Agenda item

Community Intelligence - Verbal Update from Ward Councillors


25.1.    Councillor Cook reported that he had been looking at environmental issues relating to Alexandra Park with Councillor Leeder, as there had been problems with drug-related debris around the play area, which would be addressed by replacing the bark chips with rubber matting.  Debris was also an issue near to the toilets in the park, which were currently closed, and people would be consulted as to whether the toilets should remain closed.  Councillor Cook added that he had also reported fly-tipping issues around Shaftsbury Square and Clifford Road School, which had been satisfactorily resolved by the Council.

25.2.    Councillor Reynolds asked whether any funding bids had been received that had not been forwarded onto the Area Committee. Mr Fairclough, Head of Culture and Environment Services, commented that he did not have that information to hand.

25.3.    Councillor Kreidewolf reported that he had been dealing with a variety of casework across Westgate relating to housing, anti-social behaviour and licensing matters.  Councillor Kreidewolf added that he had been promoting the ‘Meet up Mondays’ coffee morning events held in the Greyhound public house, which helped to address social isolation, and also highlighted that the Jubilee Friends Group were holding a coffee and chat session tomorrow at 2pm.  Councillor Kreidewolf highlighted the success of the Ipswich Reggae Choir, formed by the Jubilee Friends, who had performed at Global Rhythms and the Windrush Celebrations; this group met for rehearsals every Tuesday evening.

25.4.    Councillor Lockington reported that there had been a spate of cars being hit by other cars around Christchurch Park, and questioned whether this was as a result of speeding.

25.5.    Councillor Leeder reported that there had been an increase in Police and Park Patrols around Alexandra Park; some of the trees had been cut back to increase the visibility of these patrols in order to help reduce littering and anti-social behaviour.
[**Note: This minute was subsequently amended at the meeting held on 7 November 2018].

25.6.    Councillor Jones commented on the importance of the physical environment, highlighting the issues relating to the former Rose and Crown public house and the Mason Arms, and the need to bring these buildings back into use or at least keep the areas secure and tidy.  Councillor Jones added that there were plans to improve the Jubilee Park play area and consultations would be held to identify what to include to help transform that area.

25.7.    Councillor Gibbs highlighted the activities that had been provided by the Council over the summer, including Indian Mela, Global Rhythms, Ipswich Music Day, Maritime Festival and I-card activities for young people, all of which were free to access.

25.8.    Local resident: How many young people signed up for the I-card activities?  The outcomes from this initiative should be shared with the public, and it was good to see families taking part together in the activities.
Councillor Kreidewolf reported that 12,000 people had signed up; data from the activities was currently being analysed.

25.9.    Local resident (Christ Church): Is there a list of the ‘Meet up Mondays’ coffee morning events?  Christ Church and St Mary-le-Tower Church were planning to hold drop-in coffee mornings and this information would be helpful to avoid clashes.
Action:  Ms Firbank to supply information about the Meet up Monday events to Christ Church.

25.10.Councillor Riley congratulated Ms Firbank on her involvement with the launch activities of the ‘Take the Lead’ campaign on behalf of the Suffolk Guide Dog Forum, which helped to raise awareness of attacks made on guide dogs and the impact this had on their owners.