Agenda and minutes

North East Area Committee - Thursday 24th September 2020 7.00 pm

Venue: Virtual Meeting

Contact: Linda Slowgrove  01473 432511

No. Item


Apologies for Absence


Apologies for absence were received from Councillor Carnall and County Councillor West.


Unconfirmed Minutes of Previous Meeting pdf icon PDF 226 KB

To consider the Minutes of the meeting held on 30 July 2020.





that the Minutes of the meeting held on 30 July 2020 be signed as a true record.


To Confirm or Vary the Order of Business




that the Order of Business be confirmed as printed on the Agenda.


Declarations of Interest


Councillor Darwin, being an employee at Burlington Road Surgery, declared an interest in Agenda Item 10 (report NEAC/20/08) as the funding bid referred to developing links with that surgery.


Responses to Public Questions

Residents are encouraged to ask questions for Area Committee meetings. Questions will be read out by the Chair of the Committee and answered by an appropriate officer or Councillor and residents will be able to watch on the live stream available via the Council’s website.


To ask a question residents simply need to email including their name and address, a contact telephone number, their question, and which Area Committee they wish the question to be asked at. All questions must be received by 10am two working days before the day of the meeting, for this meeting the deadline is 10am on Tuesday 22 September 2020. 


All questions must either be:

-           relevant to the area committee they are to be asked at, or;

-           relevant to Ipswich as a whole and be asked by a resident of the area covered by the committee it is to be asked at.


Please note that questions or representations must not contain:

-           references to identifiable individuals (whether by name or other information) unless the consent of that individual has been obtained and included with the notification;

-           potentially defamatory or provocative or abusive comments;

-           discriminatory remarks.


If for any reason a question is not able to be asked at a meeting of the committee, the Council will within 14 days of the meeting date reply to the resident asking the question explaining why and, if possible, providing a written answer.



21.1.     Councillor Darwin confirmed that no questions had been received in advance of the meeting and highlighted that if a question was submitted by 10am on the Tuesday 2 days before a future North East Area Committee meeting, then a response would be provided by an appropriate Officer.


Updates from Ipswich Borough Council and other Public Sector Organisations


22.1.     The Chair invited Inspector Soraya Francis of the Ipswich East Safer Neighbourhood Team (SNT) to provide an update on policing priorities.

22.2.     Inspector Francis reported that since the last meeting, trained speed enforcement officers had been out on 30mph roads and had issued tickets; the Committee was invited to nominate any 30mph roads that required speed enforcement.

22.3.     There had been issues with youth anti-social behaviour at Dumbarton Road Recreation Ground and patrols had been engaging with the young people and identifying any individuals for referral to the Youth Engagement Team for intervention.

22.4.     Vehicle anti-social behaviour had been a problem across the town and the Link Officers from the 3 Ipswich SNTs had been working together to address this.  In the North East, the Heath estate and Arundel Way had been most affected, and the vehicles involved had been identified and vehicle anti-social behaviour letters had been sent out, which were registered against each vehicle registration plate.

22.5.     Drug use issues were continuing on Trafalgar Close and the surrounding woodland area and were being addressed by foot patrols.  There had been a recent County Lines week of action, with the PolSA Search Team deployed, resulting in interventions being made.  Disruption visits had been made to 2 ‘cuckoo’ addresses in the area and less issues had been experienced at those addresses since.

22.6.     A campaign had been initiated in response to the increase in theft from vehicles; 325 vehicles in the North East were checked, of which 7 were unsecured and many had valuables, such as SatNavs, bags and coats, on display. Inspector Francis warned that many offenders would break into vehicles even if there was only some loose change left on view in the central console.

22.7.     New COVID-19 restrictions would take effect as of this evening and Police Officers had been visiting licensed premises to provide advice and guidance on the regulations. 

22.8.     A new Schools Link Officer had been appointed to start on 12 October 2020 to assist with interventions for young people.  There would be an operation at the end of October to combat knife crime and knife bins would be placed in a number of locations across the town.

22.9.     Councillor Phillips asked what was meant by vehicle anti-social behaviour and whether this was the speed enforcement work that had been undertaken recently.
Inspector Francis reported that there had been incidents of anti-social behaviour in cars in Dumbarton Road and Arundel Way, with drivers ‘doing donuts’, speeding about and revving engines. The offenders had been issued with vehicle notices as a warning, and if caught re-offending their vehicles could be seized.

22.10.  Councillor Darwin raised the issue of delivery vans being parked on narrow roads in the St John’s area causing visibility issues for other vehicles, blocking light out of houses and creating obstructions on pavements.  County Councillor Adams had been liaising with residents and Highways officers, but could the Police do anything in terms of obstruction and road safety issues.
Inspector Francis commented  ...  view the full minutes text for item 22.


NEAC/20/05 Area Committee Financial Update pdf icon PDF 255 KB

Additional documents:


23.1.     Mr Fulcher reported that the North East Area Committee currently had £25,153.60 in its unallocated budget.  Mr Fulcher highlighted that there was one non-COVID related funding bid application pending, as detailed in the report, and this should be borne in mind when the Committee considered the COVID funding applications.




that the financial statement in Appendix 1 of the report be noted.


Reason: To provide clear and transparent details of the amount of funds available to the Area Committee.


NEAC/20/06 COVID-19 Funding Request: 8th Ipswich Guides Virtual Camp pdf icon PDF 144 KB

Additional documents:


24.1.     Kerry Robson, organiser of the 8th Ipswich Girl Guide Unit, reported that this Guides Group was based in the town centre, but most of the girls were from the IP4 area, and there were 30-35 girls in the unit, aged between 10 and 14 years old.  Normally the girls would meet up on Fridays during school terms and go camping 4-5 times a year; as this had not been possible, guiding activities had been moved onto Zoom. A couple of virtual camps had already been held and were well attended; these were facilitated by sending out activity packs to the girls in advance of the camp, which contained crafts, games, dressing up materials, hot chocolate and marshmallows, and then the activities were done together.  As the girls were not meeting up, weekly subs were not being collected and funding was requested to help cover the cost of the activity packs for the virtual camps.

24.2.     Councillor Pope commented that his daughter was a girl guide but from a different unit, and added that the Zoom meetings had been very important, providing a lifeline to enable girls to meet up with friends and do activities together, but they were paying for their activities.  Councillor Pope queried the reference to the 8th Ipswich Scouts Group in the report.
Ms Robson reported that her application was only in relation to the 8th Ipswich Guides.  The Chair confirmed that this was an error in the covering report.

24.3.     Councillor Phillips queried that there were no recognised governing documents submitted with the application.
Ms Robson reported that she had answered all the questions on the application form and submitted the required documentation; for the safeguarding evidence, she had provided a link to the Girl Guide UK safeguarding information.

24.4.     Councillor Phillips asked whether the camp had occurred yet.
Ms Robson reported that she had applied for funding for the camp in August, but another camp was planned for October half-term holiday; any contribution would help to cover the costs.

24.5.     Councillor Phillips asked whether the girls camped inside their homes or outdoor in tents.
Ms Robson reported that it depended on what their home situation allowed; some girls lived in flats and other in homes with garden, so it was up to the girls to find a space where they felt comfortable that wasn’t their bed. The camp would start at 7pm until 10pm and then activities were held on the following day every few hours.

24.6.     Councillor Phillips asked how the packs were delivered, i.e. on doorstep at a safe distance.
Ms Robson confirmed that this was the case and added that 2 camps had already taken place with 20 girls taking part and had been a lot of fun.




that the North East Area Committee allocate £60 from the North East Area Committee budget to the 8th Ipswich Guides Group to offer a virtual camp for 25 guides aged between 10-18.


Reason: To enable young girls to  ...  view the full minutes text for item 24.


NEAC/20/07 COVID-19 Funding Request: Headway Suffolk pdf icon PDF 145 KB

Additional documents:


25.1.     Helen Fairweather, CEO of Headway Suffolk, reported that Headway provided support to people with neurological conditions, such as dementia, MS, Parkinsons, stroke and traumatic brain injuries, both in people’s homes and at the Hub on Ransomes Europark.  The COVID restrictions had resulted in increasing costs in order to provide PPE and other measures to ensure a COVID-safe environment, as well as offering additional sessions at the weekend at the Hub for rehab. The potential threat of a second wave was also making clients nervous and raising the need for counselling.

25.2.     Whilst it was possible to offer some services over the phone or on Zoom, face-to-face rehab was also required and was especially time-sensitive for those clients just receiving the diagnosis of their condition. The funding was requested to increase rehab capacity at the Hub and buy PPE and other equipment to put measures in place to enable vital services to be provided, including counselling support to family carers.

25.3.     Councillor Pope understood the need to increase face-to-face capacity at the Hub as a result of the social distancing rules, but asked why Headway had only applied to the South East and North East Area Committees.
Ms Fairweather reported that she had applied to all areas, but was only allowed to apply to 2 areas and therefore had applied to the areas where there were the most clients.
The Chair confirmed that the COVID funding guidelines only permitted applications to a maximum of 2 Area Committees.

25.4.     Councillor Phillips asked how many people would benefit from the additional 2 days at the Hub.
Ms Fairweather reported that the Hub could cater for a maximum of 20 people per day; the largest room at the Hub could hold a maximum of 8 clients (previously 16) and other smaller rooms could hold 2-3 people, but sessions would be abide by the ‘rule of 6’ restriction.  Ms Fairweather added that whilst 20 sessions could be offered, this could be less as some clients might require extra support.

25.5.     Councillor Phillips asked what funding bids had been made for core funding.
Ms Fairweather reported that Headway were spot purchased by SCC Social Care, but each client referral cost them £20 above the funding provided.  Headway relied on fundraising activities, with a recent sponsored bike ride, but another of their fundraising events had been postponed. Applications were also made to charitable trust funds, such as the Big Lottery Fund; however, very little funding was received from the NHS and CCGs.




that the North East Area Committee allocate £2,340 from the North East Area Committee budget to Headway Suffolk to enable the rehabilitation hub to open on additional days per week.


Reason: To provide rehabilitation and care for adults with a neurological condition in line with social distancing guidelines.


NEAC/20/08 COVID-19 Funding Request: Ipswich Community Support pdf icon PDF 249 KB

Additional documents:


26.1.     Natalie Hays, co-founder of Ipswich Community Support, reported that Ipswich Community Support was set up in March 2020 at the start of the COVID-19 lockdown and since then over 200 volunteers, predominantly from the IP4 area, had donated more than 3,500 hours of their time to help vulnerable people within the community.  These volunteers had helped over 170 residents by shopping for neighbours, walking dogs, picking up prescriptions and making phone calls to check on the welfare of vulnerable people.  With the number of COVID-19 cases increasing and the likelihood of another lockdown, funding was needed to be able to continue to provide this support for the community.

26.2.     Councillor Phillips commented that it was unusual to provide funding for expenditure that was already incurred and asked how the group was established.
Ms Hays reported that she and Charlotte Bale, Chair of Ipswich Community Support, were friends who worked together.  Ms Bale had started by putting a few leaflets out to her neighbours and it soon grew from there, so Ms Hays also helped out, but all of this activity was self-funded.  As the service was being operated online, costs had been incurred to set up a mailbox, text messaging and phone systems.

26.3.     Councillor Phillips asked how safeguard checks had been done for the volunteers.
Ms Hays reported that a pack of information was provided to each volunteer, who then had to sign an agreement to say that they would comply with the policies and procedures and that they had read and understood the safeguarding issues; further safeguarding training was also being considered for volunteers.  Ms Bale added that she had worked with the Public Health Commissioner at SCC who had put together an easy-to-use safeguarding flowchart to help volunteers to recognise the signs of neglect and abuse.  There were also 2 safeguarding leads within the team, Ms Bale and one of the call coordinators.

26.4.     Councillor Phillips commented that funding could not be used to engage in political activities, in reference to funds being raised for a protest march.
Ms Bale commented that this had been a human rights matter, but Council funding would not be used for that purpose.

26.5.     Councillor Phillips asked about the ambition to leaflet the whole town and suggested targeting smaller areas based on demographics.
Ms Hays reported that Ipswich Community Support had already targeted 2 main areas of the town and with the number of volunteers available and the need for assistance in the community, it would be possible to leaflet the whole town.

26.6.     Councillor Pope noted that 46 volunteers were DBS checked and asked who had paid for these checks.
Ms Hays reported that these people were already DBS checked and Ipswich Community Support kept a register of this information together with certificate numbers.

26.7.     Councillor Pope asked whether the number of people helped, as listed in paragraph 3.3 of the report, was the number of people to date, rather than moving forward, and also asked why the application  ...  view the full minutes text for item 26.