Agenda and minutes

North West Area Committee - Thursday 9th March 2017 7.00 pm

Venue: St Thomas Apostle Church, Bramford Lane Ipswich IP1 5EP

Contact: Trisha Sutton  01473 432512

No. Item


Apologies for Absence


Apologies for absence were received from Councillor Goonan.  Suffolk County Councillors J Crossley and K Bole were also unable to attend the meeting.


Unconfirmed Minutes of the Meeting held on 12 January 2017 pdf icon PDF 99 KB




that the minutes of the meeting held on 12 January 2017, be signed as a true record.


To Confirm or Vary the Order of Business




that the Order of Business be as printed on the agenda.


Declarations of Interest


Councillor Goldsmith declared an interest in Item 10 – Funding request – ActivLives ‘Keep on Rockin’ as his spouse attended the ActivLives ‘Keep on Rockin’ Group.  Councillor Chisholm declared an interest in Item 10 – Funding request – ActivLives ‘Keep on Rockin’ as he was a project leader for Ipswich Community Media (ICM).


Chairs Update on Actions from the Previous Meeting


There were no updates on actions from the previous meeting.


Responses to Public Questions Received and Open Discussion on Public Issues


81.1    Three questions had been received from a resident prior to the meeting.

Question 1 - In Whitton Church Lane, at the side of property 101 is a footpath which is barely visible or useable due to overhanging vegetation. Could it be cleared please?

This would be taken up with the tenant by the relevant Housing Officer.


Question 2 -There is a deep pothole near to the entrance of Whitton Allotments, could this be repaired?

The potholes in the entrance had been filled in this week, although there was one pothole on the road which was a Highways responsibility.  This had been reported by the Community Engagement Officer via the Suffolk County Council website which residents are also able to access.  

The report reference number was: 00164447
Date reported: 06/03/2017
Description: deep pot hole reported by resident out side entrance to allotments

The relevant Suffolk Highways team would investigate the report and make a decision on any action that may need to be taken and when.

Question 3 - Is there a spring reseeding plan of grass verges in NW Ipswich? If not, could there be?

            Grass verge land was owned by SCC Highways who do not have a reseeding plan.


81.2    A resident commented that the Ipswich Garden Suburb Delivery Plan had been agreed by the Planning & Development Committee even though there had been concerns about transport and education.  The Chair said that the delivery plan would protect against any loopholes and Councillor Goldsmith said that Suffolk County Council had no objections and there had been no legal reason to object.


Ward Councillors Feedback


82.1    Castle Hill ward


            Councillor Fisher said that apart from personal casework which could not be discussed, residents had reported fly-tipping in the area around Broomhill and parking concerns in Ashcroft Lane near the new builds there.  The roadworks currently replacing pavements in Larchcroft Road were due to be finished in 2 to 3 weeks.  The sports area near the Dales was due to have a new artificial pitch laid.    


            Whitton ward


            Councillor Meudec had received resident’s queries about highways, road signs, fly-tipping and the pavements in Stratford Road.


Whitehouse ward


Councillor Chisholm had been looking at different initiatives around school parking. WW2 veteran Mr Harold Farrow of Mayo Court, had been interviewed by a student of Westbourne Academy for Westbourne Radio.


Policing Priorities - North West Ipswich


83.1    Inspector Kevin Horton presented this item and introduced Sgt Stuart Curtis of the Safer Neighbourhood Team (SNT).  Inspector Horton reported that since September 2016 there had been 16 offences of a sexually violent nature in Ipswich and 33 arrests had been made in a very short time. 


83.2    There had been 5 specific investigations taking place following incidents at West Meadows, Garrick Way and an assault at Rope Walk.  Arrests had been made and the remaining incidents were ongoing investigations which were mainly linked to Class A drug activity with a ‘County Lines’ connection.  The Inspector offered reassurance that the wider public were not being targeted as several of the incidents had been drug related.  Major Investigative Teams were looking at the incidents and the dedicated response team would remain with increased patrols in the evening with additional Officers from outside Ipswich.


83.3    Operation Woven had been initiated to prepare, pursue, prevent and protect through strong engagement with schools, the community and media, ISCRE and Ipswich Borough Council through a multi-agency approach.


83.4    Sgt Curtis made reference to the Western area newsletter which was available with business cards which detailed his phone number and contact details should residents wish to get in touch with him.  He reported that general crime in West Ipswich had decreased, with there being 5 less burglaries, 4 less robberies, 10 less incidents of violence with injury and 7 less serious sexual offences.  There had been 78 reports of anti-social behaviour and the main priorities were to reduce homelessness and drug activity.


83.5    Operation Strudel had been successful in targeting anti-social behaviour at Garrick Way and the main offenders were now in the court system however, patrols would continue in this area.


83.6    There had been 6 reports of damage to motor vehicles in Whitton ward, illegal parking around schools was a priority and there had been 58 investigations recorded which was a reduction of 21.  80 investigations had been recorded in Whitehouse ward and at Castle Hill ward there had been 33, an increase of 13.


83.7    A resident asked whether the PCSO’s were still only on patrol during the day and the Inspector said that they were at the moment, although options were being reviewed but there would be a cost issue and the Constabulary had to find £2.7m of savings.  A resident said that with no PCSO’s available in the evenings, when gangs gathered, the confidence of the community was reduced and the perception of crime increased.  The Inspector said that the fear of crime had increased due to recent events and sometimes PC’s needed to patrol rather than PCSO’s.


Big Local Trust Update


84.1    Ron Impey reported that the North West Ipswich Big Local Trust (NWBLT) were now 5 years into the 10 year National Lottery project which had awarded £1m to 150 areas of social deprivation across the country.  The requirements were that the funding be agreed by local residents and not used on any statutory services and the NWBLT had been formed from a group of local residents.  81 projects, some of which had brought in match funding, had been funded so far and a further £22k had been added to the funding available to be awarded.


84.2    The NWBLT was currently looking at the impact on the local community of the funding allocated so far and were accumulating feedback on local needs in respect of the projects sustainability which could lead to a BLT legacy.


84.3    Mr Impey gave details about some of the Inspiration awards given so far, for items such as a javelin, a puppet show canopy and kickboxing faceguards.  Community Stars (trophies and certificates) had also been given out at an event before Christmas to thank people in the community for their efforts in making the BLT such a success.


84.4    Several committees had been started such as the ‘Young Persons’ Committee working with Andy Fell (Whitton Youth Partnership) to develop the Youth Forum ‘Diversity 2 Unity’ (D2U) Group to bring forward ideas to allocate the BLT money.  Autism and dyslexia support was also given and open mic sessions were held monthly at ‘The Meeting Place’.  Last year an art competition had taken place and this year there would be a Bake Off competition between Westbourne and Ormiston Academies and there would also be a sunflower competition between schools. 


84.5    The ‘Seniors’ Committee were opening a dementia café which would meet every Friday with a soft launch in April and a co-ordinator had been appointed working with ActivLives.  Posters were placed on bus shelters around Meredith Road to encourage saving and loans through Eastern Savings and Loans Credit Union and to promote ‘Suffolk Means Business’ support.


84.6    The Health & Wellbeing Committee were looking to hold a fitness and pamper night, promoted by the press officer and it was hoped that a parade would be held next year with organisations and schools attending.


84.7    The 10 year project was due to end in 2022 and the BLT were looking at the infrastructure to build a legacy for the future.  The funding schemes were being looked at to make them a more continuous process and it was confirmed that £600k funding remained.  A resident suggested that information be published on the website about the funding released so far and the amount of funding remaining to allow for more transparency and it was agreed to consider these comments.


NWAC/16/22 Funding request - ActivLives - 'Keep on Rockin' pdf icon PDF 56 KB

Additional documents:


85.1    The Community Engagement Officer presented this report which requested £212.50 to ActivLives ‘Keep on Rockin’ community singing group for transport as detailed in report Ref No: NWAC/16/22.


85.2    The ActivLives ‘Keep on Rockin’ Group had been started in 2008 and there were 52 members registered.  The group who met every week in Stratford Court sang to live audiences, giving pleasure at places such as nursing homes and at functions to promote events such as ‘Dementia Week’.  Singing together aimed at breaking down barriers, building co-operation and fitness, resulting in a group achievement for old and young together.  It also built confidence, unlocked emotions and raised people’s mood.


85.3    Councillors stated that it was a good project which gave people the chance to get together in an area of high deprivation to reduced social isolation.  Matched funding had already been agreed and it was confirmed that the request for funding met the criteria within the Area Action Plan.




            that £212.50 be allocated from the North West Area Committee budget for transport, as detailed in Appendix 1 to report Ref No: NWAC/16/22, be agreed. 


            Reason:  To allow ActivLives ‘Keep on Rocking’ community singing group to socialise and experience something new.


NWAC/16/23 Area Action Plan Update pdf icon PDF 51 KB

Additional documents:


86.1    The Community Engagement Officer presented the Area Action Plan Update and reported that the Sports Team would be presenting a funding request at the next meeting for holiday sports activities.  The walkabouts which had been projected for March/April would now be undertaken in May/June due to the Suffolk County Council elections.


86.2    Discussion took place about left over food at supermarkets being given to food banks and it was confirmed that this would be at the discretion of the manager of the supermarket.




that the North West Area Action Plan, attached at Appendix 1 to report Ref No: NWAC/16/23, be noted.


            Reason:  Developing priorities to provide the basis of an area action plan would enable the Area Committee to clearly communicate its vision and priorities for the area and would help demonstrate how its budget would be allocated to deliver the priorities set for the area.


NWAC/16/24 Area Committee Funding Protocol pdf icon PDF 55 KB

Additional documents:


87.1    The Community Engagement Officer presented the Area Committee funding protocol and the Making A Difference (MAD) protocol which had both been updated to clarify how the funding should be utilised.  They were attached to report Ref No: NWAC/16/24 at Appendix 1 and 2 respectively.


87.2    Councillor Vickery asked if there was sufficient feedback from organisations about the outcomes and benefits of the funding allocated.  The Community Engagement Officer said that part of the individual agreement with each applicant was that monitoring was a condition of the funding being granted.  It was also felt important that any funding allocated did not duplicate a statutory service which should be supplied by another organisation.    




            that the Area Committee Funding Protocol attached at Appendix 1 to the report and the revised Making A Difference Budget Finding Protocol attached at Appendix 2 to the report, be adopted.


            Reason:  To clearly set out the approach to providing support via Area Committee funding and to provide guidance for the allocation of funding.


NWAC/16/25 Area Committee Budget Update pdf icon PDF 59 KB

Additional documents:


88.1    The Lead Head of Service presented this item and reported that a funding request for £6,250 had been allocated to the Dales Open Space on 28 July 2015 however, as funding for this project had now been secured via an alternative source, with the agreement of the Committee, the funding could be returned to the North West Area Committee budget.  This would leave £15,225.79 in the budget prior to the funding request allocated at this meeting and £2,415 remained available in the Making A Difference (MAD) budget. 




1.    that the financial statement, attached at Appendix 2 of report Ref No: NWAC/16/25, be noted.


Reason:  To provide an audit trail that has been spent from the North West Area Committee budget.


2.    that the following outstanding budget commitment be returned to the unallocated North West Area Committee budget.

·         Dales Open Space - 28 July 2015 - £6,250            


Reason:  To release any North West Area Committee budget funding for which there was no expenditure anticipated.


Dates of Future Meetings for 2017/18, all at 7.00pm.

·         Thursday 8 June 2017 – Castle Hill Church, Dryden Road IP1 6QF

·         Thursday 20 July 0217 – Whitton Baptist Church, 209 Highfield Road IP1 6DH

(Venues to be arranged)

·         Thursday 14 September 2017

·         Thursday 9 November 2017

·         Thursday 25 January 2018

·         Thursday 22 March 2018


·         Thursday 8 June 2017 – Castle Hill Church, Dryden Road IP1 6QF

·         Thursday 20 July 2017 – Whitton Baptist Church, 209 Highfield Road IP1 6DH

(Venues to be arranged)

·         Thursday 14 September 2017

·         Thursday 9 November 2017

·         Thursday 25 January 2018

·         Thursday 22 March 2018


89.1    At this point in the meeting, the Chair thanked Ms Evelyn Crossland, the Head of Service at IBC as she would be leaving the authority.  She had been the Lead Officer since the meetings had commenced in 2012 and her contribution and support to the committee, Officers and residents had been enormous.  On behalf of the Committee the Chair wished her well for her future and this sentiment was echoed by Councillors, Officers and residents.