Tuesday 7th January 2020 6.00 pm

Venue: Gipping Room, Grafton House

Contact: Ainsley Gilbert  01473 432510

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Apologies for Absence


Unconfirmed Minutes of Previous Meeting pdf icon PDF 113 KB

To consider the Minutes of the meeting held on 29 October 2019.


To Confirm or Vary the Order of Business


Declarations of Interest


E/19/39 Council Housing Rents 2020/21 pdf icon PDF 110 KB

Portfolio Holder – Councillor Neil MacDonald


To ask Executive to recommend to Council an increase in 2020/21 for housing rents, garage rents and service/heating charges for the sheltered housing schemes.

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E/19/40 Introducing Council Tax Civil Penalties pdf icon PDF 110 KB

Portfolio Holder – Councillor Sophie Meudec


This report provides an overview of the circumstances where a Council Tax civil penalty can be applied.


Executive is asked to approve the introduction of a Council Tax policy set out in Appendix 1 for the issuing of penalties.

Additional documents:


E/19/41 Council Tax - Citizens Advice Collection Protocol pdf icon PDF 108 KB

Portfolio Holder – Councillor Sophie Meudec


The Citizens Advice and Local Government Association have produced a good practice protocol for the collection of Council Tax arrears. This report proposes that the Council adopt this protocol.

Additional documents:


E/19/42 Suffolk Coast European Sites Recreational Disturbance Avoidance and Mitigation Strategy (RAMS) Supplementary Planning Document (SPD) pdf icon PDF 845 KB

Portfolio Holder – Councillor Carole Jones


The Suffolk Coast European Sites Recreational Disturbance Avoidance and Mitigation Strategy Supplementary Planning Document (hereinafter referred to as the Suffolk Coast RAMS SPD) supports the implementation of the Habitats Regulations Assessment Recreational Disturbance Avoidance and Mitigation Strategy (RAMS) for Ipswich Borough, Babergh District, Mid-Suffolk District and East Suffolk Councils – Technical Report (Appendix 3), which is simplified to ‘the Strategy’ throughout this report.


The Strategy is a means by which new residential growth can be delivered, whilst at the same time adequately protecting Suffolk’s coastal, estuarine and heathland European wildlife sites from harm that could otherwise occur because of increased recreation pressure caused through new residential development.


The Suffolk Coast RAMS SPD summarises the requirements of the Strategy for developers and others and provides a framework for implementing those provisions.


The draft Suffolk Coast RAMS SPD went to Executive on 9 July 2019 to seek authorisation to undertake a public consultation. The consultation now complete, Executive is asked to recommend the final document for adoption to Full Council – i.e. as a Supplementary Planning Document.

Additional documents:


E/19/43 Fixed Penalty Notices pdf icon PDF 113 KB

Portfolio Holder – Councillor Alasdair Ross


The Council has enforcement powers to deal with a range of offences relating to fly-tipping, duty of care (in relation to safe management of waste), graffiti, fly-posting and abandoned vehicles. Offences under all of these areas can be dealt with by means of a fixed penalty notice (FPN). In addition, the breach of a Community Protection Notice (CPN) can also be dealt with through an FPN.


This report proposes options to introduce the use of FPNs for these offences and review the level of penalty for an existing FPN, to bring these in line with similar offences and other Suffolk authorities.

Additional documents:


E/19/44 Financial Management & Control: Corporate Budget Monitoring - 2019/20 Quarter 2 pdf icon PDF 441 KB

Portfolio Holder – Councillor Martin Cook


This report gives details of the forecast out-turn position for 2019/20 on:


1.         The General Fund Revenue Budget, General Balances and the Council’s Reserves;


2.         The Housing Revenue Account;


3.         The Shared Revenues Partnership;


4.         The Capital Programme for this and future years.


E/19/45 Update on Decisions Taken Under Delegated Authority During November/December 2019 pdf icon PDF 88 KB

Portfolio Holder – Councillor David Ellesmere


Part 3 Section 5 of the Constitution makes provision for the Scheme of Officer Delegations. Paragraph 10.1 (k) enables the Chief Executive to make decisions between the calling of the election and when Executive has the opportunity to meet again. The Chief Executive is required to report the decisions made under this provision to the next meeting of Executive.


E/19/46 Electrical Rewire Tender pdf icon PDF 146 KB

Portfolio Holder – Councillor Neil MacDonald


This report details the work that has been carried out to procure a new electrical rewire contract for Ipswich’s rented housing stock and sets out the results of the tenders received.

Executive are asked to award the most economically advantageous bid.


Exclusion of Public

To consider excluding the public (including the Press) from the meeting during consideration of the following items under Regulation 21 of the Local Authorities (Executive Arrangements) (Access to Information) (England) Regulations 2000 as it is likely that if members of the public were present during these items there would be disclosure to them of exempt information falling within paragraph 3 of Part 1 of Schedule 12A of the Local Government Act 1972 (as amended).



E/19/46 Electrical Rewire Tender - Exempt Appendix

Portfolio Holder – Councillor Neil MacDonald


E/19/47 Development Sites in IP1

Portfolio Holder – Councillor David Ellesmere


E/19/48 Governance and Reserved Matters of Wholly Owned Companies

Portfolio Holder – Councillor David Ellesmere