Agenda item

Responses to Public Questions and Open Discussion on Local Issues


24.1      Councillor Barber invited a Local Resident who had submitted a question relating to works at Nacton Road / Maryon Road to ask their question. The Resident was not present and so the question would be responded to in writing.


24.2      Councillor Barber explained that a resident had asked for information about when Suffolk County Council would be running the consultation on the Upper Orwell Crossings and whether it could be included on the agenda for the September meeting.


24.3      Councillor Barber reported that a response had been received from Suffolk County Council which read:

‘The start date for the consultation period has not yet been confirmed.  Suffolk County Council will be advertising and publicising the commencement two weeks beforehand.


If the public consultation is ready to start then there will be an item on the agenda for the September meeting. Councillors Hicks and West are the SCC Councillors responsible for the project and Cllr West will be present to answer questions if the project is discussed at the September South East Area Committee.’


24.4      A Local Resident asked whether there would be Upper Orwell Crossing consultation events held on the Rivers Estate. SCC Councillor West confirmed that there would be at least one consultation event on the Rivers Estate, which would probably be a drop in event lasting 6 hours, although the details would need to be confirmed.


24.5      A Local Resident asked why the Chair’s update did not refer to a speeding problem he had raised on Benacre Road. SCC Councillor Clements explained that she had been away and so had not been able to progress this as quickly as she might have liked, however, a speed survey to ascertain the extent of the problem had now been requested.


24.6      A Local Resident asked whether the Supplementary Planning Guidance for the Waterfront would be updated to deal with the impact of the Upper Orwell Crossings. SCC Councillor West agreed to take this up with relevant people in Ipswich Borough Council’s Planning Department.


24.7      A Local Resident said that previous drop in sessions about the Upper Orwell Crossings had not provided sufficient information and asked whether the next sessions would be able to provide the full detail of the proposed crossings. SCC Councillor West explained that the previous consultation events had been on particular elements of the project, which was necessary to allow residents to feed into the plans as they developed. The next consultation events would provide a much larger amount of detail as the proposed locations of the bridges had been finalised.


24.8      Councillor Parry asked when the next round of Upper Orwell Crossings focus groups would be taking place and whether the information from those groups would be made available as part of the public consultation. SCC Councillor West said that he expected that the next focus groups would be held during the public consultation and that he didn’t know if it would be possible to make their outcomes known to the public during the consultation period.


24.9      A Local Resident asked how residents had been picked to be on the Upper Orwell Crossings focus groups. SCC Councillor West explained that residents had been picked as a result of representations they had made and through recommendations by Councillors. Councillor Harsant noted that only a few of the residents she had suggested should be members of focus groups had been selected.


24.10   Councillor Harsant asked whether properties on the Waterfront would receive Upper Orwell Crossings consultation letters, and if a focus group for residents of that area could be set up. SCC Councillor West explained that residents could express their views at any time via the Upper Orwell Crossings website, and that residents did not need to feed their views through a focus group. Councillor West agreed to circulate a list of focus groups and their members to local Councillors.


24.11   A Local Resident complained that so far no traffic impact or pollution statistics had been made available. SCC Councillor West confirmed that all statistics and modelling which had been prepared so far had been made available to residents. Further information was being prepared and would be made available in due course.


24.12   A Local Resident asked when local businesses would be notified of events in Holywells Park and whether Cliff Lane School’s Playground would be opened as a car park for the events. Councillor Harsant explained that the details of events in the park were available on the Holywells Park Friends website.