Agenda and minutes

South East Area Committee - Wednesday 29th May 2019 7.00 pm

Venue: All Hallows Church Hall, Landseer Road, IP3 0JH

Contact: Ainsley Gilbert  01473 432510 / Email:

No. Item


Election of Chair




that Councillor Connelly be elected Chair of the South East Area Committee for the 2019/20 Municipal Year.


Apologies for Absence


Apologies for absence were received from Councillors Handley and Parry and Suffolk County Councillor Quinton.


Unconfirmed Minutes of the Previous Meeting pdf icon PDF 91 KB




that the Minutes of the meeting held on 13 March 2019 be signed as a true record.


To Confirm or Vary the Order of Business


The Chair explained that item 14 (Presentation on Drugs Related Litter) had been withdrawn due to staffing issues.




that, subject to item 14 (Presentation on Drugs Related Litter) not being considered, the order of business be confirmed as printed on the Agenda.


Declarations of Interest


There were no declarations of interest.


To Confirm the Venues of Future Meetings

Future meetings and venues are proposed to be:


·                Wednesday 10 July 2019, 7pm – 18th Ipswich Scout Hut, Cliff Lane, IP3 0PE (Holywells ward)

·                Wednesday 4 September 2019, 7pm – Priory Heath ward

·                Wednesday 6 November 2019, 7pm – Gainsborough ward

·                Wednesday 8 January 2020, 7pm – Holywells ward

·                Wednesday 4 March 2020, 7pm – Priory Heath ward





that the meetings and venues be confirmed as follows:


·                Wednesday 10 July 2019, 7pm – 18th Ipswich Scout Hut, Cliff Lane, IP3 0PE (Holywells ward)

·                Wednesday 4 September 2019, 7pm – Priory Heath ward

·                Wednesday 6 November 2019, 7pm – Gainsborough ward

·                Wednesday 8 January 2020, 7pm – Holywells ward

·                Wednesday 4 March 2020, 7pm – Priory Heath ward


Chair's Update on Actions From Previous Meetings


The Chair provided the following updates:


Minute 82.1 – Parking in Cliff Lane

Suffolk County Councillor Kim Clements had asked engineers to propose some double yellow lines to protect the junctions and these were in the process of being advertised.


Suffolk County Councillor West had asked officers to consider a broader scheme regarding access and egress from the Riverside Clinic and was due to meet officers again.


Minute 82.3 – Crossing on Nacton Road, near to Queen’s Way


Suffolk County Councillor Quinton had raised this with Suffolk County Council officers and reported that highways had no plans to introduce new crossings on Nacton Road in Ipswich. There was no available funding to implement crossings here and highways would have to remove a considerable amount of on-street parking if crossings were installed.


Minute 85.5 - Proposed Bus Stop Clearways - Road safety on Nacton Road, near to Hatfield Road including pedestrian crossings.


Suffolk County Council were installing these clearways on behalf of Ipswich Borough Council and their Highways team would have assured themselves that the installation of the Bus Stop Clearways was safe.


SEAC/19/01 Policing Update pdf icon PDF 50 KB

Additional documents:


8.1         Sergeant Timothy Gregory explained that there had been some changes to staffing with the recent increase in the police precept allowing for an additional 3 officers in the Ipswich East Safer Neighbourhoods Team.


8.2         Sergeant Gregory reported that those involved in the murder of Tavis Spencer-Aitkens had been sentenced to a very long time in prison, which he hoped was reassuring for the community.


8.3         Sergeant Gregory said that a road safety day had been held on Saturday 25 May with police checking for seatbelts, mobile phone use and speeding.


8.4         Councillor Cook said that it was good to have additional resources in the area, although he commented that it did not replace all the people who had been lost from keeping Ipswich safe.


8.5         Councillor Barber thanked the police for the additional resources they had put into the area after a serious incident. Councillor Barber reported that there were issues with mirrors being broken on Murray Road.


8.6         A local resident raised concerns that minor crimes were not dealt with. Sergeant Gregory commented that by arresting a few prolific criminals the police had significantly reduced the number of minor crimes being committed.


8.7         A local resident commented that they were concerned about their safety after a stabbing in the area. Sergeant Gregory noted that despite the incident, Ipswich remained a very safe place to live. Councillor Barber noted that some residents were concerned but that the Council, the police and other agencies were working to reassure them and make Ipswich safer.


Responses to Public Questions and Open Discussion on Local Issues


9.1         A local resident asked whether a road crossing could be considered near to Cliff Lane Primary School. SCC Councillor West agreed to facilitate a meeting between relevant officers and residents. Councillor Harsant commented that an online petition had been created but explained that she had discussed this issue many times with highways officers and that it was a very difficult location in which to do any works.


9.2         A local resident noted that there had been a number of attempts to make Cliff Lane safer but that these had not worked. The resident suggested that a permanent speed indicator device might be useful.


9.3         A resident commented that a school crossing patrol might make the road safer for children. The Chair noted that this was a Suffolk County Council service but that few schools still had such patrols.


Presentation - Creative Computing Club - Monitoring Report


10.1      Matthew Applegate, Creative Computing Club, gave a presentation on the club’s activities and project at Ipswich Academy. Key points included:

-       There were now more people working in technology than farming in Suffolk.

-       The students involved in the project had been very enthusiastic and the project had built their confidence significantly.

-       Students had been able to participate in a ‘Digital Technology Week’ over the May half term which was supported by major companies.

-       The Creative Computing Club had been awarded ‘Coding Hub of the Year’ by Microsoft.

-       The club had now opened the Creative Computing Centre on London Road which provided a great base for its activities.


10.2      Councillor Barber asked whether a project would continue in the South East Area after the Area Committee funded project had finished. Mr Applegate explained that he hoped that sessions could be run from Gainsborough Library but that the facilities available at Ipswich Academy meant that the project would not continue there. Mr Applegate commented that the students in the current project would continue to be given opportunities by the Creative Computing Club after the project had formally finished.


10.3      The Chair said that he had visited the Creative Computing Centre and that it was a very impressive facility. He noted that, whilst the project at Ipswich Academy hadn’t quite delivered the original vision, it had been transformative for many of the participants and would help with the planning of future projects.


SEAC/19/02 Funding Request - Suffolk Pride Festival 2019 pdf icon PDF 794 KB


11.1      Adrian Pittock, Chair of Suffolk Pride, reported that the last Pride event in Suffolk had been in 2014. Mr Pittock explained that Pride had started as a protest against poor treatment of gay people but that it was now much more of a celebration of the LGBTQ+ community, although still highlighting discrimination. It was planned that the Suffolk Pride event would be held at Ipswich Waterfront on 22 June, which would allow it to be linked to the Food and Drink Festival.


11.2      Councillor Barber commented that it was great that the event had been organised again and that it would take place in Ipswich. Councillor Barber noted that there would also be a Windrush event on the Cornhill on the same day.




that the South East Area Committee approve the allocation of £750 from the South East Area Committee Budget to the Suffolk Pride Committee toward the cost of Suffolk Pride Parade and celebration event for 2019.



Ø    To benefit to LGBTQ+ people in Ipswich & Suffolk

Ø    To promote cultural & community cohesion for the whole town


SEAC/19/03 Funding Request: Nacton Road Community Fund - 4YP Nacton Girls' Group pdf icon PDF 116 KB


12.1      Nancy Merfeld – Clinical Wellbeing Manager and Keyara Abdul – Youth Worker, both representing 4YP, explained that the charity helped young people to build better lives. It was hoped to set up a weekly girls group in the Nacton Road Area to build girls self-esteem, give advice, and mitigate the negative impacts of pressure, especially from Social Media. The project would engage with the local community and local agencies to attract members for the group.


12.2      Councillor Barber asked for more information about how the project planned to recruit girls. Nancy Merfeld explained that staff would visit schools, talk to local GPs and other agencies to encourage referrals and also go out and engage directly with young people in the places they liked to congregate.


12.3      Councillor Harsant asked whether the project would extend beyond Priory Heath ward. Keyara Abdul said that those not living in the area would not be able to participate in this project but that 4YP would be able to support girls from other areas through its other programmes. Councillor Barber noted that the project was proposed to be funded from the Nacton Road Community Fund and so should benefit the people that fund was intended to benefit.




that the South East Area Committee approve the allocation on £3,000 from the Nacton Road Community Fund to 4YP to deliver the Nacton Girls’ Group for girls aged 12-16 in the Nacton Area for one year.


Reason: To allow girls aged 12-16yrs in the Nacton area local access to mentoring, support and activity to improve their wellbeing and life skills.


SEAC/19/04 Funding Request - Venue Hire and Publicity Budget pdf icon PDF 55 KB

Additional documents:


13.1      Simon Lanning, Community Engagement Officer, explained that this budget was requested to allow for the hire of halls and publicity to ensure that Area Committees were accessible to local residents.


13.2      Councillor Cook asked what publicity had been undertaken in connection with the South East Area Committee. Simon Lanning reported that flyers and paid for Facebook advertising had been done but that publicity was arranged in consultation with the Chair.




that the South East Area Committee approve the allocation of £500 from the South East Area Committee budget for costs associated with advertising and venue hire for the South East Area Committee for 2019/20, as detailed in Appendix 1 to the report.


Reason: To facilitate the good running of the Area Committee, meeting the goal to devolve power closer to the people.


Community Intelligence - Verbal Update from Ward Councillors


14.1      Councillor Harsant reported that a small encampment had developed in Holywells Park near to the Cliff Lane entrance. Parks staff were aware of the issue but it continued to cause litter and create late night noise.


14.2      Councillor Cook explained that he had had been discussing with residents whether the traffic calming on Maryon Road remained necessary following the introduction of restrictions around Ipswich Academy.


14.3      Councillor Richardson said that he had spent much of the past month at Councillor training events; he also noted that Priory Heath Ward now had the youngest team of Councillors on Ipswich Borough Council.


14.4      Councillor Barber noted that a survey about Murray Road Recreation Park was now being run and encouraged residents to participate. Councillor Barber explained that new litter bins had been installed on Ravenswood Avenue.


14.5      At the invitation of the Chair, Leah Tovell, Community Development Worker, Gainsborough Community People’s Forum, explained that a wide range of events and activities were arranged, including community games at Landseer Park, and weekly football sessions.


SEAC/19/05 South East Area Committee - Area Action Plan pdf icon PDF 55 KB

Additional documents:


15.1      Simon Lanning, Community Engagement Officer, introduced the report and presented statistics related to the South East Area to help Councillors determine their priorities for 2019/20.


15.2      Councillor Cook commented that some of the statistics presented were not up to date and that more recent data would be useful.


15.3      At the request of the Chair, Simon Lanning explained that over the past 12 months crime related measures had worsened whilst progress was being made in improving educational attainment.




a)    that for 2019-20 the South East Area Committee would prioritise action to alleviate deprivation in the domain of Education, Skills and Training.


b)   that for 2019-20 the South East Area Committee would prioritise action in line with the following Council aims and activities:

-       An Enjoyable Place to Live, Work and Study

-       Safe Communities


c)    that the Area Action Plan incorporating the priorities outlined in a) and b) be adopted.


Reason: Priorities provide the basis of an action plan that will enable the Area Committee to clearly communicate its vision and priorities for the area and will help demonstrate how its budget is being allocated to deliver the priorities set for the Area.


SEAC/19/06 Area Committee Financial Update pdf icon PDF 64 KB

Additional documents:


16.1      Shirley Jarlett, Head of People and Governance, introduced the report, explaining that at the start of the meeting, if all of the underspends were considered, £5234.21 was available to spend.


16.2      Ms Jarlett noted that following the commitment of £1,250 during the meeting, if the full Making a Difference (MAD) allocation of £1,800 was made then there would be £2184.21 remaining in the South East Area Committee unallocated budget for 2019/20.


16.3      The Chair asked whether unspent Making a Difference (MAD) funding could be re-allocated later in the year if necessary. Shirley Jarlett confirmed that this was possible via a further report to the Committee.




(a)          that the financial statement in Appendix 1 be noted;

(b)          that £600 per ward be allocated to establish a Making A Difference (MAD) budget for 2019/20;

(c)          that the return of the unspent MAD funding for 2018/19 (£1,097.50) to the main unallocated South East Area Committee budget be approved.

(d)          that the return of the unspent funding relating to report SEAC/18/21, Holywells Park Baby Bereavement Memorial tree Signs, (£93.63) to the main unallocated South East Area Committee budget be approved.

(e)          that the return of the unspent venues budget for 2018/19 (£490) be noted.

(f)           that the return of the unspent Nacton Road Community Fund for 2018/18 (£89.08) be noted.



(a)          To provide clear and transparent details of the amount of funds available to the Area Committee to deliver the priorities in its action plan;

(b)          To allow the South East Area Committee to devolve up to 10% of its annual budget to support small scale community initiatives;

(c-f)     To release any South East Area Committee budget funding where

            there is no further expenditure anticipated.