Agenda item

Policing Priorities in North West Ipswich


79.1    Inspector Kevin Horton and Sgt Luke Turner provided an update on policing across Ipswich and the specific issues in the North West of Ipswich.  The Inspector spoke about the recent deaths in Swinburne Road, the families were being supported and the community had recently come together to commemorate what would have been the birthday of the child involved.  The media had reported that a 17 year old had been arrested, this had not in fact taken place and the investigation continued.  


79.2    In relation to the recent stabbing at Marlow Road, five persons had been arrested and today a further person had been arrested.  A media update was due to be released however, he clarified that the stabbing had no connection to any schools in the area.


79.3    Operation Sceptre the ‘Bin A Blade’ amnesty would take place next week and alongside partner agencies the issue of knife crime would be raised in schools.


79.4    In respect of the burglary offences which took place in January 2019, 4 people had been arrested and investigations continued, while 3 arrests had been made in connection with other offences, such as car keys being taken from insecure properties.  The amount of incidents such as these had significantly reduced since the arrests had been made.


79.5    Investigations into ‘County Lines’ continued and closure orders had been issued at Grebe Close.  Work continued with vulnerable adults in relation to Class A drug premises being used for drug activities.  Plain clothes and high-vis patrols continued in relation to robberies and anti-social behaviour.  Investigations into on-street prostitution continued in an effort to prevent ‘behind closed doors’ activity including online exploitation and trafficking.  Patrols for anti-social behaviour continued in parks and open spaces as did searches for drugs and needles.


79.6    A resident asked for any information about a child who had been stopped by the driver of a silver/grey car in Bramford Lane.  It was confirmed that there had been no further reports and it was considered that there was no connection to the incidents in the North East of Ipswich.


79.7    Sgt Turner reported that, in respect of Castle Court, there had been both overt and plain clothes patrols and an arrest had been made.  Improved lighting had been discussed with the Manager of the Court.  Positive results had been achieved with offences occurring at the shops in Garrick Way and the Youth Offending Team were now involved.  There had been a report of some damage and anti-social behaviour at Castle Hill Church and although there might still be some low level damage which was not being reported, he encouraged anyone to report any incidents which would go straight to his team for collating.  He could then gather the data, offer crime advice to the Church and offer more targeted patrols.  Councillor Vickery asked whether the anti-social behaviour at the Church in Garrick Way had been related but the Sgt said that the information about the incident at the Church had been very scant, he was not aware of a link however, these reports would be considered as part of the ongoing work.  The Chair encouraged residents to report any suspicious behaviour or criminal activity either by phone or online as intelligence could then be used to build a bigger picture.  The Chair thanked Inspector Horton and Sgt Turner for their attendance.