Agenda item

Ward Councillor's Feedback from their Communities


 Sprites Ward


43.1.    Councillor Armitage confirmed that there had been a number of highways issues reported including a query about potholes in Downside Close which would be inspected by Suffolk Highways. There had been confusion with regards to the Suffolk County Council truck route planner which had directed lorries down a weight restricted road however, this had now been corrected. A missing mirror had also been reported at the pedestrian underpass on Civic Drive and residents were advised to contact Councillor Armitage should similar issues be found elsewhere.


43.2.    Councillor Fern advised that resurfacing was needed around Kingfisher Avenue, Hawthorn Drive and the junction of Bridgewater Road. A tree on Bridgewater Road had been reported to Suffolk Highways as this was on a verge but no response had been provided thus far.


43.3.    Councillor C Smart reported that he had chaired a meeting regarding road surfaces and maintenance within Ipswich, which had been attended by representatives from bus companies, taxis, etc. Discussions around how and what could be done to improve the roads would continue in future meetings.


Bridge Ward


43.4.    Councillor Rudkin reported that she had attended a meeting regarding the proposed Orwell Crossings bridge scheme. This had been well attended by a large number of concerned residents and a presentation had been provided in support of creating the two smaller bridges of the three proposed in the scheme.


43.5.     Councillor Rudkin confirmed that there had been some antisocial behaviour reported in Bridge Ward and any concerns by residents could be forwarded to herself.


43.6.    Councillor Allen advised that antisocial driving had been reported in Philip Road late at night. The Police advised that incidences of this nature should be reported via the online reporting tool. A  community litter pick event had also been scheduled within the ward and resident parking issues continued to be considered.


43.7.    Councillor P Smart advised that the issues regarding the Wherstead Road underpass had been addressed since the previous meeting. With regards to the Upper Orwell Crossings, more information would be known about the future of the crossings once a review had been completed. There had been a number of complaints raised with regards to weed growth in pavements and following discussion with the appropriate officers, new wire cutter brushes had been invested in. It was anticipated that 80 days of weed clearance would be programmed between now and November to use these around the town. Councillor P Smart also advised that a number of public notices had been placed around the town which although appearing genuine, had been created for an art project which was not authorised by the Council and should be removed if seen.


Gipping Ward


43.8.    Councillor Hughes advised that a walkabout had been held in Gipping Ward and a number of issues of fly tipping had been reported within the area. It was requested that a recorded recognition be given to Ipswich Borough Councils Waste & Cleansing Team for their quick response to a particularly bad fly tipping incident within the area.


43.9.    Councillor Gardiner reported that his request to place a pedestrian crossing at Birkfield Drive and Stone Lodge Lane had been agreed with the final costings for the scheme provided and he was now waiting to see when the work would be programmed. A new procedure with regards to grit bins had been provided and this could be accessed via the Suffolk County Council website.


43.10. Councillor Ellesmere reported that he had received a number of reports regarding on-street prostitution and reports of fly tipping in residential streets. Following the murders in 2006 of five women, a number of alley gates had been installed and recently a request had been received for an alley gate to be provided on Emlen Street. It was confirmed that the Council would be considering this request alongside the current alley gate policy.


Stoke Park Ward


43.11.Councillor Grant confirmed that a walkabout had taken place on Birkfield Drive where improvements required to the area had been noted including the lights on the underpass.


43.12.Councillor Cenci confirmed that Mr Freebody, the Assistant Supervisor of the Arboriculture & Countryside Team who had attended the previous South West Area Committee meeting, had successfully dealt with each of the queries which had been raised by those who had been in attendance. Discussions had been held with the Police with regards to theft from work vans and it was advised that people remain vigilant.