Agenda item

Police Priorities - South West Ipswich


84.1.    Inspector Horton, Local Policing Inspector for South West Ipswich, provided an update on policing across Ipswich and the specific issues within the South West. It was confirmed that investigation continued into the tragic deaths in Swinburne Road and no further comment could be made at this time. 


84.2.    At the previous meeting discussion had taken place around concerns raised with regards to prostitution at Barrack Corner. Following this, two Community Protection Notices had been issued to women within the area. Two of the women involved were now in receipt of support from Officers and a third woman had left the area. Further work would now be undertaken regarding those women who worked from the streets.


84.3.    Inspector Horton confirmed that Operation Sceptre would soon be launched which would focus on knife crime across Suffolk. This would include searching areas where knife crime commonly occurred and undertaking stop searches. The multiagency gangs team would also be working with young people in schools and educating them on the dangers of knife crime and how to disengage from this lifestyle.


84.4.    PC Matt Thomas confirmed that another closure order had been made within Grebe Close and two other addresses would now be considered. Patrols continued within the area and Ipswich Borough Council would be carrying out redesign work in the near future.


84.5.    Overt High Visibility Patrols had been conducted around the Turin Street area and work continued to consider the ways in which Antisocial Behaviour could be reduced there and at Barnard Square and Stoke Quay. High Visibility foot patrols would also continue to be undertaken within both Gippeswyk and Alderman Park due to issues of drug litter and ASB.


84.6.     A resident requested clarification as to why Police would not always intervene in certain situations (such as when large groups were engaging in antisocial behaviour) and would instead appear to drive past. It was confirmed that this information would be fed back to the Response Teams and Officers would be reminded that in these types of situations, engagement should always be made with the perpetrators.


84.7.    A resident of Grebe Close publically thanked PC Godfrey and his team for their positive action within the Close to improve residents safety. However, with regards to the two addresses mentioned, they asked how long the timescales would be to obtain a closure order. It was confirmed that the evidence would need to be need to be gathered before a closure order could be obtained and this work would be done as soon as possible.


84.8.    Discussion took place around how Council Tax was split between the organisations and how the money was spent. It was requested that the Chair of the South West Area Committee write to the Police & Crime Commissioner with regards to the issues in Grebe Close and it was confirmed that the PCC would be holding a public meeting in May which residents would be able to attend and ask questions of him.


84.9.    Councillor Gardiner confirmed that as a member of the Police and Crime Panel, discussion had taken place around the increase in money and the PCC had confirmed that the extra funding would be used to ensure increase police presence on the streets within Suffolk.


84.10. A resident from the Stoke Park Association advised that the pathway that runs from Asda Stoke Park Drive through to Belstead Road had been the target of years of vandalism. This included antisocial behaviour and theft. Recently a knife had been found there and residents within the area had requested the use of a mobile CCTV camera. The Officer confirmed that a regular monthly meeting was held with Ipswich Borough Council and the Police to consider priority locations for CCTV. It was agreed that this request would be fed back at the next monthly meeting. It was also confirmed that any knives found should be reported to the police.