Agenda and minutes

South West Area Committee - Thursday 10th January 2019 6.30 pm

Venue: Gipping Room, Grafton House, Russell Road Ipswich

Contact: Jess Dool  01473 432513

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Apologies for absence


Apologies for Absence were received from Councillor Abbott.


Minutes of Previous Meeting held on 1 November 2018 pdf icon PDF 87 KB




that the Minutes of the Previous Meeting held on 1 November 2018 be signed as a true record.


To Confirm or Vary the Order of Business




that the Order of Business be confirmed as printed on the agenda.


Declarations of Interest


Councillor Fern declared an interest in item 11 ‘Let’s Talk Reading Update’ as he was a Trustee of ‘Let’s Talk Reading’.


Chair's Update and Actions from Previous Meeting


There were no updates from the previous meeting.


Police Priorities - South West Ipswich


71.1.    Inspector Horton, Local Policing Inspector for South West Ipswich, provided an update on policing across Ipswich and the specific issues within the South West.


71.2.    Following the recent staffing changes within Suffolk Constabulary, two new Officers had been employed to work within the South West. PC Mike Small had been recruited as the new Community Engagement Officer for South West Ipswich and Sgt Matt Thomas would now be responsible for Gipping and Sprites wards.


71.3.    With regards to Ipswich overall, there had been an increase in demand on Police services. Over 9,000 grade ‘A’ emergency response calls had been made this year to date and there had been an 30% increase in sexual offences and domestic violence incidences reported.


71.4.    Priorities in Ipswich continued to focus on burglaries, Class ‘A’ drug dealing across the town and County Lines. Operation Silverton which focussed on prositution within Ipswich also continued to be active and multiagency meetings had been convened to consider the matter in full and following disengagement from some involved, enforcement options would now be considered.


71.5.    The murder on 16 December 2018 on Turin Road continued to be investigated by the Norfolk & Suffolk Major Investigation Team. To date, 7 people had been arrested and released on bail and further engagement with residents would be undertaken within the area.


71.6.    Two closure orders had been undertaken at Grebe Close and a multiagency meeting had taken place to discuss Bernard Street and how issues could be tackled there.


71.7.    Councillors thanked the police for their work within Grebe Close and requested further clarification with regards to the 30% increase in domestic abuse crimes committed.


71.8.    Inspector Horton advised that the 30% increase was compared to the three year average. All reported crimes would be prioritised with high risk cases considered first. A significant media campaign had taken place over Christmas with regards to safety/security when out socially and staffing had increased in the relevant departments to investigate reported offences. Various multiagency meetings also took place to focus on high risk offenders and there had been investment in training for all officers with regards to domestic abuse and ensuring all officers received DA matters training during the course of the year.


71.9.    Councillor Allen suggested that healthy relationship training should be offered within all primary schools to help children have a better understanding of good relationships.


71.10. Councillor Ellesmere reported that the use of a Community Protection Notice with regards to the prostitution taking place at Barrack Corner, for the women who refused to engage with police, was under consideration and encouraged that this be progressed as soon as possible.


71.11. Inspector Horton confirmed that the series of burglaries undertaken in the west of Ipswich/Pinewood continued to be investigated. With regards to cars ‘racing’, work continued to take place with the individuals involved.


71.12. Inspector Horton, following a question from a resident, advised that at the next multiagency meeting the timescales for the Public Spaces Protection Order would be discussed and once  ...  view the full minutes text for item 71.


Ward Councillor's Feedback from their Communities



Sprites Ward


72.1.    Councillor Armitage confirmed that following discussions, residents of Grebe Close had been happy with the changes Police had implemented there. An incident of fly tipping had been reported and this would be followed up.


Bridge Ward


72.2.    Councillor Rudkin reported that discussion had taken place with regards to the pop up shop at St Francis Church and how the South West Area Committee could help fund extra storage and equipment. Funding had been made available by the Central Area Committee for school pupils in that Area to attend the art exhibition at Christchurch Mansion and discussions would need to be held to consider how this could be encouraged and promoted. Councillor Gardiner confirmed in his capacity as Deputy Portfolio Holder, that further schools for this had been identified and it was anticipated that a funding request would be taken to a future South West Area Committee meeting. Further discussion would take place at the next Portfolio Holder meeting with Councillor Jones.


72.3.    Councillor P Smart reported that the response from the Old Stoke Resident Parking consultation had been very successful with 31% responses received of which approximately ¾’s of people had been in favour of the scheme. This would now be taken forward to Suffolk County Council for further consideration.


Gipping Ward


72.4.    Councillor Hughes confirmed that there had been increased police presence and there appeared to be less overt drug dealing taking place and prostitution on London Road. Work had been undertaken within Volunteering Matters to discuss holding public events around music and young people in the Autumn.


72.5.    Councillor Gardiner asked County Councillor Paul West to provide an update on the water leak at Birkfield Drive which had been reported at the previous meeting. County Councillor West advised that the week before Christmas a root ball had been removed which had been obstructing one of the chambers although this had only been partly successful. The problem had been identified as a Highways issue and a new drain would need to be designed and constructed and this had been made a high priority.


72.6.    Councillor Ellesmere confirmed that a meeting would take place next week with the IBC Cleansing team to discuss the fly tipping within Elliott Street & nearby area and how the situation could be improved there. A positive for the South West had been that the organisation ‘Creative Computing Club’ had recently moved into a permanent location within Gipping Ward on London Road. The club worked with young people within the area and would be looking to expand upon this. It was also confirmed that a funding request application would be made to the Committee for help towards furniture.


Stoke Park Ward


72.7.    Councillor Cenci reported that she had requested regular updates regarding the recent theft of tools and equipment from vans. Discussions had taken place with residents in Fountains Road regarding speeding and parking issues within the area and this would be taken forward. A complaint had been lodged on behalf of a  ...  view the full minutes text for item 72.


Suffolk County Councillors Update


73.1.    There were no further updates to report.


Response to Public Questions Received and Open Discussion on Local Issues


74.1.    The question regarding Birkfield Drive Water Leak had been answered at Item 5.


Ipswich Local Plan/Public Realm Strategy


75.1.    Michael Hammond, Senior Planning Policy Officer, advised that a consultation on the Ipswich Local Plan was due to be undertaken, commencing in January 2019 where residents would be able to comment upon and provide input into improvements they would like to see within Ipswich.


75.2.    A review of the Core Strategy and Policies Development Plan Document DPD was currently underway to prepare aligned plans with Babergh, Mid Suffolk and Suffolk Coastal District Councils. The plan period had been extended to 2036 and areas such as housing, employment and infrastructure would all be considered as part of the review. It was anticipated that up to 15,580 new jobs would be created by 2036 and 479 new dwellings would be required every year to meet needs in the town.


75.3.    With regards to the vision and objectives, these had been updated to reflect the new end date for the Local Plan to 2036. The Council continued to look at ways in which the town could be reshaped, including the regeneration of the Waterfront and improving sustainable access to the town centre and the movement within it.


75.4.    Changes had been made regarding what information was required on planning applications including new policies such as DM3 Air Quality and DM33 Delivery and Expansion of Digital Communications Networks (such as ultra fast broadband and the introduction of 5G)


75.5.    The site allocations in the South West had been reviewed and a number of housing allocations had been made. This included 12 dwellings on the vacant retail units at the Prince of Wales Drive Local Centre and employment land allocations for industrial uses between Hadleigh Road and the railway junction, and land for office development along Portman Road. An amendment had been made to the Burrell Road site where the 20 homes initially allocated had been increased to 28.


75.6.    The consultation would take place for eight weeks starting Wednesday 16th January 2019 and all comments would need to be received either in writing or online by 11.45pm on Wednesday 13th March 2019.


75.7.    Mike Taylor, Senior Conservation & Urban Design Officer, reported that the consultation on both the Ipswich Town Centre and Waterfront Public Realm Strategies would soon be undertaken. The document set out the strategy for improving the public realm in the town centre area, including streets/church yards/etc. and identified where potential improvements could be made in key sites.


75.8.    The second consultation would be regarding four different spaces within Ipswich and residents were asked to consider which they felt should be prioritised. The four sites for consideration were Arras Square, Princes Street Bridge, Majors Corner and an extension to the Corn Hill however, other suggestions could be made.


75.9.    Councillor Cenci suggested that schools could be included as part of the consultation to gather young people’s input.


75.10. Discussion took place around Stoke Bridge, St Peter’s Dock and the surrounding area where there were a number of vacant buildings. Councillor Ellesmere confirmed that Ipswich Borough Council now owned all three  ...  view the full minutes text for item 75.


Let's Talk Reading Update


76.1.    Claire Pyper, Vice Chair of Let’s Talk Reading and Anabelle Roberts, Project Coordinator for Let’s Talk Reading, provided an update on the project following the funding agreed by the South West Area Committee in November 2017.


76.2.    The funding had helped in a number of ways including the ability to work closely with preschool staff, children and parents. Changes had also been made to the antenatal classes run by Suffolk Babies so that information on the sessions available by Let’s Talk Reading had been included.


76.3.    Approximately 300 book bags had been provided to three year olds within the South West (for children whom received government funding from two years) and these had been positively received. Story time sessions were held within preschools in which parents were invited to attend and volunteers used this time to talk with parents about reading to their children. Family book bags had also been offered to families whom had no access to books. A ‘Lending Library’ had also been set up within Buttons & Bows nursery as a way of encouraging parents to take books home to read with their children and this been well received.


76.4.    “Read Easy Ipswich” had been created to provide 1-2-1 support for adults. This was free and available for any adult with difficulties reading and was advertised within all book bags. The possibility of including medical screenings at future sessions had also been discussed.


76.5.    Councillor Armitage asked if ‘Libby’ (an online e-book reader available on phones) had been promoted. It was suggested that this could be suitable for teenagers and would be discussed further with schools.


76.6.    It was confirmed that volunteers were required within early years for both reading aloud to children and their parents, and to help co-ordinate and support events. Training would be provided and safeguarding was of upmost importance, so references would be required by all prior to taking up a position.


76.7.    It was agreed that further discussion would take place outside of the meeting regarding the ways in which residents of Old Stoke could be involved.


76.8.    The South West Area Committee thanked Ms Pyper and Ms Roberts for their update.




SWAC/18/21 Area Committee Budget Update pdf icon PDF 54 KB

Additional documents:


It was Resolved:


that the financial report in Appendix 1 of the report be noted.


Reasons: (a) to provide clear and transparent details of the amount of funds available to the Area Committee to deliver the priorities in its action plan.


Dates of Future Meetings

All starting at 6.30pm:


Thursday 7 March 2019 – Stoke Green Baptist Church, Halifax Road IP2 8RE


Thursday 30 May 2019 (Venue to be Confirmed)


Thursday 11 July 2019 (Venue to be Confirmed)


Thursday 12 September 2019 – Shepherd Drive Baptist Church, Laburnum Close, Pinewood Ipswich IP8 3SL


Thursday 14 November 2019 (Venue to be Confirmed)


Thursday 16 January 2020 – Gipping Room, Grafton House, Ipswich Borough Council, Russell Road IP1 2DE


Thursday 12 March 2020 (Venue to be Confirmed)


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Thursday 7 March 2019 – Stoke Green Baptist Church, Halifax Road Ipswich IP2 8RE


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