Agenda item

Ward Councillor's Feedback from their Communities



Bridge Ward


85.1.    Councillor Allen reported that she had recently visited Stoke High School and assisted with litter picks within the Ward. Discussion had also taken place with Stoke Library where ambitions to establish the library as a ‘community hub’ to try and combat social isolation within the area had been discussed.


85.2.    Councillor Rudkin confirmed that at the Planning & Development Committee meeting on the 6th March 2019 an application had been approved for a house to be built next to the garages on Luther Road which had been a positive outcome.


Councillor P Smart reported on some recent changes to bin collections following the Council’s agreement to adopt the same method of disposal as other districts in the area to ensure brown bins could remain free for collection. The brown bin collections would no longer include any kitchen waste and in future they would only be used for garden waste. Tetra Pak and kitchen utensils would also no longer be eligible for blue bin waste. Tetra Pak should be disposed of in the black bin and kitchen utensils in the ‘metals’ bin at the Household Waste Sites (e.g. Portman Walk or Foxhall). All communication regarding the changes would be circulated to residents in the near future.


Councillor P Smart confirmed that a meeting had been held with the Portfolio Holder for Housing and the Head of Housing at Ipswich Borough Council to discuss a scheme to improve parking on Glamorgan Road. A proposal was due to be put forward later this month.


A resident meeting had been held with regards to a request for street lighting to be switched on longer in the Old Stoke area. This was a Suffolk County Council responsibility and therefore, any petition would need to be received and considered there.


Gipping Ward


85.3.    Councillor Hughes reported that she had taken part in the CCTV doorbell’ scheme that had been successful within the North of Ipswich and had since launched in the Gipping & Westgate Wards. The results of this scheme could be used to consider the impact on residents when street lights were turned off.


Fly tipping continued to be an issue within the area however, all incidences reported had been quickly cleared by the Council. The waste tended to be household specific (such as sofas, beds) and residents were urged to contact the Council should they observe this.


85.4.    Councillor Gardiner reported that repair work regarding the Birkfield Drive water leak would begin the week commencing 25th March 2019 and was expected to take up to 10 days to complete. Councillor Ellesmere thanked Councillor Gardiner for his efforts ensuring that the repair work would be carried out quickly.


85.5.    Councillor Ellesmere confirmed that a scheme to address the issue of fly tipping and waste disposal in the Elliott Street area would be brought to the next Area Committee to consider how this could be addressed. New equipment to improve the cleanliness of streets in the London Road area had also been considered and should this be successful, other areas would be considered.


Sprites Ward


85.6.    Councillor C Smart confirmed that the concerns raised about Officers not responding to issues in the area, as mentioned within the Police Priorities item, had been raised with PC Kerry Cutler at a recent Strategic Overview & Scrutiny Committee.


85.7.    Councillor Fern reported that there had been huge improvements made at Sprites School and Chantry Academy. Fore Street Swimming Pool would be celebrating its 125 year anniversary later this month and as part of the celebrations, a series of swimming sessions had been arranged for people living with dementia which would be launched on March 23rd 2019.


Stoke Park Ward


85.8.    Councillor Grant reported that the issues outside McColl’s on Ellenbrook Rd had started to increase and a referral had been made to Environmental Health to pursue this.  A petition had also been received regarding a bus shelter on Cambridge Drive and this would be considered within the next financial year. Councillor P Smart confirmed that the bus shelter requested had been included as part of the Council’s future investments and it was expected that this would be completed within 12 months. A letter had been sent to the petitioners.


85.9.    Councillor Hall reiterated the concerns with regards to the litter problem outside of McColl’s near Stoke Park ASDA. There had also been speeding problems reported within the area. A resident suggested the use of speed humps however, this would be a suggestion for SCC Highways.