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SEAC/18/17 Policing Update


55.1      PC Gareth Norwood explained that Suffolk Constabulary was currently undergoing a restructuring. The new area team which covered East Ipswich now had officers in all of the posts in its structure, although some of these officers were new to the area and so were still becoming familiar with it.


55.2      PC Norwood reported that Operation Luna, which aimed to protect residents from anti-social behaviour at Halloween had been successful, with fewer incidents than in 2018/19. Work to tackle drug dealing was going well and it was hoped that the community would soon see the benefits of this work.


55.3      A resident thanked Suffolk Constabulary for having introduced a patrol on Ravenswood at school drop-off and collection times and asked how long this was likely to continue. PC Norwood explained that the new policing structure included dedicated schools officers who would be able to prioritise such visits, but that it was unlikely that these would be able to be a permanent feature.


55.4      A resident noted that drug dealing in some areas of the Ravenswood Estate was very conspicuous. PC Norwood said that such offences were dealt with on a priority basis based on the class of drugs being supplied, and so some offences might not be tackled as quickly as others.


55.5      A resident asked whether the Police were able to support Neighbourhood Watch Schemes. PC Norwood said that whilst Neighbourhood Watch Schemes were valuable to the Police and communities, Suffolk Constabulary did not have the resources to support these as they had in the past.


55.6      Councillor Cook referred to the statistics included in the agenda and asked why the Crime Rate in Ipswich was so much higher than in ‘Similar Areas’. PC Norwood explained that this could be as a result of regional recording differences, but could also mean that there was actually a higher crime rate in Ipswich. PC Norwood said that all of the work the Police did was to reduce the level and impact of crime.


55.7      Councillor Harsant explained that there had been an issue with burglary on the Rivers Estate, especially break ins into Garden Sheds, and asked that the Police try to address this. PC Norwood explained that 3 prolific burglars had been released and committed many of the crimes Councillor Harsant had referred to; PC Norwood confirmed that these offenders had now been caught again and were being dealt with.


55.8      A resident asked who was responsible for parking enforcement. PC Norwood explained that in most cases Ipswich Borough Council was responsible, however, if a vehicle was obstructing the road to the extent that vehicles could not pass it then the Police could deal with it.


55.9      A resident was concerned that the speed indicator devices used on Alan Road were not deployed at peak times. PC Norwood agreed to report this concern to relevant officers.


55.10   A resident was concerned that they had seen torchlights in Holywells Park. PC Norwood confirmed that Police Officers had carried out night time patrols of the park, using torches.


55.11   A resident noted that the Police website had not been updated to reflect the new structure. PC Norwood agreed to raise this with relevant officers.

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