Agenda and minutes

North West Area Committee - Thursday 7th November 2019 7.00 pm

Venue: St Raphael Club, St Raphael Court, Highfield Road IP1 6DA

Contact: Jess Dool  01473 432513

No. Item


Apologies for Absence


Apologies for Absence were received from Councillor Chisholm and Councillor Xhaferaj.


Minutes of Previous Meeting held on 5 September 2019 pdf icon PDF 86 KB




that the minutes of the meeting held on 5 September 2019 be signed as a true record.


To Confirm or Vary the Order of Business




that the Order of Business be as printed on the Agenda.


Declarations of Interest


There were no declarations of interest.


Police Priorities


44.1.    Councillor Wright confirmed that unfortunately the Police had been unable to attend the meeting to present the policing priorities. 


Chairs Update on Actions from the Previous Meeting

The grit bins are being reviewed; the location, condition, need and active volunteers. Where there are no active volunteers identified, the intention is to appeal for volunteers at the Area Committee before the bins are removed.


45.1.    The Chair reported that the grit bins were under review which included their location, condition, need and whether there were any active volunteers in place. Where no active volunteers had been identified, it was proposed that the bins would be removed from an area and therefore any residents interested in becoming a volunteer for a grit bin were requested to contact the Council to register this.


45.2.    The Chair confirmed that as per the action in the previous minutes regarding the financial cost to taxpayers for the eviction of travellers from sites in Ipswich, the Operations Manager for Parks/Bereavement had confirmed that the cost of the most recent clear up from the site in Castle Hill had totalled £140.95, of which had been paid from the Parks Service budget.



Ward Councillors Feedback from their Communities


Whitton Ward


Councillor Shaw confirmed that a Dementia Support Group was held once a month at Dryden Road Church Hall which provided both support to those with dementia and their carers.


The Big Local Trust had joined up with Castle Hill Community Centre and enabled strong links within the community and various groups, of which had been a positive outcome. 


Whitehouse Ward


Councillor Trenchard confirmed that the Community Group ‘The Whitehouse Wanderers’ had begun holding drop in meetings on the second Tuesday of every month between 11.30am and 12.30pm at Whitehouse Baptist Church, and anyone who required guidance or advice on a range of matters could attend.


The toddlers play area at Bramford Lane Recreation Ground has been completed which provides an enclosed space for young children and their parents to use. Follow up conversations would be taking place with regards to requesting a bench to be placed in the area.


It had been agreed that the grass area on Kerry Avenue/Lovetofts Drive would be returned to its original state, and the work for this had been scheduled.


Councillor Wright confirmed that with regards to the works undertaken at the Whitehouse Skatepark, discussion continued to take place with Officers around concerns that the plan agreed by the Area Committee had been correctly carried out. It was advised that there had been a number of health and safety issues raised and clarification would be sought as to whether the works would be rectified and how long this would take. 


Castle Hill Ward


Councillor Vickery reported that Fusion Lifestyles had held two successful public meetings regarding the Sherrington Road Parking and how this could be affected by the reopening of Broom Hill Pool and how any issues would be alleviated. It was confirmed that work should start Spring 2020 with the intention for the pool to be open by Spring 2021. Parking issues had been the main cause for concern and money had been set aside by the Broomhill Trust to combat this issue when the pool opened.


A Christmas Fair would be held at Whitton Church Hall between 10am and 12pm on Saturday 23rd November.



Responses to Public Questions and Open Discussion on Local Issues



Connect for Health: Presentation


48.1.    Louise Hardwick, Head of Partnerships for CCG Ipswich and Suffolk, provided a presentation on ‘Connect for Health’ which was a new programme designed for social prescribing. Social prescribing was a means of referring people to a range of local non-clinical services and support and a service which recognised that people’s health and wellbeing was determined by a number of factors such as economic and environmental and provided healthcare professionals with another option for their patients.


48.2.    Social prescribing allowed individuals to take greater control of their own health and wellbeing but with support from a Link Worker who could refer them to different, more relevant services within the community (often provided through local charities, organisations and voluntary groups). This could involve exercise, crafts, music and other activities to alleviate isolation and loneliness. All GP practices within Ipswich had a link worker employed and it was estimated that nearly 40% of appointments made with a GP/nurse were for non-clinical reasons, for  which social prescribing would be more relevant for these types of needs.


48.3.    £250,000 had been invested into the service in Ipswich and it was hoped that this would ensure that more support could be provided to both patients and the NHS Health Professionals and would strengthen individual resilience. It was also expected to be particularly helpful for those with long-term conditions such as low level anxiety/depression. Ipswich and East Suffolk CCG had joined alongside alliance partners (such as Ipswich Borough Council, Suffolk County Council etc.) to put the service together and link workers had started to consider what community groups were available and what help they could offer.


48.4.    At present time, Link Workers (also known as Community Connectors) would be based within GP practices however, it was hoped that this would later be broadened. The contract currently would run until March 2021 and could be accessed by anyone over 18, was a free/confidential service and for people with multiple non-medical needs.


48.5.    Currently, referrals would be made through the GP practice however, this would soon open up to include self referral (where an appointment could be made over the phone). Once an appointment had been made through the GP reception (following a referral from a GP/nurse) an appointment would be made with a Link Worker for up to 45 minutes where a discussion could be held with the individual about what help and support could be accessed. This could include assisting people to services and acting as a “hand holder”. Current evidence suggested that social prescribing could reduce the burden on primary and secondary care however, this was limited due to the service being new.


48.6.    In response to a question, Ms Hardwick confirmed that the full £250,000 had been invested in Ipswich as this had been identified as their main priority area and would cover the service for a year. Further funding had been agreed by the CCG Board to fund the service between June 2020 and March 2021.


48.7.    Ms Hardwick confirmed that monitoring of  ...  view the full minutes text for item 48.


NWAC/19/10 Proposed Bus Stop Relocation - Norwich Road pdf icon PDF 111 KB

Additional documents:


49.1.    Mr Michael Newsham, Integrated Transport Officer at Ipswich Borough Council, presented a report on the Proposed Bus Stop Relocation on Norwich Road.


49.2.    The Officer confirmed that Ipswich Borough Council had a responsibility to provide bus stops in Ipswich and had been working jointly with Suffolk County Council to complete a previous project to install raised bus stop kerbs on the route of Services 9 and 10 which served Castle Hill and Whitton Ward. Raised kerbs were deemed important as they helped make it easier for bus passengers to board buses by removing the gap between the floor of the bus and the kerb. This was especially important for passengers who were elderly, had physical disabilities, mobility problems or with prams/buggies.


49.3.    When a raised bus stop kerb was installed, it was the Council’s practice to install a bus stop clearway restriction which made it an offence to stop or park at the bus stop during the times that the clear way was enforced. The restrictions were considered important as without them, buses may not be able to pull up flush to the raised kerb and would have to stop in the middle of the road, which made it difficult or impossible for people with mobility problems to board buses safely.


49.4.    With regards to the Norwich Road bus stop, there was currently an existing inbound bus stop which was just before the junction at Lower Dales View Road and was situated between two dropped kerbs. As a result of the above, a consultation was held earlier in the year to position the bus stop outside 380a Norwich Road. An objection had been received to this, which had been attached at Exempt Appendix B and the Committee had been provided the opportunity to read  this in full.


49.5.    Due to the nature of the objection it was considered appropriate to carry out a second consultation on an alternative proposal which would move the bus stop slightly further to the position outside 382 Norwich Road which was outside the Physiotherapy Health Centre.  Two objections had been received which stated that they felt there would an increase in traffic congestion, impact on road safety and access to the business. Officers had commented on this within the report and whilst it was acknowledged that there would be temporary blockage to the access whilst a bus had pulled up to the stop, based on the data which had been provided by First Eastern  Counties Buses and Ipswich Buses, only 11% of the buses  that currently use Norwich Road are stopping at the existing bus stop, and buses would only be stopping for as long as necessary to pick up or drop off passengers as the bus stop is not a timing point.  As such, it was considered that the impact would be small.


49.6.    Mr Newsham advised that although only a few people were known to use the bus stop per day, the Council had embarked on the project to ensure that anyone  ...  view the full minutes text for item 49.


NWAC/19/11 Proposed Bus Stop Relocation - Elmcroft Road pdf icon PDF 118 KB

Additional documents:


50.1.    Mr Michael Newsham, Integrated Transport Officer, confirmed that as had been reported during the previous item, the Proposed Bus Stop Relocation on Elmcroft Road had been proposed as part of the Council’s agreed project to install raised bus stop kerbs on the routes of service 9 and 10 to ensure that bus services could be accessed by all, of which a raised kerb was especially important for passengers who were elderly, had physical disabilities, mobility problems or with prams/buggies.


50.2.    The bus stop in question (outside 71 Elmcroft Road) had been identified as it could only be accessed via steps and therefore could not be used by wheelchair users or those with other mobility problems, due to the steepness of the gradient of the verge. As a result of this a consultation had been carried out earlier in the year to relocate the bus stop to the position outside 79/81 Elmcroft Road and install a 23 metre bus stop clearway restriction in force at all times. Seven objections had been received which had been included with the report (although some were within the exempt appendix). Due to the exempt information obtained within some of the objections (which detailed the significant impact this would have on members of their households), it was considered appropriate to put the proposal on hold pending a consultation  on an alternative proposal to relocate the bus stop outside 95/97 Elmcroft Road and install a 23 metre bus stop clearway restriction in force at all times.


50.3.    An objection had been received on behalf of two households to the alternative proposal  which had been included in the report. The principle grounds of objection had been with regards to the loss of on street parking however, having considered all of the objections, officers recommended that the bus stop should be relocated to the alternative position at 95/97. The reasons for this included that there would still be some off street parking available whereas with the original proposal, the objectors had none and their personal circumstances had been taken into consideration.


50.4.    Mr Newsham confirmed that during the consultation period on the alternative proposal, one of the objectors to the proposal had advised that they had requested permission for the installation of a dropped  crossing at their property, which the Council had not previously been aware of. Suffolk County Council had sent further information on the day of the meeting advising that it  would need to re-consider, should the Committee agree the alternative proposal, that it would still be possible to install a DDA compliant ramp at this position. Therefore, the new recommendation to the Committee requested that the bus stop be relocated to the alternative position but with the caveat that this would be subject to confirmation from Suffolk Highways that a DDA compliant ramp could still be installed. It was also recommended that Option One be dismissed for the reasons given and  referenced in the Exempt Appendix.


50.5.    Councillor Fisher asked if surveys had been undertaken  ...  view the full minutes text for item 50.


NWAC/19/12 Funding Request: 24th Ipswich Scout Group pdf icon PDF 215 KB


51.1.    Mr Graham Parker, representative for 24th Ipswich Scout Group ,presented a funding request to the Committee which sought £4,950.00 towards the cost of re-roofing the main hall end of 24th Ipswich Scout Hall on Bramford Road.  They had raised £3,000 towards the cost of repair so far however, other funding activities would be taking place to raise more.



It was RESOLVED that:-


that £4,950.00 funding be allocated towards the Ipswich Scout Group for the cost of re-roofing the main hall end of 24th Ipswich Scout Hall on Bramford Road.


Reason: to contribute towards the cost of roof repairs, so the facility can stay open and continue to be used by the scouts and several other clubs.


NWAC/19/13 Funding Request: Let's Talk Reading pdf icon PDF 618 KB

Additional documents:


52.1.    John Helleur, Chair of Let’s Talk Reading, presented a funding request to the Committee which sought £7,063.87 funding towards the further development of its literacy programme in the North West Ipswich.


52.2.    Mr Helleur confirmed that Let’s Talk Reading had signed a contract with the Ipswich Opportunity Area which was anticipated to provide a further £4,200 funding within the North West Ipswich and would fund a third of their programme.


52.3.    The Committee agreed to fund a slightly lower amount of funding, based on the percentages of the cost of certain elements of the programme.




That £4,650.00 funding be allocated towards Let’s Talk Reading to enable the further development of its literacy programme in the North West Ipswich.




·         To improve the life chances of residents in the North West Ipswich

·         To improve the education & skills levels in North West Ipswich

·         To support the economy in North West Ipswich


NWAC/19/14 Area Committee Budget Update pdf icon PDF 50 KB

Additional documents:


53.1.    The Head of Governance presented the Area Committee Budget Update. Following the allocation of funding made to the 24th Ipswich Scout Group and Let’s Talk Reading, the total unallocated budget available to spend on the priorities of the Area Action Plan for North West Ipswich was £12,504.00.




that the financial position of the North West Area Committee be noted.


Reason: to provide clear and transparent details of the amount of funds available to the Area Committee to deliver the priorities in its action plan.


Dates of Future Meetings for 2019/20 - all at 7.00pm

Thursday 9 January 2020 – Castle Hill Community Centre, Highfield Road, Ipswich IP1 6DG


Thursday 5 March 2020 – Castle Hill United Reformed Church, Dryden Road, IP1 6QF


Dates of future meetings for 2019/20 all to be held at 7.00pm


Thursday 9th January 2020 – Castle Hill Community Centre, Highfield Road, Ipswich IP1 6DG


Thursday 5 March 2020 – Castle Hill United Reformed Church, Dryden Road, Ipswich IP1 6QF