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SEAC/18/14 Policing Update


39.1      Inspector Pursehouse explained that the Safer Neighbourhoods Team for Ipswich East had focussed on Anti-Social Behaviour over the Summer months. Inspector Pursehouse said that there had not been a significant increase in Anti-Social Behaviour, although there had been some localised issues. Residents were urged to report Anti-Social Behaviour as this intelligence would help the Police to target their resources.


39.2      Inspector Pursehouse reported that 6 people had been charged in relation to the Murder of Tavis Spencer-Aitkins, with 1 more person on bail and another who had been arrested earlier in the day. Inspector Pursehouse noted that it was not too late to report any information members of the public might have about the murder and encouraged anyone with such information to report it to the Police. Inspector Pursehouse also explained that problems with Gangs and Drugs were being worked on at a County level by the Police, Councils and other relevant agencies.


39.3      Inspector Pursehouse reported that crime was increasing across the County. Inspector Pursehouse noted that some of this increase was as a result of increased awareness and reporting of Domestic Abuse and Sexual Offences, with the Police better supporting reporting of these crimes.


39.4      A local resident explained that there had been an increase in Anti-Social Behaviour in the area between Duke Street and the Waterfront with two groups of people perpetrating Anti-Social Behaviour; a younger group were sitting on people’s cars and dropping litter, whilst a group of 20-25 year olds were more threatening. Inspector Pursehouse agreed that there had been a spike in Anti-Social Behaviour in the area and noted that some of this had to do with cultural differences. Inspector Pursehouse reported that patrols in the area had been increased and that the Police were working with other agencies such as the Council’s Licensing Department to try to deal with the problem. Where possible the Police would also take formal action, however, evidence was needed and this was hard to obtain as when Police arrived groups tended to either disperse or cease their anti-social behaviour.


39.5      A resident asked whether videos recorded by residents could be used as evidence in court. Inspector Pursehouse advised that members of the public needed to be very careful if they were to try to record Anti-Social Behaviour or Crime as they could put themselves at risk. Inspector Pursehouse confirmed however that such videos could be admissible, so long as they were accompanied by a witness statement from the person making the recording.


39.6      A local resident asked whether the CCTV Cameras in the South East Area were working. Inspector Pursehouse confirmed that the CCTV cameras did work and that Police could access these whenever necessary.


39.7      A resident asked whether the Police took action against cyclists who cycled without lights or on pavements. Inspector Pursehouse said that generally this was dealt with by ‘strong advice’ being given.


39.8      A resident asked why the Police did not take action against illegally parked vehicles on Cliff Lane. Inspector Pursehouse said that officers did visit the area but that with limited resources they could not prevent all of the illegal parking which occurred. Councillor Harsant explained that double yellow lines were due to be installed at the junction of Cliff Lane and Landseer Road which should alleviate the problem.


39.9      Councillor Harsant said that she understood that notices could be served on tenants who were perpetrating Anti-Social Behaviour. Inspector Pursehouse confirmed that this was accurate and explained that the Police were working with the Council’s housing officers where this was necessary.

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