Agenda and minutes

South West Area Committee - Thursday 12th July 2018 6.30 pm

Venue: Stoke Green Baptist Church, Halifax Road Ipswich IP2 8RE

Contact: Jess Dool  01473 432513

No. Item


Apologies for absence


Apologies for Absence were received from Councillor Hughes and Councillor Rudkin.


Minutes of Previous Meeting pdf icon PDF 89 KB




that the minutes of the meeting held on 31 May 2018 be signed as a true record.


To Confirm or Vary the Order of Business


Item 14 SWAC/18/11 Funding Request: Footstars CIC Traineeship Computer Resources had been withdrawn and would no longer be considered.




that the Order of Business be amended as per the above.


Declarations of Interest


Councillor Gardiner declared a pecuniary interest in Item 15, SWAC/18/12 Funding Request: St Francis Church Gutter Repairs, as he had granted £1,000 locality funding to this project.


Councillor Fern declared a pecuniary interest in Item 15, SWAC/18/12 Funding Request: St Francis Church Gutter Repairs, as Chair of St Lawrence Parish Hall Trust.



Chair's Update and Actions from the Previous Meeting


24.1.    There were no actions from the previous meeting.


Police Priorities - South West Ipswich


25.1.    Inspector Horton provided a brief overview of the police priorities across Ipswich. Following the murder in the East of Ipswich, there had been a demand on police resource and police visibility had increased across the West & Central areas of Ipswich.


25.2.    Over the Summer period, the Safer Neighbourhood Teams across Ipswich would focus on particular ASB (antisocial behaviour) hotspots which included parks and open spaces. The ‘County Lines’ initiative continued to be a top priority and dedicated drug teams continued to focus on this alongside support from the Metropolitan Police.


25.3.    With regards to the Emergency Response Service 92% of calls received had been answered within the target time. A new system had been implemented to improve the 101 service however, residents were encouraged to report non-urgent matters online and to use the Crimestoppers number (0800 555 111) especially with regards to any information regarding the County Lines matter.


25.4.    Since the previous meeting there had been further changes to the organisation. The Public Protection Unit had been streamlined and further changes would be announced within the upcoming weeks in response to the significant savings required and the changes in the type of crime which was being committed.


25.5.    Sgt Horton confirmed that the Police Crime Commissioner roadshow meeting would be held in Central Ipswich, Ipswich Giles Circus, Prince’s Street IP1 1PN on the 15 August 2018 at 11.30am to 1.30pm with the Chief Constable of the Police in attendance to answer public questions.


25.6.    Sgt Lee provided an update on with regards to the SNT’s priorities for the West of Ipswich. Operation Parkland had been formed and would be responsible for tackling any ASB over the Summer months. It was anticipated that Officers would attend schools within the area to engage with students and divert them from involve with any ASB. A “street meet” had been carried out in Grebe Close and this had now been included within the action plan and multiagency work would be undertaken within the area.


25.7.    A resident of Grebe Close advised that the issues identified had been ongoing for over seven years, and that although information had been provided by residents to both the Police and Ipswich Borough Council, problems remained. The Officer confirmed that with regards to properties, there had to be specific intelligence received before an address could be searched. This information had to be provided on an ongoing basis to build a case.


25.8.    Further discussion took place around the concerns and problems arising within Grebe Close and it was confirmed that a co-ordinated approach would be undertaken with the Police and Ipswich Borough Council and a meeting would be held with the residents in attendance and Ipswich MP Sandy Martin.


25.9.    A resident asked if there was a speed limit for Stoke Park Drive. Sgt Lee advised that a limit was in place and there had to be evidence of speeding before a change of limit could be applied and therefore if required, a speed survey could be  ...  view the full minutes text for item 25.


Ward Councillor's Feedback from their Communities


Stoke Park Ward


26.1.    Councillor Cenci reported that problems regarding trees and vegetation on pavements continued to be reported by residents. There had been some serious antisocial behaviour issues within Chesterton Close, which had been reported to the Police.


Bridge Ward


26.2.    Councillor P Smart confirmed that negotiations continued to be undertaken with Suffolk County Council regarding the new resident parking scheme in Old Stoke and it was hoped that a new consultation could be undertaken in the autumn regarding this. There had been a significant fire at the former railway depot on Wherstead Road and following a number of emails from residents, a site notice had been enforced on Network Rail to clear the vegetation on site, which would hopefully reduce ASB in the area. Next to the site, there had also been antisocial behaviour reported on the pedestrian underpass and discussions continued to be held with the Council’s ASB team and the Police to consider what could be done to alleviate the problems there.


26.3.    Councillor Allen reported that there had been some concerns reported with regards to speeding and loud cars in Cardinal Park late at night and this had been reported to the Police. The broken sign on Austin Street would soon be replaced and litter picks had been arranged within Old Stoke Park.


Sprites Ward


26.4.    Councillor Fern reported that the Key Stage 2 SAT’s results had been announced this week and advised that it was important that the Committee continued to be aware of how successful schools within the area had been. Suffolk New College had also recently introduced a new wave of courses which included expertise such as welding and all courses could be accessed via their website.


26.5.    Councillor Fern confirmed that a tea party celebrating 70 years of the NHS would be held on the 29th July 2018 at 11.00am at the Hawthorn Drive Surgery in conjunction with the Chantry Methodist Church. All were welcomed to attend.


26.6.    Councillor C Smart confirmed that a plan had been submitted to IBC’s Strategic Overview & Scrutiny Committee to undertake scrutiny of Suffolk County Council’s responsibility to maintain road surfaces and highways. This would include consideration of how road repairs were prioritised by the authority.


26.7.    Councillor Armitage reported that speeding in the Ellenbrook Road area had been raised with Suffolk Highways following a resident complaint and the possibility for a crossing to be implemented there would be considered.


Gipping Ward


26.8.    Councillor Gardiner reported that work continued to be undertaken within Cornflour Close due to antisocial behaviour that had been reported. A co-ordinated approached would be undertaken across agencies.




Suffolk County Councillors Update


27.1.    County Councillor Abbott endorsed Councillor P Smart’s comments regarding the Resident Parking Scheme and confirmed that Ipswich Borough Council would be providing free i-cards this Summer for under 16’s to access the fantastic parks/leisure facilities available.


Responses to Public Questions Received and Open Discussion on Local Issues


28.1.    A resident asked who was responsible for the resurfacing of the Fore Street swimming pool car park. Councillor Gardiner reported that the Fore Street car park was owned and run by Ipswich Borough Council, IBC had invested in remedial work to most of their owned car parks over a specific period of time, and therefore the resurfacing of Fore Street had been undertaken and paid for by the Borough Council. This was not part of Suffolk County Councils’ responsibility to the highway/roads.


28.2.    A resident reported that there had been some serious delays following roadworks between Downside Close and Cardinal Park on the 17th May 2018. Councillor Gardiner explained that there was a difference between road closures for planned maintenance (where advance noticed would always be given and would be undertaken after peak traffic times) and statutory services, such as Anglian Water, where the highway could be opened at any time without notice. This was an area that required further regulation.


28.3.    Following discussion, Councillor Grant agreed that an invitation would be issued to Suffolk County Council to attend a future meeting regarding their responsibility to the roads/highways.



IBC Tree Policy Presentation


29.1.    Malcolm Freebody, Assistant Supervisor Arboriculture & Countryside Team, introduced himself to the Committee and provided an overview of the services provided by Ipswich Borough Council with regards to trees.


29.2.    There were 107,000 trees within Ipswich and all were inspected on a 3-4 year rotation. All trees would be inspected, photographed and logged onto a system that could be accessed by all employees within the tree department and the system prioritised which trees required urgent attention. When storms hit, this could mean several months of clean up would be required and this would therefore push back the date of inspection for all other trees on the system.


29.3.    The Officer confirmed that IBC chose to use an “in house” team, as this was the most cost effective option. Following recent recruitment, there were now 5 tree officers in place and it was anticipated that within the next year this would increase.


29.4.    With regards to common complaints received, the Officer explained that complaints regarding blocked light within a property due to a tree(s), was not an area covered by IBC or within law. The only time this would be considered was to vegetation causing an obstruction when there had previously been 20 years of uninterrupted light on the side of a property.


29.5.    The Officer confirmed that any tree problems/queries should be emailed to this should the name of the complainant, address, the location of the tree, the problem and photographs. If appropriate for IBC investigation, this would be referred to the Officer who had 20 days to respond.


29.6.    The Officer explained that there were limitations as to what the Officers could do, for example leaves were not covered by law and it was not IBC duty to clear them. With regards to road signs which had been obscured by a tree(s), the Officer advised that any tree which was within two metres of a road or a back curb on a pavement, would belong to Suffolk County Council. Therefore in occasions such as these, the tree would be Suffolk County Council’s responsibility.


29.7.    The Officer advised that Ipswich Borough Council would be subcontracted by Suffolk County Council to cut the trees under their responsibility (i.e. any close to the highway).


29.8.    Discussion took place around Chesterton Close and the number of issues that  had been reported on several occasions (including fly tipping, antisocial behaviour etc.) The Officer agreed to visit the residents of Chesterton Drive to consider these issues further outside of the meeting.


29.9.    In response to a question, the Officer confirmed that any landowner could cut branches overhanging their property as long as the tree was not protected. This could be identified through the deeds of a property or through an IBC Housing Officer if they were an IBC tenant. Cutting or removing a tree subject to a Tree Preservation Order (TPO) on could mean an automatic £20,000 fine.


29.10. The Officer provided some individual advice with regards to resident’s specific enquiries regarding trees  ...  view the full minutes text for item 29.


Groundwork "Stoke Together" Project


30.1.    Chloe Robinson-Smith and David Spark Community Project Officers of Groundwork Suffolk & Norfolk, provided a presentation to the South West Area Committee on the Groundwork “Stoke Together” project.


30.2.    “Stoke Together” was a partnership project between IBC Waste Services and Groundwork Suffolk and had been focussed around improving waste issues (including fly tipping) within the area of Old Stoke. The project priorities included engagement with local schools, liaising with landlords/letting agents and engagement with residents through an established resident’s group.


30.3.    The logo of the project had been designed by year seven students from Stoke High School and an app had also been suggested which identified what could and couldn’t be recycled. Hillside Primary School students had also been visited with an assembly on the project presented to all students. An interactive colouring session had also been held with nursery pupils.


30.4.    Letting agents and landlords had been approached from within the area and tenant packs had been supplied to all agents which included information on the project, the Ipswich Furniture Project and an invitation to a future celebration event.


30.5.    With regards to community engagement this had taken the shape of bi-monthly resident meetings and a “payback team” which had been create to help tidy the local area and improve access and appearance in the alleyways which had resulted in less fly tipping. A “Lighting Trial” had also been undertaken in Pauline Street, which had resulted in deterring antisocial behaviour issues.


30.6.    Since the project had finished there had been a continued improvement within the area. The hotspots for litter and fly tipping were currently clear, and fewer bins had been left on pavements. The next steps for the project included applying for further funding to provide residents the tools to maintain the success of the project long term.


30.7.    It was confirmed that the flyers provided to residents within the area had been translated into a number of different languages to ensure that the information could be read by as many residents as possible.



SWAC/18/09 Funding Request: Suffolk Early Minds pdf icon PDF 129 KB

Additional documents:


31.1.    Jon Neal, Chief Executive of Suffolk Mind, provided a presentation to the Committee on the importance of mental health wellbeing and advised that Suffolk Mind sought £2,550 to run the “EARLY minds” project at St Matthews Primary School.


31.2.    Mr Neal explained that the Early Minds project had been designed to help primary school children understand their emotional needs and improve their wellbeing. This would be through a course of four two-hour sessions which would include story telling followed by questions and discussion. Each child would receive a “Who Am I?” journal which would include the stories discussed and would help embed the children’s learning.


31.3.    Mr Neal confirmed that funding would be sought for future projects from the ‘Raising the Bar’ fund and the CCG’s ‘Transformation Fund’. This Pilot would be used to show the need for the project to be rolled out at other schools within Ipswich.


31.4.    Mr Neal reported that with regards to how the success of the project would be measured, all sessions would be evaluated through the use of teaching questionnaires, parent feedback and children feedback. The feedback from children would be through the use of a “strength and difficulties” questionnaire which would be completed for each child before the first session, and then one and three months after.




that £2,550 funding be approved by the South West Area Committee towards Suffolk Mind’s “EARLY Minds” project



SWAC/18/10 Funding Request: Citizens Advice Drop in Service at Hawthorn Drive pdf icon PDF 111 KB

Additional documents:


32.1.    Simon Lanning, Community Engagement Officer, reported that £4,550 funding was sought by Citizens Advice Ipswich for one year of costs for the Drop-in advice services offered at Hawthorn Drive General Practice Surgery.  The drop in service was available one day a week for 50 weeks of the year and provided advice to residents on a number of issues such as debt, tax, and employment.




            that £4,550.00 funding be allocated from the South West Area Committee to Citizens Advice Ipswich for one year of costs for the drop-in service at Hawthorn Drive General Practice Surgery.


SWAC/18/11 Funding Request: Footstars CIC Traineeship Computer Resources pdf icon PDF 348 KB


33.1.    This item was withdrawn.


SWAC/18/12 Funding Request: St Francis Church Gutter Repairs pdf icon PDF 2 MB


34.1.    Simon Lanning, Community Engagement Officer, reported that the South West Ipswich Team Ministry sought funding from the South West Area Committee of £7,000 toward the cost of repairs to the community hall of the St Francis Church. The hall was well used by the local community for a range of activities such as exercise groups and a breakfast club for new mums.


34.2.    The hall required significant repair work to the guttering, inside plaster and replacement of the external pebbledash. Half of the money required had been raised through fundraising events and from the St Lawrence Hall Trust.




that £7,000 funding be allocated from the South West Area Committee to the South West Ipswich Team Ministry for the contribution toward the cost of repairs to the St Francis Church hall roof and guttering.


SWAC/18/13 Area Committee Budget Update pdf icon PDF 54 KB

Additional documents:


35.1.    Ian Blofield, Head of Housing & Customer Services, reported that at the beginning of the meeting, the South West Area Committee had a total budget of £42,431.66 available to spend on the priorities of the Area Action Plan for South West Ipswich. Following the funding requests approved at the meeting, the total available budget totalled £28, 381.66.




that the financial statement in Appendix 1 of the report be noted.


Dates of Future Meetings

Thursday 6 September 2018 at 6.30pm – St Peter’s Church Hall, Stoke Park Drive, IP2 9TH

Thursday 1 November 2018 at 6.30pm – Chantry Methodist Church, Kingfisher Avenue, IP2 0SQ

Thursday 10 January 2019 at 6.30pm – Gipping Room, Grafton House, Russell Road IP1 2DE

Thursday 7 March 2019 – (Venue to be Arranged)


Dates of Future Meetings, all to be held at 6.30pm


·         Thursday 6 September 2018 – St Peter’s Church Hall, Stoke Park Drive, IP2 9TH

·         Thursday 1 November 2018 – Chantry Methodist Church, Kingfisher Avenue, IP2 0SQ

·         Thursday 10 January 2019 – Gipping Room, Grafton House, Russell Road IP1 2DE

·         Thursday 7 March 2019 – (Venue to be Arranged)