Agenda item

Chair's Update on Actions from Previous Meetings


24.1.    The Chair reported that County Councillor West was not able to attend the meeting, but had provided the following updates in response to previously raised Suffolk Highways issues.

24.2.    Anglesea Road 20mph scheme: The Anglesea Road 20mph speed limit proposal has been progressing since the Traffic Regulation Order (TRO) was given the approval to proceed to implementation by the Assistant Director for Highways and County Councillor Mary Evans on 11 June 2018.  Since then an engineer has been assigned and has been drafting the detailed designs.

The first draft of these plans has been completed and was currently with the SCC Road Safety Speed and Traffic Management Team to review from an Asset Management perspective before being shared with County Councillor Lockington and County Councillor Chambers. It would then be included with the rest of the necessary works pack and passed on to the SCC Operations Team to implement. At that stage a construction order would be placed and from the date of order, the SCC Operations Team would aim to implement the works on the ground within 14 weeks once the traffic management has been planned and scheduled, the labour resource has been programmed and the materials sourced.

Councillor Lockington added that she had seen the plans indicating where the signage was to be placed and this scheme was now being progressed.

24.3.    Woodbridge Road 20mph scheme:  Although initial progress has been slow on this project, the project has now been reassigned and following a preliminary design being drafted and some local consultation being undertaken, the next stage was to undertake a consultation with statutory stakeholders. The original plan was to implement a 20mph speed limit and any necessary associated traffic calming along Woodbridge Road, Palmerston Road and St Helen’s Street. Recent discussions with the SCC Transport Strategy Team have highlighted that a strategic project to tackle congestion was being considered along St Helen’s Street and it was therefore decided to separate the St Helen’s Street element to allow this part of the proposal to be undertaken at the same time as the strategic project.

Further discussions, involving the SCC Transport Strategy Team and Ipswich Borough Councillors, had taken place and there was now some doubt over the future of the strategic project on St Helen’s Street and significant delays were envisaged, at the very least, in being able to progress this project.  Discussions would be held with County Councillor Gaylard, who was providing funding for the 20mph project, about whether to proceed with the consultation on the basis of the project including St Helen’s Street or not.  Once this has been determined, a statutory 3-week consultation would be carried out and the results analysed to inform whether any design amendments were required.  Following that, the SCC legal department would prepare the Traffic Regulation Order, which would need to be formally advertised for 3 weeks, and any representations received would be reviewed, with a report produced for the consideration by Assistant Director for Highways and County Councillor Mary Evans.  If no changes were required, the TRO would be sealed and the works pack would be compiled and passed on to the SCC Operations Team to enable the plans to be implemented.  The SCC Operations Team would aim to deliver the works within 14 weeks of receipt of a construction order.

24.4.    Safety concerns relating to the Woodbridge Road crossing near St Helen’s Primary School: A replacement pedestrian crossing has been constructed with a revised layout that provided more space for users.  The work was completed by 31 August 2018 in time for the beginning of the school term.

24.5.    Project update - Ginnel Foto Fest 2018: Mr Chen, festival founder, reported that the third Ginnel Foto Fest had taken place in Clarkson Street over 2 days on the late May bank holiday, with over 200 people attending to visit the exhibition.  Additionally, there was a marquee set up in the street, with live music and street food/drink.  The exhibition, which included 12 international photographers, was then transferred to the Frame Workshop and Gallery on St Nicholas Street, with over 150 people attending the opening night.  1,100 copies of the festival magazine were produced and the remaining 200-300 copies would be passed onto an international folk festival held in Amsterdam. Mr Chen commented that many people from minority groups had been invited into the exhibition space on Clarkson Street and this had helped to integrate people within the community.