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LR/18/16 Introduction of a Taxi and Private Hire Licensing Policy


46.1.    Ms Devine provided an overview of the recommended Ipswich Borough Council Taxi and Private Hire Licensing Policy and confirmed that following the Committees agreement, a consultation period with stakeholders and the public would be undertaken lasting approximately 8-12 weeks.


46.2.    Discussion took place around how members of the public could be encouraged to report concerns should any occur during their journeys and it was agreed that a sticker should be placed in the rear window of every vehicle displaying the Council’s contact details and the vehicle licence number. Following the introduction of the policy, the website would be amended to clearly state the standards expected and required of all IBC licensed drivers. It was also confirmed that the team responded and investigated all complaints received.


46.3.    Following discussion of the dress code, it was confirmed that the below amendment should be made to the policy:


“As a minimum standard, males should wear trousers and a shirt which has a full body.’

‘As a minimum standard, females should wear long legged trousers, knee length skirt or dress and a shirt/blouse.’




that the Operations Manager – Public Protection be authorised to undertake the consultation process, with the above amendment, related to the determination of a new Hackney Carriage and Private Hire Licensing Policy

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