Agenda and minutes

North West Area Committee - Thursday 17th January 2019 7.00 pm

Venue: St Raphael Club, St Raphael Court, Highfield Road IP1 6DA

Contact: Trisha Sutton  01473 432512

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Apologies for Absence


No apologies for absence were received from the Committee.  Apologies were however received from Suffolk County Councillors K Bole and P West.


Unconfirmed Minutes of the Meeting held on 8 November 2018 pdf icon PDF 87 KB




that the minutes of the meeting held on 8 November 2018 be confirmed as a true record.


To Confirm or Vary the Order of Business




that the Order of Business be as printed on the agenda.


Declarations of Interest


There were no declarations of interest.


Policing Priorities in North West Ipswich


65.1    Inspector Kevin Horton provided an update on policing across Ipswich and the specific issues in the North West of Ipswich and introduced Sgt Luke Turner and the Community Engagement Officer for the West of Ipswich, PC Mike Small.  He reported that following the stabbing in December 2018 at Turin Street, a 17 year old from Bury St Edmunds had been arrested and was charged with murder on 10 January 2019. 


65.2    He reassured residents that follow up work continued on this murder incident and also a number of robberies in the centre of Ipswich.  A number of warrants had been successfully issued for Class A drug dealing due and County Lines and high visibility patrols in the area to disrupt gangs was ongoing.  There had been a rise in burglaries to both residential and commercial properties across the whole of the town.  Operation ‘Silverton’ which focussed on prostitution within Ipswich continued, and multiagency meetings had been convened to consider the matter in full and following disengagement from some involved, enforcement options would now be considered. 


65.3    It had been reported in the media recently that since 1 April 2018, the number of Grade A emergency 999 response calls had increased and there had been an increase in crime of 15.5% which reflected the National trend.  In the North West of Ipswich there had been a series of burglaries where car keys and then cars were being taken but on 5 January 2019, 4 individuals had been arrested and since then the crimes had stopped.  Patio slabs and concrete had been used to break windows and jewellery had been taken and since forensic work had been undertaken this had now also stopped.  Anti-social behaviour at Garrick Way had resulted in the arrest of a youth who had then been tagged and given a curfew, however these had been breached and the youth had been referred to the Youth Offending Service and a multi-agency team were looking at the causes of the behaviour and what plan could be put in place.


65.4    A resident made reference to 2 burglaries which had recently taken place in the area of Kelvin Road and the Inspector said that plain clothes patrols had been increased in this area in the evenings.


65.5    Councillor Fisher commended a PCSO who had helped with an incident in Highfield Approach and the Inspector said that the Community Engagement Officer would be able to update Councillors about other incidents which had taken place on the same day as the Turin Street incident.  The Chair thanked Inspector Horton and the other Officers for their attendance.


Planning Consultations: Ipswich Local Plan/Public Realm Strategy/Urban Character Study


66.1    Sarah Barker, Planning Policy Team Leader presented the Local Plan Consultation and explained that the documents which were under review were the borough-wide Core Strategy (used to determine planning applications) and other policies including the Site Allocation Plan.  The current plan period was up until 2031 but after consultation this would be extended to 2036.  The proposed housing allocation would be 479 dwellings every year to meet the need and up to 5,580 jobs would be created by 2036.  The Strategic Policies had been aligned with the plans of Babergh, Mid Suffolk and Suffolk Coastal District Councils.


66.2    The vision, objectives and Key Priorities for the town were:

·                     To enable the town centre to adapt to new trends in how people shopped and used their leisure time;

·                     An increased emphasis on the community;

·                     Completing the regeneration of the Waterfront and Princes Street corridor;

·                     Support the delivery of infrastructure;

·                     Improve sustainable access to the town centre and movement within it.


66.3    The Development Management Policies had been reviewed to reflect new planning policies in July 2018, in light of air quality, shopfront design, advertisements, the evening and night time economy and the delivery and expansion of digital communication networks.


66.4    In the North West the main focus was on the area at the back of Suffolk Retail Park which had a proposed allocation of 88 homes, the revised timetable of 60 homes on the land at the former Tooks Bakery in Old Norwich Road, land opposite 674 - 734 Bramford Road and land at the Stocks site on Bramford Road.


66.5    The eight week consultation would close for comments on 13 March 2019, comment forms were available or could be completed online.  Documents were also available to be viewed on the website and paper copies were in the Central Library, the Customer Service Centre and Grafton House.  The Planning Policy Team could be contacted on 01473 432019 or e-mail


66.6    Mike Taylor, the Senior Conservation Urban Design Officer presented the Ipswich Town Centre and Waterfront Public Realm Supplementary Planning Documents.  They set out the principles for the improvement to public spaces and set the guidance on making attractive, safe accessible spaces and streets for the approach to the delivery of new and replacement materials, street lighting, street furniture and other public realm elements.  It also identified a number of areas which could be subject to improvement within the project area.


66.7    £3m of funding was available and a number of areas for improvement had been identified in and around the Town Centre and a public consultation was underway to allow residents to state their preference in order of priority.  Four of the areas identified were:

·         Arras Square

·         Prices Street Bridge

·         Majors Corner

·         Extensions to the Cornhill Scheme (e.g. Westgate Street or Lloyds Avenue)

The consultation was available at under ‘Useful links’ on the homepage, by clicking ‘consultations’, then click on ‘Ipswich Town Centre and Waterfront Public Realm SPD’.  Paper copies and a voting touchscreen were also available at  ...  view the full minutes text for item 66.


BSEVC Monitoring Update


67.1    Due to illness the representative from Bury St Edmunds Volunteer Centre was unable to attend the North West Area Committee.


Let's Talk Reading Monitoring Update


68.1    John Helleur from the ‘Let’s Talk Reading’ project presented this update about how the funding allocated from the North West Area Committee had been used in the effort to eradicate the literacy deficit in the North West of Ipswich by 2025.  A National survey in 2012 had reported that 1 in 6 adults in England were unable to read well enough to succeed in modern life.  If these figures were applied to Ipswich that would mean 20,000 adults in Ipswich struggled with reading and 8,500 were unable to read effectively.  This equated to 1 in 3 adults in disadvantaged areas which reduced their economic and general well-being and stopped their social mobility.


68.2    The impact of low literacy ability meant that food shopping or using public transport became difficult, and they were more likely to experience long-term unemployment.  It could present difficulties in reading and understanding basic health information and they would be less likely to vote or take part in public or community life.


68.3    In 2018, 225 book bags had been distributed to early year’s aged children, adult literacy coaching had taken place and 75 literacy manuals were distributed by 20 volunteers and in total 325 children and 75 adults had benefitted.  34 additional volunteers had been recruited and trained in 2018, whose contributed effort would be worth £32,000 and significant savings had been made in the programme.  Future help would be; to signpost any struggling readers to ‘Read Easy’, volunteer to become a reading coach or read with groups of children.  Any offers of a safe business venue for reading or coaching would be appreciated as would any donations to the project.


68.4    A resident asked where the project had been taking place and Mr Helleur gave information on the nurseries and different venues in the North West of Ipswich where the project had taken place.  The Chair thanked Mr Helleur for his attendance.    


Chair's Update on Actions from the Previous Meeting


69.1    There were no updates.


Ward Councillors Feedback


70.1    Castle Hill ward


Councillor Goldsmith updated on the agreement to use the land and extend Europa Way/Jovian Way and the proposal for yellow lines at Whitehouse Road.  The service road opposite Norwich Road had been resurfaced and trees and bushes would be allocated by IBC.  He also reported that remedial work had been undertaken to a footpath in Whitehouse Road which had been a trip hazard and following consideration it had been agreed to reconstruct it.


Councillor Fisher mentioned the issue with the overhanging vegetation at Shrubland Avenue and agreed to speak to the residents individually.  


Whitton ward


Councillor Shaw reported that the Planning & Development Committee were due to consider work to the access roads around the Ormiston Academy on 6 February 2018 and the Committee papers would be available the week beforehand.


Councillor Meudec had attended a successful and well run North West Ipswich Big Local Trust Christmas Party. 


            Whitehouse ward


Councillor Chisholm said that anti-social behaviour issues had been reported at Ulster Avenue and he encouraged residents to report any incidents witnessed.  He had met with representatives of Tesco’s at Bramford Road which was closing in March 2019. 


Councillor Goonan reported that application for university courses had increased and Waterford Road had recently been repaired and resurfaced.


Responses to Public Questions and Feedback on Local Issues


71.1    No questions had been raised by the public prior to the meeting however, the Chair explained that should a letter or e-mail be received at least 2 days prior to the meeting then it would receive a full response from Officers.


71.2    A resident expressed disappointment about the Tesco’s closure at Bramford Road as there had been a convenience store on that land for many years and she was concerned that there could also be a change to the bus route.  Councillor Chisholm said that other options had been considered with the landlord that owned the land but his intentions were unknown.  A resident was also concerned that the Aldi store at Meredith Road was to close at the end of the year and Councillor Shaw confirmed that Aldi did own the site which would continue to have A1 business use unless a change of use was applied for.  Councillor Meudec pointed out that the No 7 bus service from this area took residents to the Anglia Retail Park and Councillor Goldsmith said that Aldi were proposing to build a new store at Europa Way.


71.3    A resident asked about the plan to put a lay-by beside Whitehouse Road to take parked vehicles and Councillor Vickery said that his had been ruled out by Suffolk County Council.  It was agreed that there was insufficient parking for employees around the Olympus Close area.  Councillor Wright said that he had approached Suffolk County Council about putting netting on grass areas for cars to park on but there had been a cost implication.


71.4    In respect of the closure at Tesco’s at Bramford Road, a resident was concerned that this was also a Post Office counter.  Councillor Wright said that the Post Office had no other site in mind to put a counter and only the Post Office could address any solution.


NWAC/18/16 Funding request - Spending Proposal: Highfield Road Grit Bins pdf icon PDF 350 KB


72.1    The Community Engagement Officer presented this funding request which sought £319.98 from the North West Area Committee budget to the Housing Service to apply for grit bins to be placed on the pavement and parking bays at 97-135 and 169-199 Highfield Road.  The placement of the bins would be subject to application to Suffolk County Council.


72.2    The proposal had been received from a tenant representative on the North West Area Housing Panel as they were concerned about cold weather slip hazards on the pavements and parking bays.  The bins would be purchased by the Area Committee but required permission from Suffolk County Council to be sited and then filled with grit.  Councillor Vickery asked why the Area Committee was being asked to fund the grit bins when the North West Housing Panel had a budget and asked who would pay for the salt to refill it.  Volunteers had agreed to distribute the grit and it would be re-supplied with salting grit by the Highways Department, without further cost to the Committee. 




            that £319.98 be allocated from the North West Area Committee budget to the Housing Service to allow them to apply to Suffolk County Council for grit bins to be placed at 97-135 and 169-199 Highfield Road, be agreed.


            Reasons:  To support residents of Highfield Road to maintain safety of nearby footpaths and parking areas in cold weather.  To support the Housing Service to engage and support tenants in caring for their neighbourhoods.


NWAC/18/17 Area Committee Budget Update pdf icon PDF 53 KB

Additional documents:


73.1    The Lead Officer for the North West Area Committee, the Operations Manager for Finance presented the Area Committee Financial Update and reported that the remaining unallocated budget available to spend on the priorities of the Area Action Plan for North West Ipswich was 12,264.41.




that the financial position of the North West Area Committee, be noted.


Reason: To provide clear and transparent details of the amount of funds available to the Area Committee to deliver the priorities in its action plan.


Dates of Future Meetings for 2019/20, all at 7.00pm

·         Thursday 14 March 2019 – The Deaf Association, Suffolk House, 2 Wharfedale Road IP1 4JP


Venues to be arranged:-


·         Thursday 6 June 2019

·         Thursday 18 July 2019

·         Thursday 5 September 2019

·         Thursday 7 November 2019

·         Thursday 9 January 2020

·         Thursday 5 March 2020


·         Thursday 14 March 2019 – The Deaf Association, Suffolk House, 2 Wharfedale Road IP1 4JP

(Venues to be arranged)

·         Thursday 6 June 2019

·         Thursday 18 July 2019

·         Thursday 5 September 2019

·         Thursday 7 November 2019

·         Thursday 9 January 2020

·         Thursday 5 March 2020