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SEAC/18/24 Policing Update


70.1      The Chair welcomed Inspector Sally Henderson, the new Safer Neighbourhoods Inspector responsible for Ipswich East, to the South East Area Committee.


70.2      A resident asked what was being done to deal with a group of young people who were perpetrating anti-social behaviour in and around Duke Street. Inspector Henderson explained that a residents meeting was to be held soon, but that a link officer had already visited and was working with Home from Home staff. Suffolk Constabulary’s Design Out Crime Officer had been asked to advise on what improvements could be made to buildings and landscaping. Residents raised issues regarding the impact of crime on service charges and people breaking into communal areas. Inspector Henderson explained that if improvements were made to the buildings then there should be less clearing up required and less break-ins. Inspector Henderson advised residents to report all non-emergency issues experienced either online or via 101.


70.3      Inspector Henderson reported that Steve Jupp had been appointed as Chief Constable of Suffolk Constabulary. Inspector Henderson also explained that:


-       More police officers had been trained to deploy the existing Speed Indicator Device which should allow for it to be used more frequently;

-       A County-wide Speed Awareness Campaign had been launched;

-       The Safer Neighbourhoods Team now had community engagement officers who would provide updates on what the police were doing locally;

-       Officers who were new to Ipswich East were now settling in to their new area.


70.4      A resident asked about anti-social behaviour in the Gladstone Road area, noting that residents had lost confidence in the Police to resolve the issues. Inspector Henderson said that she was sorry that residents were being disturbed and emphasised the importance of reporting all incidents as these were used to prioritise police resources.


70.5      A resident reported that rubbish was regularly being dumped outside the Red Cross Shop on Felixstowe Road. Ian Blofield, Head of Housing and Community Services agreed speak to the resident outside of the meeting and to look into this issue.


70.6      A resident asked whether 20mph speed limits applied at all times. Inspector Henderson advised that if there were official speed limit signs, on a white background in a red circle, then the speed limit applied at all times; other schemes such as 20’s plenty near schools were advisory.


70.7      Councillor Cook, referring to the statistics included in the report, noted that the crime rate in Ipswich had increased and asked what Inspector Henderson thought could be done to address this. Inspector Henderson commented that Suffolk Constabulary now had a very robust crime recording policy and a combination of this and the encouragement of reporting might have caused some of the changes in statistics. Inspector Henderson explained that the role of the Safer Neighbourhoods Teams was to deal with problems affecting the community and that she believed that this was best done in partnership with other organisations working in the same area.


70.8      A resident was concerned that many of the bricks underneath the ‘Handstanding’ statue on Ravenswood had been removed. Inspector Henderson said that she was not aware of the issue and highlighted the need for issues to be reported to the police.


70.9      A resident asked how residents groups would be able to keep in contact with the police. Inspector Henderson explained that the Safer Neighbourhoods Team had a dedicated email address and that they attended public meetings such as the South East Area Committee.

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