Agenda item

Ward Councillors Feedback from their Communities


50.1    Bixley ward


Councillor Pope reported that a Pop-Up Skate Park was under consideration as an option to a request which he was working on with the Head of Planning.  Discussions continued about hospital parking and he had received positive comments about the roads in the North East which had been resurfaced.  He explained that although only 6% of the roads in the County were in the Ipswich Borough boundary, 33% of the Highways budget had been used for roads in Ipswich and tree planting and maintenance had been discussed as part of a proposal form with the process under consideration by the Overview & Scrutiny Committee.


Councillor Phillips reported that there had been a few changes to the bus timetable and Making A Difference (MAD) funding would be requested for the Carol Service at the Penshurst Road shops on 8 December 2018.  He had also attended the Women’s Festival launch event celebrating the centenary of Women’s Suffrage in Britain and an EqualiTea event at Holywells Park.  Work was taking place at Playford Road, beyond Humber Doucy Lane to improve the road and drainage and he asked any organisations in Bixley to submit any funding requests for MAD funding while some remained in the budget.


Councillor Carnall said he would like to pass on his thanks to Ian Kerrison the Operations Manager for Waste and Fleet at IBC for his swift action to ensure that the paths he had reported were cleared quickly and efficiently of leaves to avoid any danger of slips and falls.  Discussion took place about the funding contributors for the Cornhill development scheme.


            Rushmere ward


Councillor Ross also commended Mr Kerrison for action taken to cut grass verges and remove weeds in the road which he had reported. 


It was noted that the Remembrance Day Service, run by the Royal British Legion with help from IBC had attracted record crowds this year and had been a tremendous achievement and any ideas on how to improve the event would be welcomed.    


Councillor Ion commented about four trees at Westbury Road which had been replaced following four diseased trees being cut down and he also encouraged residents to talk to local Councillors should there be any planning applications which they were concerned about.


Councillor Gage had also reported some trees in Inverness Road which were in need of attention and she thanked Mr Kerrison for dealing with them and then sweeping the pavements to clear the debris from the pruning.  It had also been reported to her that pigeons were roosting under the solar panels on Dundee House.  Following the Highways Department at Suffolk County Council attending a Task & Finish Group of the Overview & Scrutiny Committee it had been reported that 50% of the planned Highways works for 2018/2019 had not yet been scheduled and as many of the roads in Ipswich were deemed to be of a minor priority these were not likely to be inspected.  The Overview & Scrutiny Committee had tasked the Chief Executive to write a letter to Suffolk County Council with recommendations for their consideration.