Agenda item

Ward Councillors Feedback from their Communities


39.1    Bixley ward

Councillor Phillips reported that the gas repair works at Penshurst Road would be completed by the end of September and the water leak in Schreiber Road had been mended then reported again.


Councillor Pope had met with 2 residents, 1 of which had contacted him about hospital parking, a walkabout had taken place and he had fed back the findings to Suffolk County Councillor West.  The resident had since contacted Councillor Pope again as the situation had escalated so he was intending to bring it to the attention of the Overview & Scrutiny Committee.


Councillor Carnall had reported problems to the IBC Operations Manager, Waste & Fleet about the amount of weeds in the pavements at some locations.  These had been dealt with and the support from the IBC staff had been excellent.  Residents at Broke Hall House had experienced difficulty getting access due to the Felixstowe Road roadworks however, Suffolk County Councillor West had reported this to Highways at SCC and he thanked Councillor West for rectifying the situation.   Councillor Carnall expressed great concern about aggressive begging in the Town Centre which could cause shoppers to go elsewhere and he had raised this with the Police and Officers at IBC.  


Rushmere ward

Councillor Ross said that several residents had also reported weeds in pavements to him and the service from IBC had been good.  He had been told they were so dense this year because of the lack of water needed to activate the weed killer.  There had been a 30% drop in anti-social behaviour during the summer months, helped by the work of the Police, the offer of the free ICard from IBC and the funding from the Area Committees for sports activities.  He promoted the new multi-storey car park now open in Crown Street which was well lit and user friendly. 


Councillor Gage made reference to the drop-in session for the new temporary housing unit which was well attended.  She thanked the Officers for their work undertaken to reassure residents of how the work would be completed.  Several queries were taken away to be answered by Officers.  Otherwise she had been involved in several queries about planning applications, excess weeds and problems with branches falling off trees in Inverness Road.  As the trees had come to the end of their life, she had arranged a meeting with SCC Highways to look at their condition and cut off the dangerous branches.


Councillor Gage said that she was part of an Overview & Scrutiny Committee, Task & Finish Group for road repairs, to ensure that Ipswich received a fair share of the £21m Suffolk County Council had borrowed to repair the roads in Suffolk.  Highways England had also been invited to the Overview & Scrutiny Committee on 25 October 2018 to discuss the Orwell Bridge.


St John’s ward

Councillor MacDonald said that following the purchase of the land at the Gospel Hall site in Cauldwell Hall Road, the site had been cleared, the foundations were in and it was hoped that the first occupants would move in early next year.  Discussion took place about the conversion to a HMO (House of Multiple Occupation) at 133 Orwell Street and the possible conversion of 131 Orwell Street which although unlicensed at the moment was causing concern to nearby residents about anti-social behaviour.  It was confirmed that when licensed, the tenant would benefit from knowing the property was safe.


Councillor Darwin reported that new bins had been installed by the bench at Cherry Lane Recreation Ground.  Britannia Primary School had converted to an Academy on 1 September 2018 with Rose Hill Primary School and was now part of the Gippeswyk Community Education Trust.  The Bangladeshi Support Centre, who organise the Suffolk BME Business Awards 2018, were now asking for residents to nominate businesses/individuals for the awards.  There were several categories and the closing date was 30 September 2018.  IBC had adopted a Charter against Modern Slavery and she encouraged residents to report any information to the Police.