Agenda item

Policing Priorities


67.1    Inspector Horton, Local Policing Inspector for North West Ipswich provided an update on policing across Ipswich and the specific issues in the North West of Ipswich.


67.2    The Inspector made reference to a letter sent by the Police & Crime Commissioner, Mr Tim Passmore and a leaflet (copies of both were available) which listed the proposed changes to how policing was currently delivered across the county and within the proposed structure and working practices, how further savings could be made.  The Constabulary had reviewed the local policing model and heard the concerns of staff, partners and communities.  The changes would improve the policing model and keep pace with the increase in demand and the changing patterns of crime.


67.3    Demand had increased in respect of Serious Sexual Offences (up 26%), Domestic Abuse (up 42%), an increase in 999 calls by 23% and overall the number of incidents recorded had increased by 5%.  £3.2m of savings would be need to be found over the next year, which did not include the rise in the Police element of the Council Tax precept. 


67.4    The proposal was to fully civilianise the Public Protection Unit, change how the Business and Administrative Support was provided and to change how Community Safety was delivered across the Constabulary.  A more localised delivery of Community Safety would see 11 posts removed so there could be some redundancies.


67.5    The Constabulary had recently been inspected by the HM Inspectorate of Constabulary (HMIC) and been rated as ‘Good’ in relation to effectiveness, efficiency and legitimacy in these challenging times.


67.6    Sgt Stuart Curtis updated on issues in the North West area and reported that due to a significant amount of work being undertaken, the vehicle crime problems experienced had been narrowed down to two main individuals.  These individuals had been brought to justice with one admitting over 50 offences over the last 4 months.  One offender had been sentenced to 18 months in prison for robbery and a further 12 months for vehicle crime and there had since been a decrease in motor vehicle incidents.


67.7    Incidents of anti-social behaviour and drug dealing had been reported from a property in Shenstone Drive but since engagement had taken place between the resident and the Police, these had reduced.


67.8    Since several overnight shed break-ins at the allotments in Whitton, patrols had been increased and an arrest and prosecution had taken place.  Advice would continue to be given to allotment holders and work with partners would continue to reduce anti-social behaviour over the Easter holidays.  There had been an increase in drug activity in Whitton, several warrants had been issued, offenders had been arrested and it was expected that this would result in sentences for possession and supply of drugs. 


67.9    Some ‘Ring’ doorbell cameras had been donated for use, for the victims of repeat property based crimes or vulnerable adults. The doorbells had small cameras which recorded activity when motion was sensed or the bell was rung and these were inexpensive to buy on-line.  It was confirmed that no notices or signage needed to be displayed if these had been installed.


67.10  The Chair suggested that if residents had any further questions about the proposed changes to the local policing model they were able to e-mail