Agenda and minutes

North West Area Committee - Thursday 9th November 2017 7.00 pm

Venue: Castle Hill Church, Dryden Road IP16QF

Contact: Trisha Sutton  01473 432512

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Apologies for Absence


Apologies for absence were received from Councillors Fisher, Goonan and Xhaferaj. Suffolk County Councillor Bole also apologised for her absence.


Unconfirmed Minutes of the Meeting held on 14 September 2017 pdf icon PDF 125 KB




that the minutes of the meeting held on 14 September 2017, be signed as a true record.


To Confirm or Vary the Order of Business




to vary the Order of Business. To receive an update on the grant provided to the Castle Hill Community Centre at item 9 – Responses to Public Questions and Feedback on Local Issues.


Declarations of Interest


There were no declarations of interest.


Policing Priorities - North West Ipswich


37.1.     Inspector Horton, Local Policing Inspector for North West Ipswich, provided an update on policing across Ipswich and the specific issues in the North West.


37.2.     With regards to policing generally a number of priorities had been identified for Ipswich that centred on the recent incidences of violent crimes and drug issues known as ‘County Lines’. This involved the current issues whereby drug dealers from London were coming to Ipswich and preying on vulnerable members of society. At the previous North West Area Committee meeting, a presentation had been given about the research commissioned in response to the recent increase in gang and drug related violence in Ipswich, and a multiagency action plan was now being developed to consider intervention, prevention and enforcement.


37.3.     It was confirmed that since March 2017, following the implementation of the Urban Street Gang Unit, there had been 230 arrests. This included money, drugs and weapons being seized. Many children were involved in these offences and therefore it was a police priority to work with various services to tackle this issue.


37.4.     Focus had also been on Domestic Abuse with regards to what the Police could do to safeguard victims and help to identify and arrest prolific offenders.


37.5.     It was confirmed that 90% of 999 calls had been received within the target times however, the number of calls had increased by 70% compared to the previous year. Therefore, the police continued to consider how resources could be prioritised in the most appropriate way. The Police and Crime Commissioner had requested extra funding in the budget, due to the challenges that Officers were facing however, no further information could be given at this time. A new project had been initiated called “20-25” which had been put in place to consider plans to deal with the financial shortfall.


37.6.     Inspector Horton confirmed that Suffolk Constabulary had been rated “good” following an inspection from Her Majesty’s Inspectorate of Constabulary and Fire and Rescue Services who inspect the efficiency of police forces nationwide.


37.7.     Sgt Curtis reported on the North West of Ipswich and advised that priorities were set monthly to reflect the current changes in the community and where the demand for policing was. The main priority for the North West continued to be the same as the previous month and following the work undertaken in Ulster Avenue, feedback had been received from a resident about how this had improved their quality of life.


37.8.     Criminal damage had reduced in Whitehouse Skate Park and patrols had been increased both in the day and overnight. Although needle finds in the park had reduced cannabis use remained an issue and this matter would be incorporated into patrols priorities. High visibility policing continued and work continued behind the scenes to identify and target where drugs were being sought.


37.9.     Officers had been issued with handheld devices so that information could be accessed whilst on patrol including the ability to take statements, photos and input crimes so that more time could  ...  view the full minutes text for item 37.


Chair's Update on Actions from Previous Meeting


38.1.     Councillor Goldsmith confirmed that he had reported the uneven pavements to Suffolk County Council as requested at the previous meeting. The pavement had been inspected and SCC Officers had advised that the pavements were fit for purpose and now further action would take place.


38.2.     The Chair advised that he had spoken with both parks officers and planners regarding the bunds at the skate park and once further guidance had been received from planning, a further update would be given at the next meeting with regards to what changes would be made.


North West Ipswich - Big Local Trust


39.1.     Faye Smith, Big Local Trust (BLT), provided a presentation on the North West Ipswich BLT including an overview of the projects that had been funded so far. The BLT was a community led project operating across Whitton, Whitehouse and Castle Hill wards. This was a long term programme funded by the National Lottery Local Trust whom had awarded the BLT £1m for use over a ten year period.


39.2.     One of the key areas of the BLT was the strong partnership with local residents. All projects were driven by local people rather than organisations and currently 24 residents were involved. The BLT was guided by a lead officer and support was also provided from Community Action Suffolk (CSA) who were responsible for managing the finances. The BLT had many professional partners such as Asda and One Life Suffolk etc. who worked jointly on projects.


39.3.     The BLT was currently in the 6th year of the 10 year programme and during the 6 years so far 113 applications had been received, 69 had been approved and through this approximately 1,209 people had benefited from the grants system.


39.4.     Ms Smith reported that with regards to finances there was currently £652,290 left in the budget. Projects continued to be considered in partnership with other organisations and nearly one £1m of match funding had been drawn in which included projects such as the skate park, community chest grants and the Castle Hill Community Centre.


39.5.     Predominately, the BLT sought to support and improve the lives of local people within the community especially young people and the elderly and by tackling key issues such as support around loan sharks. Different groups of people were able to get involved and an example of the different projects included the ‘Friday Friends Café’ which had been launched by the North West Seniors Group to try and increase dementia friendliness within the area. Any volunteers for the café would be welcomed.


39.6.     Ms Smith reported that the legacy of the trust was crucial and examples of this included the skate park, the ‘Lottie’ shed and the Friday Friends Dementia Café which looked to be a successful project. An important part of the BLT was to develop the community and ensure local residents had input. With regards to a sustainable future, the 2022 vision relied on how residents wanted to continue within their community and the BLT was providing this. Any further questions or comments could be emailed to


39.7.      Ms Smith reported that CAS had developed a Young Leader’s Project which was a new initiative to provide young people with one year’s experience in a non-voting trustee role. It was hoped that this would encourage young people to become involved within the community and would offer worthwhile opportunities.


39.8.     It was reported that on 16 December 2017 a free Christmas Extravaganza would be held at the Castle Hill Community Centre for all to attend.



Ward Councillors Feedback


            Castle Hill Ward


40.1.     Councillor Goldsmith reported that a survey of the toilets at Castle Hill park was nearing completion and an update would be provided at the next committee meeting.


40.2.     In response to an update about the concerns raised at the last meeting about the Wilco’s entrance being used as an exit, it was confirmed that a large “no exit” sign had been situated in the area and this appeared to have solved the problem.


40.3.     Councillor Goldsmith reported on behalf of Suffolk County Councillor Bole that in regards to West Meadows Travellers Site, Suffolk County Councils’ Cabinet would be undertaking further consultation and a future update would be given when further information was known.


Whitton Ward


40.4.     Councillor Meudec reported that she had attended the successful Black History Month event which had received funding at the last North West Area Committee. An African/Caribbean market event for Black History Month would take place at the University of Suffolk on 11 November 2017 between 12pm and 6pm. The Remembrance Service would take place on the Sunday 12 November 2017 at 10.50am at Christchurch Park.


Whitehouse Ward


40.5.     Councillor Chisholm reported that a resident had contacted him to thank all those involved in tackling the Antisocial Behaviour issues in Ulster Avenue. The improvements there had made a positive impact to his life and it was excellent to see the effect that working in partnership with other authorities could have on residents.


40.6.     It was reported that a mental health session had been held where organisations such as Suffolk Mind had been involved to look at the way awareness could be improved within the community and how community leaders could be trained in mental health first aid.


40.7.     Tesco had recently brought table tennis tables for installation at Bramford Lane Open Space.


Responses to Public Questions and Feedback on Local Issues



41.1.     A resident asked for information with regards to the farmer being unable to sow in the fields along Henley Road. It was reported that due to future planning applications for the Northern Fringe being submitted soil testing was being undertaken on the land and it was not yet known when building would commence.


41.2.     A resident asked for further information with regards to the changes made to the number eight bus service. The Chair reported that the changes in the route had been operational decisions, requests had been made for Ipswich Buses to consider other options and consultation was currently taking place. It was anticipated that an update could be provided at the next meeting and it was suggested that the Director of Ipswich Buses be invited to update at a future meeting.


41.3.     A resident asked if there were any plans in place to repair some of the roads such as at Marlow Road. Councillor Goldsmith reported that a 5 year plan for the repair of roads was in and information about the plan was available on the Suffolk County Council website. Residents could report potholes on the SCC website however, there was a strict criteria in place to ensure pothole repair was necessary.


41.4.     A resident asked if there was any possibility that both Bramford Lane and Norwich Road had a 20mph speed limit implemented. Councillor Meudec reported that previous work had been undertaken about this however, should there be support from the North West Area Councillors another consultation could be undertaken again.


41.5.     Councillor Vickery clarified that when the original consultation had been undertaken the proposals had been for Whitton and Castle Hill only and there had been concern about a blanket restriction being implemented across all wards rather than specific roads.


41.6.     Suffolk County Councillor Lockington reported that there had been a Community Speed Watch group in some areas of Ipswich where residents had been trained to use a speed gun to measure cars going exceeding the speed limit. If any volunteers were willing to come forward a group could be considered for the North West of Ipswich.


41.7.     A resident said that some roads such as Westbourne and Cromer Road drivers were unable to see cars approaching. The Chair confirmed that another consultation on the proposal for a 20mph speed limit in the areas identified could be undertaken however, it was unlikely that speed bumps would be used due to the environmental impact they caused.


41.8.     Councillor Goldsmith confirmed that Suffolk County Council were responsible for yellow line implementation and he agreed to speak with the resident after the meeting about this matter.


41.9.     The treasurer of Castle Hill Church reported that in September 2016, the North West Area Committee had allocated £5,000 funding towards felting the back roof of the church. A significant number of activities took place in the Church and this was the work that the Committee had agreed the funding for. The works had been completed successfully in the summer  ...  view the full minutes text for item 41.


NWAC/17/12 Funding request - Ipswich Community Playbus pdf icon PDF 698 KB

Additional documents:


42.1.     The Community Engagement Officer introduced the funding request for the Ipswich Community Playbus and reported that the bus ran two sessions within the North West Ipswich at Ulster Avenue and Congreve Road.


42.2.     The bus was a longstanding institution in Ipswich across all areas in the town and included ‘soft play’ supervised for young people under 5 years of age and their parents/guardians to use for free within the community. Approximately £50k per year was required to run the bus and £10k funding had been requested in total from the 5 Area Committees to be divided proportionally. Therefore, the North West Area Committee was asked to consider providing £2,500 of funding for the Playbus.


42.3.     Councillor Vickery noted that the play bus had successfully applied for funding from the North West Area Committee before and although this had been supported, the funding had been returned back to the Committee budget.


42.4.     The Chair commented that the Playbus was a well used facility within the North West Area and Councillor Chisholm echoed this sentiment and advised that due to the recent changes to the child care system, with less childcare being available, this would be an opportunity to provide to children living in high deprivation areas.




that £2,500 be allocated from the North West Area Committee budget to the Ipswich Community Playbus to contribute to the running costs of the service, be agreed.


Reason: To determine the merit of providing Committee funding to the Ipswich Community Playbus for running costs to provide weekly play sessions during term time.


NWAC/17/13 Funding request - Let's Talk Reading Project pdf icon PDF 223 KB

Additional documents:


43.1.     Mr John Helleur, Let’s Talk Reading Project Board member, provided a presentation on the ‘Let’s Talk Reading’ project and reported that the project had been formed to help tackle the literacy challenges within Ipswich. Government statistics from a survey undertaken in 2011/2012 had shown that 1 in 6 adults in England could not read adequately. This had a negative effect on all aspects of daily life including food shopping, going on public transport and understanding basic health information.


43.2.     The project aimed to engage with schools facing the toughest literacy challenges and provide them with additional funding. A fundamental part of the project was to encourage parents to engage with their children from an early age, as the first 4 years of a child’s development was considered crucial.


43.3.     At this time there was little capacity for adult literacy guidance within Ipswich however, work was being undertaken with agencies to try and raise awareness of this “hidden issue”. It was anticipated that this would be a sustainable project over a 10 year timeframe. Currently schools within Whitton and Castle Hill had been working with the team however, it was hoped that Whitehouse could be included.


43.4.     Mr Helleur confirmed that last year the focus of the project had been to ensure every child could read effectively. This had included working with parents in nurseries and primary schools and 500 book bags had been provided for all 2 year olds. Free guidance on adult reading had also been distributed around community places such as libraries and hairdressers.


43.5.     Partnership working with charities and organisations such as this would be of great importance and it was hoped that volunteers would start working alongside the team in schools. Within the North West there was an opportunity to work with the ‘Raising the Bar’ initiative and with the Committees’ support and funding, more work could be undertaken within schools in this area.


43.6.     Councillor Whittall commented that it was clear that social deprivation was an important factor in people’s life chances and their opportunities to progress. As the North West Ipswich had areas of deprivation and this was considered one of the priorities of the area action plan. It would be important to have a multi-strand approach across early years, schools and adult literacy.


43.7.     Councillor Goldsmith asked how many volunteers were in place and Mr Helleur said that no volunteers had been recruited to date however, it was hoped that by working with charities and other organisations volunteers would come forward.






that £4,615.00 be allocated from the North West Area Committee budget to the the overall costs of the Let’s Talk Reading project until September 2018, be agreed.


Reason: To determine the merit of providing Committee funding to the Let’s Talk Reading project towards the overall costs until September 2018.



NWAC/17/14 Area Action Plan Update pdf icon PDF 51 KB

Additional documents:


44.1.     The Community Engagement Officer reported that £175.00 had been committed to the Black History Month event in Whitehouse at the previous meeting. This had been a successful and well attended event.




            that the Area Action Plan update be noted.


            Reason: developing priorities to provide the basis of an area action             plan would enable the Area Committee to clearly communicate its        vision and priorities for the area and would help demonstrate how its            budget is being allocated to deliver the priorities set for the Area.




NWAC/17/15 Area Committee Budget Update pdf icon PDF 55 KB

Additional documents:


45.1.     The Lead Head of Service presented this item and confirmed that at the beginning of the meeting the North West Area Committee had an unallocated budget of £28,040.20 to spend on the priorities of the Area Action Plan for North West Ipswich. During the course of the meeting a further £7,115.00 had been spent leaving the budget at £20,925.20.




that the financial statement attached at Appendix 1 to report Ref No: NWAC/17/15 be noted.


Dates of Future Meetings for 2018, all at 7.00pm

·         Thursday 25 January 2018 – St Thomas Apostle Church, Bramford Lane IP1 5EP

·         Thursday 22 March 2018 – Whitton Church Hall, Whitton Church Lane IP1 6LT


·         Thursday 25 January 2018 – St Thomas Apostle Church, Bramford Lane, IP1 5EP

·         Thursday 22 March 2018 – Whitton Church Hall, Whitton Church Lane, IP1 6LT