Agenda item

Responses to Public Questions and Feedback on Local Issues



41.1.     A resident asked for information with regards to the farmer being unable to sow in the fields along Henley Road. It was reported that due to future planning applications for the Northern Fringe being submitted soil testing was being undertaken on the land and it was not yet known when building would commence.


41.2.     A resident asked for further information with regards to the changes made to the number eight bus service. The Chair reported that the changes in the route had been operational decisions, requests had been made for Ipswich Buses to consider other options and consultation was currently taking place. It was anticipated that an update could be provided at the next meeting and it was suggested that the Director of Ipswich Buses be invited to update at a future meeting.


41.3.     A resident asked if there were any plans in place to repair some of the roads such as at Marlow Road. Councillor Goldsmith reported that a 5 year plan for the repair of roads was in and information about the plan was available on the Suffolk County Council website. Residents could report potholes on the SCC website however, there was a strict criteria in place to ensure pothole repair was necessary.


41.4.     A resident asked if there was any possibility that both Bramford Lane and Norwich Road had a 20mph speed limit implemented. Councillor Meudec reported that previous work had been undertaken about this however, should there be support from the North West Area Councillors another consultation could be undertaken again.


41.5.     Councillor Vickery clarified that when the original consultation had been undertaken the proposals had been for Whitton and Castle Hill only and there had been concern about a blanket restriction being implemented across all wards rather than specific roads.


41.6.     Suffolk County Councillor Lockington reported that there had been a Community Speed Watch group in some areas of Ipswich where residents had been trained to use a speed gun to measure cars going exceeding the speed limit. If any volunteers were willing to come forward a group could be considered for the North West of Ipswich.


41.7.     A resident said that some roads such as Westbourne and Cromer Road drivers were unable to see cars approaching. The Chair confirmed that another consultation on the proposal for a 20mph speed limit in the areas identified could be undertaken however, it was unlikely that speed bumps would be used due to the environmental impact they caused.


41.8.     Councillor Goldsmith confirmed that Suffolk County Council were responsible for yellow line implementation and he agreed to speak with the resident after the meeting about this matter.


41.9.     The treasurer of Castle Hill Church reported that in September 2016, the North West Area Committee had allocated £5,000 funding towards felting the back roof of the church. A significant number of activities took place in the Church and this was the work that the Committee had agreed the funding for. The works had been completed successfully in the summer months and the area was now fit for purpose again allowing the community activities to continue and thanked the Councillors for their support.