Agenda item

Responses to Public Questions and Feedback on Local Issues


42.1    Questions had been received by residents prior to the meeting:-


Question - What has happened to the increase in Council Tax which was voted for by taxpayers a couple of years ago, to increase and resource the Police?


Inspector Horton answered this question on behalf of the Police & Crime Commissioner and reported that from the outcomes of the PCC’s proposed policing precept for 2017/18 document, £6.76m had to be saved over the next four years with £2.6m of savings yet to be identified.  If the precept was not increased for the next four years then there would be £6.26m of savings yet to be identified. 


Question - Why are we now firefighting rather than being proactive?


Inspector Horton also said that Operations such as Parkland and the response to the incidents at Garrick Way showed how, once incidents were reported, appropriate action could be taken which proved that the Police were now being proactive.


Question – How far have the SCC Consultants got with their feasibility study for the Northern Bypass?


Suffolk County Councillor West had received the following response from the Head of the Transport Strategy Strategic Team at Suffolk County Council. 


The consultants, WSP were continuing to develop a Strategic Outline Business Case, which followed on from the work published in 2017.  The earlier work had identified three potential corridors to provide extra capacity in the north of Ipswich.  This had showed there was a need for greater transport capacity in the north of Ipswich.  Each of the routes had different benefits and effects on traffic flows around Ipswich.  The next stage would look in more detail at options and work on an Option Appraisal Report was nearing completion.  This would assess a number of alternatives and would rank them to provide a short list to study in more depth.  Suffolk County Council were intending to carry out public consultation in the next few months.


Question – It has been confirmed about the number of houses to be built on the Tooks site but there was no mention of the GP surgery, was there any news?


The Lead Officer for the Area Committee, Operations Manager for Finance at IBC gave the following response:-


The former Tooks bakery site would be developed in 2 parts.  The first that is referred to, a residential development of 60 homes and the second, which is still under discussion is the development of a medical centre.  The Council was doing all it could to enable the second development and was working closely with NHS England nationally and the local GP’s (CCG’s) to progress plans.


A resident asked whether land at the Whitton Football Club had been acquired to facilitate any building and the Officer agreed to bring more details about this to the next meeting.


Question – What progress had been made by the Police and local Housing Officers and what action was being taken to deal with the anti-social behaviour and thefts in North West Ipswich efficiently and what measures would be put in place to make certain there was no recurrence?


Councillor Vickery responded (on behalf of the Castle Hill ward Councillors):-


The Council was aware of the issue and was actively working with partners to address the issue.  Action was being taken and a period of time was needed to ensure it was being dealt with in a proper manner,  It was anticipated that we would be in a position to report significant progress at the Safer Neighbourhood Team meeting next month.  In the meantime please continue to report any incidents via the website, 101 or 999 if necessary.  


Inspector Horton reiterated Sgt Curtis’s earlier report that early intervention was taking place and the community partners were working hard to make sure there would be no recurrence.


42.2    Discussion took place around the legal obligation to be in education and the holistic method of enforcement being used to deal with anti-social behaviour.


42.3    In response to a question about the repairs being made to the skate park, the Chair said that he would bring an update to the next meeting.  It was reported by a resident that graffiti had been put on the area around the skate park at Whitehouse Park.


42.4    Councillor Goldsmith reported that, in relation to a question about one of the toilets at the Castle Hill Recreation Ground, it was currently being used as a broom cupboard and would remain so.