Agenda item

Ward Councillor's Feedback from their Communities


            Bridge Ward


58.1.    Councillor Rudkin provided a statement from the Environmental Health Team with regards to recent noise complaints at the docks.


“We have been and are still investigating the droning noise that is coming from the port direction (our reference WK201708907). In regards to the comments on social media I can confirm that I do not believe the noise is coming from a vessel or the southern cement ship, I have personally made several visits to the port when the noise has been ongoing and there have been no vessels docked at the port. I have been working with the Wherstead Road Residents Association and the ABP to try and locate the source of the noise. Investigations are continuing however it appears that the noise may be coming from beyond the port. I have made several visits to the Port, assessed different sites with operations that are ongoing and walked around the boundary fence of the port and there was nothing to suggest the noise was coming from there. Just beyond the port is the Anglian Water sewage treatment plant and I am in the process of contacting them to discuss the droning noise to see if they undertake any operations which could cause this noise.”


It was confirmed that this was an open case and any information could be reported via email at or on 01473 433110.


Discussion took place with residents regarding the type of noise and where it could be originating from. It was agreed that the information would be fed back to Officers and residents were encouraged to log all incidences of noise to assist with the investigation.


58.2.    Councillor P Smart reported that a consultation had been undertaken regarding the Old Stoke Resident Parking and Councillors had been reminding residents to complete their questionnaires before the  consultation ended.


With regards to the Ed Sheeran concerts planned at Chantry Park in 2019, it was agreed that a presentation at the South West Area Committee meeting in July could be provided to inform residents of plans for the event. Councillor P Smart confirmed that Greater Anglia had been notified of the events to ensure that the train line between Ipswich and London would be open and it was anticipated that extra trains could be programmed to help minimise the impact on the roads.



Gipping Ward


58.3.    Councillor Hughes reported that she had visited Alderman Park following the improvements made there and feedback from residents had been positive. The issue of prostitution continued to be of concern in London Road and Portman Road and this had been reported via the Ipswich ASB Hotline. With regards to drug dealing, it was advised that residents could report this to the Borough Council if they felt unconfident contacting the police.


58.4.    Councillor Gardiner confirmed that a working group had been set up to consider the impact of the four Ed Sheeran concerts planned in Chantry Park in 2019.  This would include considering ways of lessening the impact on residents within the area and ensuring that regular information be circulated to those in the immediate area. It was anticipated that following the next meeting in January, information on the parking arrangements would be known and an update could be provided.


Councillor Gardiner confirmed that the addition of a pedestrian refuge at the top of Birkfield Drive and Stone Lodge Lane had begun and it was expected to be complete within 5 days.


58.5.    Councillor Ellesmere reported that following the reports made of prostitution in London Road/Barrack Corner, the police had identified one of the women involved and would continue to provide them support.


The Triangle Living Water Charity shop had recently celebrated 21 years of operation and the importance and value of both this and the Chantry Association Shop to the area as a community outreach facility had been clear.


Sprites Ward


58.6.    Councillor Fern reported that roads and potholes continued to be of concern especially with regards to the area of road which was for cyclist use.


58.7.    Councillor C Smart confirmed that proposals had been put forward to Suffolk County Council regarding roads in Ipswich. SCC had also been requested to attend the Area Committee meetings on an annual basis to present the planned maintenance due to take place in the area for that year. It was hoped that should they agree, this would provide an opportunity for residents to feedback and communicate their concerns in their area.


Stoke Park Ward


58.8.     Councillor Grant reported that further work was required with regards to the litter at Stoke Park Drive and the row of shops close to the ASDA.