Agenda item

Responses to Public Questions Received and Open Discussion on Local Issues

(a)          Police Priorities


34.1.    The Chair introduced Inspector Richard Burton of the Ipswich Central Safer Neighbourhood Team (SNT), who provided the following policing updates:

34.2.    Arras Square:  Drug activity was being investigated at a ‘cuckoo’ address as part of Operation Volcanic.

34.3.    Maple Park: A clear strategy was being developed to tackle ASB going forward.

34.4.    Operation Sceptre: A week of action was being planned to tackle knife crime, with the Police Community Engagement Officer PC Woodmansee being based in the town centre at 10am each day and the Police Enforcement Team targeting locations, addresses and individuals the following week.

34.5.    Councillor I Lockington asked if the Police were aware of people breaking into cars in the Central Ipswich area. Inspector Burton confirmed that there had been thefts from vehicles taking place across the South Suffolk area and media messages had been sent out to stress the importance of locking vehicles and not leaving possessions on display.

34.6.    Councillor Jones reported that there had been complaints of ASB and drug use on Cecil Road and Geneva Road.  Councillor Jones also highlighted that vehicles were using the restricted access areas in the town centre, for example, turning into Dogs Head Street from Lower Brook Street.  Inspector Burton commented that there had been issues at night time by the Vodka Revolution bar.  Councillor Jones confirmed that this illegal access had been occurring during the day.
[Note: This minute was subsequently amended at the meeting held on 15 January 2020.]

34.7.    Councillor Kreidewolf requested that the Police Traffic Unit carry out further enforcement in relation to speeding vehicles on Anglesea Road. Despite the implementation of a 20mph zone and improved road signage, vehicles were still speeding on this road; a raised road table would be a better solution, but SCC did not have funding available for this.
Inspector Burton reported that the Police had been working with Suffolk Highways to make the signage more visible and Special Constables had recently carried out a day of speeding enforcement on Berner Street and Anglesea Road where 30 people were stopped and given advice.  Inspector Burton added he would make a request to the Traffic Unit to give this issue further attention.

34.8.    Local resident: During the rush hour, a lot of traffic turns left out of Berner Street and along Warrington Road to avoid using Henley Road, with many vehicles doing 40-50mph along Warrington Road in late afternoon; the 20mph signs were useless unless the speed limit was enforced.  The issue had been made worse by one of the signs being knocked through 90° and no longer visible to oncoming traffic. 
Inspector Burton commented that he would visit the area and raise the issues with Suffolk Highways.

34.9.    Councillor T Lockington commented that there had been drug dealing activity at the top end of Broomhill Road near to Broomhill Pool.
Inspector Burton wasn’t aware of issues in this area and added that he would pass this intelligence on.

34.10.County Councillor Chambers reported that he had met with Suffolk Highways and Councillor I Lockington and had offered to provide funding to enable ‘20’ signs to be painted on the road for the Anglesea Road 20mph zone.  County Councillor Chambers had also requested that speed survey cables be used on Anglesea Road and Warrington Road to get a true indication of speeds in this area.

34.11.Local resident:  Speeding was also an issue on Woodbridge Road, in particular, near to St Helens Primary School, but there were no markings on the road to slow traffic down.
Councillor Cook commented that County Councillor Gaylard had been dealing with issue and a formal consultation was currently taking place for the Traffic Regulation Order to introduce a 20mph zone outside the school.

34.12.The Chair highlighted that the Police and Crime Commissioner (PCC) Tim Passmore and Chief Constable Steve Jupp were holding a public meeting about policing in Ipswich on Thursday 31 October 2019 at 7pm at Ipswich Community Church on Clarkson Street.