Agenda item

Police Priorities - South West Ipswich


42.1.    Inspector Horton provided an overview of policing within Ipswich and advised that the consultation period regarding the changes to the Suffolk Constabulary policing model had concluded the previous week. A reduced number of PCSO’s would be retained however, their roles would be changing. Recruitment within local policing would mean more changes to the force and there would be a change in teams across the organisation.


42.2.    ‘County Lines’ continued to be a priority and a large amount of work had been undertaken behind the scenes which included several arrests. Focus remained around intervention, particularly with regards to young people and their involvement in crime, and work with schools would continue as a way to help divert individuals away from involvement in this type of crime.


42.3.    Within the centre of Ipswich there had been an increase in theft from persons, evening robberies, etc. and a leaflet had been provided which gave further advice around personal safety.


42.4.    Sgt Lee reported on the South West area of Ipswich and advised that focus continued to be placed on the hotspot areas for antisocial behaviour. Over the summer a football initiative had been held in conjunction with the Co-Op to steer young people away from antisocial behaviour and positive feedback had been received from those who worked at the shops in Hawthorn Drive and Chantry Library.


42.5.    Sgt Lee advised that Grebe Close continued to be a priority and a multiagency approach had been undertaken within the area. It was anticipated that following consultation with residents, some structural changes would be made to the area to help improve antisocial behaviour. Barnard Square had also been made a priority area following issues associated to ASB.


42.6.    A resident advised that a number of concerns had been reported with regards to on-street prostitution at Barrack Corner. Alongside this, antisocial behaviour had also increased which included large congregations in the area and an increase in litter. Sgt Lee advised that Barrack Corner had been patrolled as part of Operation Parkland and there had been alcohol seizures made during this. Following concerns in the area, the use of Public Space Protection Orders had been proposed as a potential enforcement tool and this continued to be considered further.


42.7.    Discussion took place around an increase in prostitution and it was confirmed that Operation Silverton was in place to tackle this and any intelligence should be communicated to the police to investigate further. The importance of ensuring prostitution would not escalate within Ipswich was highly recognised by both the Police and Councillors. Should residents have any information to feed back to the Police this could be reported online.


42.8.    Inspector Horton confirmed that as part of the police changes there would be more evening patrols made and therefore increased police presence would be available.


42.9.    Councillor Hughes detailed some concerns within London Road and requested that street lights be kept on through the night. Sgt Lee advised that if there was evidence to show a need for this, a request could be made to Suffolk County Council, and agreed to discuss this with Councillor Hughes outside of the meeting further.


42.10.  A resident asked for further information regarding motorbikes in Bobbits Lane. It was confirmed that this was under investigation by Hadleigh SNT in Babergh.