Agenda and minutes

South West Area Committee - Thursday 27th July 2017 6.30 pm

Venue: Chantry Academy, Mallard Way, Ipswich IP2 9LR

Contact: Trisha Sutton  01473 432512

No. Item


Election of Chair




that Councillor Macartney be elected as Chair of the South West Area Committee for the municipal year 2017/18.


Apologies for absence


Apologies for absence were received from Councillor P Smart.  The Chair welcomed Suffolk County Councillor Jack Abbott who had been elected to Bridge Division at the recent election.  


Unconfirmed Minutes of the Meeting held on 23 March 2017 pdf icon PDF 113 KB


3.1      Minute 94.1 – Stoke Park The following amendment be made - ‘The members of the Stoke Park Residents Association had suggested that the Chair of the Association meet with the Manager of the supermarket’.     




            that the minutes of the meeting held on 23 March 2017, with the amendment above, be signed as a true record.  


To Confirm or Vary the Order of Business




to vary the Order of Business.  To consider Item 7 - Upper Orwell Crossings Update at Item 6, and Item 10 - Police Priorities at Item 7, otherwise the Order of Business be as printed on the Agenda.


Declarations of Interest


There were no declarations of interest.


Upper Orwell Crossings Update


6.1      Michael Wilks, the Transport Strategy Manager at Suffolk County Council presented this update on the Upper Orwell Crossings and reported that no mapping details were yet available, the funding remained committed and the building of all three crossings was still anticipated.  The objectives of the project would allow the redevelopment of the Wet Dock Island site, ensure the continued success of the Waterfront area, marina and port and regenerate the region on the southern section of the town.


6.2      There had been an extensive period of consultation, since July 2016, which continued and options assessments had taken place to look at the feasibility of localised options.  Environment, habitat and topographic surveys had been undertaken and meetings had taken place with the landowner, an architectural team and a navigation workshop to look at design.  There was interest by maritime users of the 3 marinas in the vicinity and the air draught had been calculated for the fixed height of the bridge even though the end points were unknown at this point in time.  An opening mechanism with a single pier which rotated would allow the passage of boats up to the maximum height of the Orwell Bridge.


6.3      A survey taking place at the moment was recording by laser the frequency of movement and following the finalisation of the design, transport modelling, ongoing land and ground investigations and with focus group consultation it was expected that the submission for the Development Consent Order (CSO) would take place in 2018 with construction work starting in 2020.  Contact details were available – by e-mail at or on the website


6.4      Councillor West reminded residents that this was a £100m project of which Suffolk County Council had agreed to fund by £3m and £77m had been agreed from the Department of Transport who had calculated a cost gain ration of £6’s worth of economic benefits for every £1 invested in the project.


6.5      Councillor Ellesmere said that in the business case for the bridges there had been a heat map which had shown that more traffic would be forecast on roads such as Wherstead Road, Station Street and Stone Lodge Lane.  He asked if the project included mitigation measures for this and Mr Wilks said that the impact would be addressed.  Councillor Powell asked about the health and safety of residents due to the increase in diesel fumes and Mr Wilks said that a safety audit would look at this should it arise.       


6.6      Suffolk County Councillor Abbott asked how the statistics shown on social media had been reached and Mr Wilks said that this had been by a targeted base campaign.  He reported that SCC were in the process of setting up some community forums and residents who responded last year would be invited to engage in specific focus groups, that 21,000 questionnaires had been sent out and the 743 responses had mainly been positive. 


6.7      Mr Wilks said that the Leader of Suffolk County Council, Councillor Noble had written  ...  view the full minutes text for item 6.


Police Priorities


7.1      Inspector Horton, Locality Inspector for West Ipswich gave an overview of the current policing issues.  The Policing teams were very proactive at the moment with the focus being on ‘hidden harm’.  Of the 974 emergency response calls, 92% had been answered within target. 


7.2      Operation Woven, had seen 100 arrests made since March 2017 due to the increase in violence between two particular gangs and diversionary tactics were in place.  Operation Velocity’s primary focus was on drug dealing issues crossing County lines.  Operation Strobe dealt with the large numbers of missing children and Operation Parkland dealt with anti-social behaviour which usually escalated during the summer holidays.  Arrests had been made of the main offenders at Hawthorn Drive and worked continued with the shops and other agencies.  If any incidents were witnessed by the public they were encouraged to e-mail by phoning 101 or reporting on Facebook or Twitter.  More information was available at


7.3      A resident had reported a break-in at allotments at Robin Drive when expensive equipment had been stolen and although he had been given a Crime Reference number and told to claim from his insurance, no Officer had attended.  The Inspector confirmed that there had been 15 allotment breaks over a period of weeks and forensics would make the decision when to attend an incident.       


7.4      A resident said that yellow line enforcement around Sprites Lane was causing obstructions at other locations and the Inspector said that the Police deal with dangerous parking issues when Officers were available to attend.


7.5      Councillor C Smart requested that, when the next set of statistics were issued that trends and spikes of incidents were reported and Councillor Powell asked whether drugs incidents were still being investigated, particularly at Bell Close?  The Inspector said that Operation Velocity had seen 100 arrests made with 50 being during one week.   


Chair's Update and Actions from the Previous Meeting


8.1      The Chair updated that a resident had reported several locations of graffiti which had been reported to the Cleaner Ipswich Hotline for removal and where publicly owned it would be removed.  Graffiti on private property was the responsibility of the owner to remove so the Council was not empowered to remove this without permission.  None of these locations were publicly owned apart from the shop on Dickens Road which IBC leased out and for this to be removed, IBC would need the leaseholder’s permission.


8.2      The road nameplate for Belstead Avenue had been ordered through a new supplier and would be installed within 6 weeks.


Ward Councillor's Feedback from their Communities


9.1       Stoke Park ward

            Councillor Cenci said that she would discuss the 20 mph signage at Annbrook Road with Suffolk County Councillor Paul West and that work to clear the overhanging vegetation and ivy growth at Chesterton Close would start this week.  Councillor Cenci thanked the resident who had reported several abandoned supermarket trolleys which had been taken from the Asda superstore to the Cleaner Ipswich Hotline on


Sprites ward

Councillor C Smart said that changes were being made to the Suffolk County Council site at Chantry Stone Lodge Community Centre to improve lighting, install new windows and to minor landscaping.  Problem road surfaces could be reported via the Suffolk County Council website at


Councillor Fern reported that he had received complaints that a bus had been parked against fences at the back of resident’s gardens at Gusford School while planning permission had been sought.  Councillor Gardiner said that an application for planning permission had been submitted but following a site visit by the Planning & Development Committee the application had been withdrawn and the bus would be removed.


Councillor Fern also reported that commercial cars, trucks and vans were causing obstructions in the area around Suffolk One and residents were requested to report any obstructions inside the IBC boundary.  Yellow lines had been placed at Radcliffe Drive opposite Eccles Road which was causing concern to residents as they could no longer park near their driveways or on the verges.    


Gipping ward

Councillor Ellesmere said that Ipswich Borough Council had some small CCTV cameras available which could be deployed at problem areas.  One of which these was currently at Alderman Recreation Ground as drug finds had continued to be reported.  Residents were asked to report any incidents which could show a resurgence in street prostitution through the dedicated IBC on-line system at

to enable a picture to be built up so that resources could be deployed.


Bridge ward

Councillor Powell reported that buses were damaging the verges and kerbs on Maidenhall Approach.


Councillor Rudkin said that community engagement with residents in Barnard Square and Great Whip Street could be further improved.  In February 2017, Suffolk County Council had consulted with residents about parking in the Old Stoke area and she felt that the way the consultation had been completed by the company undertaking the survey had not been good enough.


Suffolk County Councillors Update


10.1    Suffolk County Councillor Helen Armitage reported that Stone Lodge Lane West would be closed from 31 July to 20 August 2017 but there would be access for pedestrians and cyclists.  A Traffic Regulation Order restricting parking outside The Oaks School would be put in place on 4 August 2017 (in time for the new school term) in Aster Road, from Bluebell Close to Hawthorn Drive.  This would enforce a ‘no waiting’ restriction on the road or footway for 18 months as this had caused problems for those accessing Asterbury Place Care Home and residents would be able to object or comment during this time.


Responses to Public Questions Received and Open Discussion on Local Issues


11.1    Three questions had been received from a resident prior to the meeting:-


1.    Was Ranelagh Road still on schedule to re-open mid-August 2017?


Councillor Gardiner (in his capacity as a Suffolk County Councillor) reported that Suffolk County Council would be resurfacing the road when Anglian Water had finished and it would be completed by the end of August.


2.    When would water main work at various locations in Chantry be completed?


Councillor Gardiner (in his capacity as a Suffolk County Councillor) had accessed the Anglian Water website but there was no information about this project.  The whole programme was due to run until the end of the summer and the process seemed to be moving forward.  There had been temporary traffic lights at some locations but no roads had been completely closed.


A resident asked whether levies were imposed should scheduled work overrun and Councillor Gardiner said that if it was in the contract then penalties would apply but with utility companies they just had to inform SCC what they intended to do.  Councillor Fern said that in Kingfisher Avenue the reinstated trench road surface and grass verge work had not been finished to a good standard.  Councillor Gardiner said that any reinstatement work would need to have been inspected and residents often parked their cars on the verges however, he would report the issue to Suffolk Highways.    


3.    Had a date been fixed for the resurfacing of Maidenhall Approach from Maidenhall Green to Belstead Avenue?


Suffolk County Councillor Jack Abbott had researched this question and it was explained that the Transport Department at Suffolk County Council had been out to look at the road surface on Maidenhall Approach and it would be added to next year’s programme (2018/19).  Investigation would be required to see what material would be suitable to use as this was an old concrete slab road which had been surfaced over and there seemed to have been some movement.  In the meantime if anyone had any concerns about defects, potholes etc. they could report these via the customer service centre or online using the SCC ‘Report it’ tool.


11.2          A resident raised the issue of traffic information signs which were completely overgrown at the Copdock roundabout although this was outside the South West Area.  He had reported the matter to the Highways Department and had been told that foliage would be cut back after the bird season but he felt this was unacceptable to road safety as vehicles which suddenly realised they were in the wrong lane were veering dangerously across the lanes.  Suffolk County Councillor Paul West agreed to take up this issue with Officers and would let the appropriate County Councillor know the response.  As the IBC Councillor representative on the Crime & Disorder Panel, Councillor Gardiner would also raise this issue with the Police & Crime Commissioner in order that this concern was brought up at the Suffolk Roads Board.


11.3          A resident also brought up the issue of overgrown cycle paths in the  ...  view the full minutes text for item 11.


SWAC/17/01 - Area Committee Financial Update pdf icon PDF 65 KB

Additional documents:


12.1    The Lead Head of Service presented the financial update and reported that a further £24,200 had been allocated for 2017/18, bringing the total budget available to spend on the priorities of its Area Action Plan to £28,706.41.  The current financial position of the North West Area Committee was set out at Appendix 1 to the report.


12.2    The Making A Difference (MAD) budget spend for 2016/17 totalled £594.00 and it was requested that the underspend of £3,006.00 be returned to the main unallocated budget.  It had been agreed at the meeting held on 9 March 2017, within the MAD protocol that 10% of the annual budget would be devolved to the Making A Difference budget.  This equated to £600 per ward for 2017/18.


12.3    Two items of allocated spend had been reviewed by the Community Development Officer which had not been fully drawn against that were no longer required.  It was requested that these commitments be considered by the Committee and be returned to the South West Area Committee budget.  They were the following:-

1.         SWAC/13/14 – 11 September 2013, Dickens Road Alleyway Clearance - £4,850.00.

2.         SWAC/13/20 – 13 November 2013, Wherstead Road signs - £5,445.00. 


12.4    Councillor Cenci asked how the alleyway at Dickens Road had been cleared for only £150?  The Community Engagement Officer said that the remainder of the allocation had been put aside for future clearance or fly tipping required in public areas but this could now be actioned by MAD funding as and when it occurred.




1.    that the financial statement, attached at Appendix 1 to report SWAC/17/01, be noted.


2.    that £2,400 had been allocated to the Making A Difference (MAD) budget for 2017/18 in accordance with the adopted Making A Difference budget funding protocol, be noted.


3.    that £3,006.00 unspent MAD funding for 2016/17 be returned to the main unallocated South West Area Committee budget.


4.    that the following budget commitments be returned to the unallocated South West Area Committee budget:

·         Dickens Road, Alleyway Clearance – 11 September 2013, SWAC/13/14 - £4,850.00

·         Wherstead Road signs – 13 November 2013, SWAC/13/20 - £5,445.00




(a)  To provide clear and transparent details of the amount of funds available to the Area Committee to deliver the priorities in its action plan.

(b)  To allow the South West Area Committee to devolve 10% of its annual budget to support small scale community initiatives.

(c)  To release any South West Area Committee budget funding where there was no further expenditure anticipated.

(d)  To ensure that the South West Area Committee retained control over funding from its budget.


SWAC/17/02 Funding request - Venue Hire/Publicity pdf icon PDF 56 KB

Additional documents:


13.1    The Community Engagement Officer presented the report which requested that £500 be allocated from the South West Area Committee budget for costs associated with advertising and venue hire for the South West Area Committee for 2017/18.




            that £500 be allocated from the South West Area Committee budget for costs associated with advertising and venue hire for the South West Area Committee for 2017/18, as detailed in Appendix 1 of report Ref No: SWAC/17/02.


            Reason:  To facilitate the good running of the Area Committee, meeting the goal to devolve power closer to the people.


SWAC/17/03 - Funding request - Summer Holiday Activities Programme pdf icon PDF 58 KB

Additional documents:


14.1    Andy Wilesmith, Assistant Operations Manager, Sports & Leisure presented this report which requested £1,647.30 from the South West Area Committee budget to deliver the Jumpers for Goalposts summer holiday activities in South West Ipswich.  A range of activities would be offered from basketball, park activities, ‘This Girl Can’ touch rugby (part of the national campaign by Sport England) and swimming activities at Fore Street swimming pool.


14.2    The Mayor of Ipswich, Councillor Sarah Barber had initiated a touch rugby challenge on 5 August 2017 at Whitton Sports Centre.  Councillor Fern, in his capacity as Deputy Mayor, said how delighted he was to be part of the Mayor’s team participating in the touch rugby.  It was confirmed that the activities would be advertised on 4 August 2017 once the call-in period for the allocation of funding had finished and leaflets would be distributed to promote the activities.




            that £1,647.30 be allocated from the South West Area Committee budget to deliver the planned programme of summer holiday activities in South West Ipswich, be agreed.


            Reason:  The Jumpers for Goalposts programme has increased participation numbers over the last 3 years and this would allow young people across the town to participate in physical activity over the summer.


SWAC/17/04 Funding request - Ipswich & Suffolk West Indian Association pdf icon PDF 58 KB

Additional documents:


15.1    The Community Engagement Officer presented this report which requested £460 from the South West Area Committee as a contribution towards the running costs of the Ipswich & Suffolk West Indian Association’s weekly lunch club.  The club had been running for many years at St Margaret’s Church Hall and included an elderly catchment of residents and it was confirmed that the group had recently been awarded a Comic Relief grant of £1,000.


15.2    Councillor Cenci asked how many people attended the club each week and it was confirmed that although there were 30 members, usually 12 -15 people attended a week, often as respite care for families.  It was also confirmed that the location was central for members, suitable kitchen facilities had to be available wherever the group met and fundraising also took place.       




            that £460 be allocated from the South West Area Committee budget as a contribution to 12 months running costs for the weekly lunch club of the Ipswich & Suffolk West Indian Association, be agreed.


            Reason:  To enable Ipswich and Suffolk West Indian Association to continue to meet the needs of the older generation of the Caribbean community in Ipswich via the provision of a weekly Lunch Club and other sociable and informative events.


SWAC/17/05 - Funding request - Inspire Youth Partnership Project with Ipswich Community Media pdf icon PDF 508 KB


16.1    The Community Engagement Officer presented this item which requested the allocation of £500 from the South West Area Committee budget to Inspire Suffolk towards the cost of a programme of sports and media based learning and mentoring. The weekly activity sessions were for 10-19 year olds and for 19-25 year olds with special education needs with community sports and media festivals run by the young people.  


16.2    Councillor Ellesmere said that it would be useful to record which areas participants were coming from and although this was a County wide project, Caro Thornton, the Grant and Development Manager at Inspire Suffolk agreed to record this.  The options were considered and Option 1 was agreed.




            that £500 be allocated from the South West Area Committee budget to Inspire Suffolk towards the cost of the sports and media youth activities project, be agreed.


            Reason:  To provide Committee funding to the Inspire Suffolk project as a contribution towards the cost of staff and equipment as part of the wider project.


SWAC/17/06 Area Action Plan Update pdf icon PDF 51 KB

Additional documents:


17.1    The Community Engagement Officer presented this report which included the priorities for the South West area in line with the Indices of Deprivation, as identified by the Department of Communities and Local Government and the underlying principles of the Council’s Corporate Plan ‘Building a Better Ipswich’


17.2    Councillor Fern reported that a funding request from the ‘Let’s Talk Reading’ community based literacy project would be submitted to the Committee at the next meeting.


17.3    Feedback had been received from Chantry Library, who had received £8,365.00 allocation to support youth activities, on 17 November 2016 and had been drawn down in 3 instalments.  The activities which had taken place were noted and the varied programme had included craft sessions, radio sessions, drumming, circus skills, magic, martial arts and dance.  The pop in sessions had been attended by 30 – 50 participants per activity and Councillor C Smart agreed that it had been expected that changes would have been made to the programme in line with need.


17.4    The Cress Pavilion, accessible toilet and baby change facility and the St Mary at Stoke Church, shower installation, for which funding had been allocated in June 2016 had both been completed.


17.5   A short video was shown which documented the improvements made to the Oasis English Language School fire system and renovation refurbishments which had received £5,881.50 funding from the South West Area Committee budget in January 2017.   


17.6    Making A Difference (MAD) funding had been allocated for School Parking Banners and this would be reported in the next budget update at the next meeting.   




            that the South West Area Committee Action Plan, attached at Appendix 1 to report Ref No: SWAC/17/06, be noted.


            Reason:  Developing priorities to provide the basis of an area delivery plan would enable the Area Committee to clearly communicate its vision and priorities for the area and would help demonstrate how its budget was being allocated to deliver the priorities set for the area.


SWAC/17/07 Community Dashboard pdf icon PDF 56 KB

Additional documents:


18.1    The Community Engagement Officer presented the Community Dashboard which focussed on income, the economy and employment.




            that the Community Dashboard attached at Appendix 1 to report Ref No: SWAC/17/07, be noted.


            Reason:  To provide details to Councillors and the community of the South West area which could be of interest.


Dates of Future Meetings 2017/18, all to be held at 6.30pm

·         Thursday 21 September 2017 – Stoke Green Methodist Church, Halifax Road IP1 8RE

·         Thursday 16 November 2017 – St Peters Church, Stoke Park Drive IP2 9YP

·         Thursday 18 January 2018 – Gipping Room, Grafton House, Russell Road IP1 2DE

·         Thursday 8 March 2018 – Chantry Methodist Church, Kingfisher Avenue, Ipswich IP2 0QN


·         Thursday 21 September 2017 – Stoke Green Baptist Church, Halifax Road IP1 8RE

·         Thursday 16 November 2017 – St Peters Church, Stoke Park Drive IP2 9YP

·         Thursday 18 January 2018 – Gipping Room, Grafton House, Russell Road IP1 2DE

·         Thursday 8 March 2018 – Chantry Methodist Church, Kingfisher Avenue IP2 0QN


19.1    The Chair expressed her thanks to Chantry Academy who had offered the venue for the South West Area Committee and the Neighbourhood Policing Group free of charge this evening.