Agenda item

Policing Update


55.1.    The Chair introduced Inspector Andy Pursehouse of the Ipswich East Safer Neighbourhood Team (SNT), who provided the following update on policing priorities:

A new Sergeant, Chris Chaplin, has joined the SNT, alongside Sergeant Louisa Masterson.

Athena Hall Car Park anti-social behaviour: There has been recent issues with vehicle noise, loud music, youths hanging around and drug use.  The Police were working with the Management Company of the car park to close the car park at 8pm in the evening; additionally, Section 59 powers could be used to seize a vehicle if it was being used in an anti-social manner and checks were being made in relation to the safety/insurance of vehicles.

Gladstone Road:  There have been no further incidents of anti-social behaviour reported since mid-November; this issue may have been displaced to Athena Hall, but patrols were continuing.  Retrospective planning permission had been granted in relation to the Mini Market on Foxhall Road, but conditions had been imposed on opening hours and management of the premises.


Holy Trinity Church: Covert CCTV was installed and no further incidents have been reported.  The Church was considering installing permanent CCTV cameras.

Neptune and Orwell Quays: The Police were working with Suffolk Highways on signage and bollards to prevent access by motorcycles as the current bollards were set too far apart; patrols were continuing.


Youth anti-social behaviour at Gainsborough Library: A lot of work has taken place in conjunction with the Youth Offending Service and some individuals have received cautions or been barred.  Whilst there has been a reduction in incidents, some of the offenders had returned and the response would be escalated as necessary.


The Speed Indication Device (SID) had been repaired and was now in use on a list of roads in the area, as suggested by local Councillors.

Theft of vehicle number plates: Stolen number plates could be used as false number plates anywhere; please report any incidents to the Police, especially if stolen at night.


55.2.    Inspector Pursehouse presented Police statistics across Suffolk and for the Ipswich East SNT area, whose crime levels were lower in comparison to the other 2 Ipswich SNT areas.  Comparative crime statistics for Norwich were 15% higher than in Ipswich.

55.3.    Local resident: The issues in Gladstone Road were probably less frequent due to the winter weather.  What is the cost of phone calls to 101 – does the public get charged for reporting crime?
A call to 101 cost 15p regardless of the length of the call; calls to 999 were free.

55.4.    Councillor Cook: In Ipswich, burglaries were up by 70% year on year (to June 2017), whereas in West Suffolk there was only a 3% increase, Suffolk Coastal there was a 4% decrease and in Waveney there was an 18% decrease.  Why was the increase in Ipswich so high – has Ipswich not got the right level of resource?
Inspector Pursehouse commented that he would need to look into the detail of this statistic in order to respond.

55.5.    Councillor Debman: Could the SID be deployed on Cliff Lane?
Action: This request would be forwarded to the South East Neighbourhood Partnership meeting for consideration.