be beneficial for the footpaths to be joined up as part of the St Clements Hospital development, it was being done in a rather haphazard manner.

Rushmere ward:


34.11.Councillor Cracknell reported that he had met with Renfrew Road residents and Council Officers in relation to ASB issues.  Councillor Cracknell added that he had reported issues relating to an overgrown garden in Inverness Road to the Council’s Tenancy Services and had also been dealing with pothole issues.

34.12.Councillor Gage reported that the request for a dropped kerb on Humber Doucy Lane to benefit a less mobile resident had been assessed by Suffolk Highways and was considered to be appropriate at that location.  Councillor Gage reported that the potholes on Westbury Road had now been highlighted with yellow paint.

34.13.Councillor Gage commented that a resident had reported some damaged fencing on Brunswick Road recreation ground and this had since been replaced.

34.14.Councillor Gage reported that a refuse cart had been unable to access Hutland Road due to the gas works; Councillor Gage reported the poor standard of these works and the failure to provide residents with contact information.

34.15.Councillor Gage reported that there had been an issue in Caithness Close with an overgrown tree touching a BT phone line and affecting a resident’s HEARS phone service; this tree and four other trees were cut back promptly by Suffolk Highways.