Agenda item

Police Priorities - South West Ipswich


25.1.    Inspector Horton provided a brief overview of the police priorities across Ipswich. Following the murder in the East of Ipswich, there had been a demand on police resource and police visibility had increased across the West & Central areas of Ipswich.


25.2.    Over the Summer period, the Safer Neighbourhood Teams across Ipswich would focus on particular ASB (antisocial behaviour) hotspots which included parks and open spaces. The ‘County Lines’ initiative continued to be a top priority and dedicated drug teams continued to focus on this alongside support from the Metropolitan Police.


25.3.    With regards to the Emergency Response Service 92% of calls received had been answered within the target time. A new system had been implemented to improve the 101 service however, residents were encouraged to report non-urgent matters online and to use the Crimestoppers number (0800 555 111) especially with regards to any information regarding the County Lines matter.


25.4.    Since the previous meeting there had been further changes to the organisation. The Public Protection Unit had been streamlined and further changes would be announced within the upcoming weeks in response to the significant savings required and the changes in the type of crime which was being committed.


25.5.    Sgt Horton confirmed that the Police Crime Commissioner roadshow meeting would be held in Central Ipswich, Ipswich Giles Circus, Prince’s Street IP1 1PN on the 15 August 2018 at 11.30am to 1.30pm with the Chief Constable of the Police in attendance to answer public questions.


25.6.    Sgt Lee provided an update on with regards to the SNT’s priorities for the West of Ipswich. Operation Parkland had been formed and would be responsible for tackling any ASB over the Summer months. It was anticipated that Officers would attend schools within the area to engage with students and divert them from involve with any ASB. A “street meet” had been carried out in Grebe Close and this had now been included within the action plan and multiagency work would be undertaken within the area.


25.7.    A resident of Grebe Close advised that the issues identified had been ongoing for over seven years, and that although information had been provided by residents to both the Police and Ipswich Borough Council, problems remained. The Officer confirmed that with regards to properties, there had to be specific intelligence received before an address could be searched. This information had to be provided on an ongoing basis to build a case.


25.8.    Further discussion took place around the concerns and problems arising within Grebe Close and it was confirmed that a co-ordinated approach would be undertaken with the Police and Ipswich Borough Council and a meeting would be held with the residents in attendance and Ipswich MP Sandy Martin.


25.9.    A resident asked if there was a speed limit for Stoke Park Drive. Sgt Lee advised that a limit was in place and there had to be evidence of speeding before a change of limit could be applied and therefore if required, a speed survey could be undertaken.