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CAC/19/06 Funding Request: Norwich Road Carnival


24.1.    In the absence of the Chair, Councillor Leeder was elected as Chair for the duration of this item.

24.2.    Mr Turnbull reported that £4,500 was requested by Ipswich Community Media (ICM) to enable the delivery of the ‘Norwich Road Carnival’.

24.3.    Ms Cad Taylor, Director of ICM, commented that Norwich Road was one of the most culturally diverse roads in Ipswich and the proposed carnival would enable people to get together and celebrate this street. Building on the success of the Jubilee Park roadshow last April, this event would showcase local talent and art whilst linking in with local schools and churches.  ICM have previously worked with the Council’s events team at Global Rhythms and May Day festivals.  The carnival would be held on Barrack Corner, with surgeries from 2 doctors and a dentist, and toilets and refreshments would be provided at the Elim Church.  The event would be held on 31 August 2019 during the daytime, with many organisations involved.

24.4.    Councillor Holmes commented that it was not clear how this project met the funding objectives and how outcomes would be measured.  Councillor Holmes also noted that the event was only 4 weeks away and asked whether commitments had been made. Councillor Holmes highlighted the minimal level of match funding and asked whether funding would be requested again next year.
Ms Taylor reported that ICM had run regular pop up events in this location.  This was intended to be a one-off funding request as ICM were speaking to the Arts Council for potential funding next year, with this being the pilot project.  Everything was in place for this event in terms of the organisations involved.  The project would align with the Council’s aims of community cohesion and ICM had a strong background of running community events.

24.5.    Councillor Holmes asked about the closure of the highway and the current position with Suffolk Highways for permission to use the Barrack Corner location and noted that South Street had been the original location requested for this event.
Ms Taylor commented that no path would be blocked or road closed, but the same process had to be followed with Suffolk Highways.

24.6.    The Chair highlighted that, as per options 1 and 2, any allocation of funding would be subject to Suffolk Highways’ approval to use the proposed location.

24.7.    Councillor I Lockington commented that there was likely to be lots of children at the event and asked how they would be kept safe on the pavement as Barrack Corner was a busy road for cars.
Ms Taylor reported that there were a lot of people involved with running the event and that this location was often used by other organisations, e.g. Police, NHS, with stalls on the pavement; this area was also in use when people attended the church.  Additionally, the Elim Church was on board and stalls, activities and refreshments would be provided in the church.  There were a lot of people involved who would be able to manage the event.

24.8.    Councillor I Lockington asked why the South West Area Committee had not been approached for funding, as £4,500 was a lot of money to request from the Central Area Committee, and whether any funding had been provided by the businesses on Norwich Road.
Ms Taylor commented that she had not been advised to apply to 2 Area Committees; whilst the event was open to all, most of the people involved would come from the Westgate ward.

24.9.    Councillor Jones commented on the tight timescales and added that involvement with schools would not be possible before the event as it was now the school holidays. Councillor Jones questioned some of the costs, e.g. £300 for the skipping workshop, £1,000 for signage/vinyl/promotion.  The original location was South Street, but this would have meant that the car park would be closed on a Saturday, probably the busiest day of the week for Norwich Road businesses.  The Council had recently invested £250,000 in Maple Park and provided free i-Cards for children during the summer; £4,500 was a large sum to request when there was only £16,000 of Central Area Committee budget available, a lesser amount would be more appropriate.
Ms Taylor commented that the suggestion of the revised location of Barrack Corner was a good idea and would sit with the aims of Destination Norwich Road.  The promotional banners would be reusable for many events in the future.

24.10.County Councillor Gaylard commented that the location straddled more than one SCC division, so the County Councillors could assist with the Suffolk Highways process if necessary and ICM could also apply to the County Councillors for locality funding.

24.11.Councillor Kreidewolf commented that he was supportive of the event, which would help to address the negative comments aimed at some of the people who live in or frequent the Norwich Road area by bringing people together as a community.

24.12.Councillor Jones proposed that £1,000 be allocated towards the delivery of the ‘Norwich Road Carnival’, and this was agreed, subject to approval being received from Suffolk Highways to hold the event on the proposed location.



that the Central Area Committee approve funding of £1,000 from the Central Area Committee budget to Ipswich Community Media towards the delivery of the ‘Norwich Road Carnival’, subject to approval being granted by Suffolk Highways for the event to take place in the proposed location.


Reason: To enable the organisation to coordinate and deliver the ‘Norwich Road Carnival’ that aimed to bring all ages and cultures together and celebrate diversity.

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