Agenda item

Responses to Public Questions and Feedback on Local Issues


84.1    The following had been raised by a resident:-


            With reference to the traffic on Old Norwich Road, Whitton Church Lane and Bury Road in regards to the development of the Tooks Bakery site, suggestions were given on how to alleviate the congestion due to the increase in traffic.  The resident was concerned with how these were being addressed and how congestion could and would be eased. 


            Suffolk County Councillor West replied that the Transport Engineers at Suffolk County Council were working on proposals to address a lot of the issues raised.  Section 106 funds had been obtained from the developer and there was every likelihood that Suffolk County Council would add to this by using its Integrated Transport Strategy budget.  When the scheme was ready to discuss either a meeting of the North West Area Committee or a drop-in session would be arranged towards the end of the year.  Congestion was an issue all around Ipswich and it was expected that what would be brought forward would ease the situation and solve the issues raised.


84.2    The Chair said that Councillors would welcome a presentation to the Area Committee and Councillor Meudec said that the suggestions made were positive and would be ideal to be discussed when the scheme came forward.


84.3    A resident spoke about HGV’s which travelled along Old Norwich Road and into Whitton Church Lane and the Chair said that enforcement of prohibited vehicles was a Police matter and Suffolk County Councillor West said that if proof were available then the companies concerned would be written to.  Any information on vehicles illegally entering a prohibited access should be taken up with the Police or to Suffolk County Council and the IBC Councillors would take up any issues on residents behalf.  The resident suggested opening up the old bus terminal to allow HGV’s who had mistakenly entered the area to turn round in and Suffolk County Councillor West agreed to take this back to the Transport Engineers.  The speed limit on Whitton Church Lane was confirmed as being 30mph and the Police were to be informed of speeding vehicles so that they would be able to take action.


84.4    A resident asked what the Council procedure was about planting new trees as many had been taken down and not replaced and whether there was a street replanting scheme in place?  Councillor Fisher said that IBC worked closely with SCC, there was a tree champion and he would speak to the resident after the meeting to discuss the details with him.  Suffolk County Councillor Lockington said that it was difficult to get new trees planted in streets.


84.5    A resident asked whether the trees bordering Bury Road at the Tooks Development site would be kept after the development had taken place and it was confirmed by looking at the plans of the site that, apart from 1 or 2 being taken down, they would be kept and there would be further planting put in around the other side of the site.  Councillor Vickery, in his capacity as a Suffolk County Councillor said that trees could be planted which were funded by County Councillors Locality Budgets.


84.6    Councillor Chisholm said that there would be a survey taking place at St Thomas’s Church on 19 March 2019 between 2.00pm and 4.00pm about improvements which could be made to the area and encouraged residents to attend.