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CAC/17/15 Funding Request: ActivLives ActivHubs Programme 2018/19


58.1.    Ms Julie Stokes, CEO ActivLives, and Ms Lindsay Bennett, ActivHubs Project Development Officer, outlined the range of activities provided by ActivLives, which were focused on people in the 45+ age range, especially within some of the more deprived areas of Ipswich.  £5,575 was requested to develop 2 new ActivHubs within Central Ipswich to deliver a range of activities to help combat social isolation, improve health and reduced the risk of falls in the elderly.

58.2.    Councillor Holmes: Both of the proposed hub venues in the report fall within the Westgate ward, so this wouldn’t cater for people living in the Alexandra and St Margaret’s wards; ideally the second hub venue should be in the Alexandra ward or the bottom end of St Margaret’s ward.
If there were other venues that could be used, then please let us know so they could be assessed; free taster sessions could be offered to help identify where the need was.  It was difficult to find locations that were available, so there might need to be some flexibility over the locations used.

58.3.    Councillor Cook: The California Club on Foxhall Road, listed under North East Ipswich in the report, is in fact in Central Ipswich.
This location was on the cusp of Central, North East and South East Ipswich; when ActivLives were looking for another venue within North East Ipswich, a suitable venue couldn’t be found in North East Ipswich, but this venue was suggested and has been very successful.

58.4.    Councillor Cook: There is the Manor Ballroom and Ipswich Labour Club that could be suitable.
The Manor Ballroom has been used in the past and there was currently ActivIpswich activities taking place in the Ipswich Labour Club; so these venues could be used if they have availability.

58.5.    Councillor Jones: Are any activities held in the Westgate Ward Social Club?
There have been some healthy eating classes held there.

58.6.    Councillor Jones: The Westgate ward has areas of deprivation and anti-social behaviour, so it is essential that one of the hub venues is located in this area.

58.7.    Councillor Lockington: How would the programme be financed in the following year? Will any income be collected from those taking part?  The Government has announced that funding would be made available to help combat loneliness.
ActivLives was constantly applying to various funding sources and a new person had been allocated to focus on fundraising. Consideration would be given to asking members to contribute towards activities, but this would have to be balanced against what people could afford.

58.8.    Councillor Kreidewolf proposed that the funding should be conditional on one of the hubs being located in the Westgate ward, otherwise that element of the funding should not be released, and this was agreed.




that, subject to one of the ActivHubs being located in the Westgate ward, the Central Area Committee approve funding of £5,575 from the Central Area Committee budget for the delivery of the ActivHubs 2018-19 Programme in Central Ipswich; in the event that a suitable venue cannot be found in the Westgate ward, that element of the funding is not to be released.


Reason: The ActivHubs project will provide a service in Central Ipswich to improve the opportunity for social support of older people, to improve the opportunity for exercise for older people and to reduce the incidence of falls for older people.

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