Agenda and minutes

South West Area Committee - Thursday 28th July 2016 6.30 pm

Venue: Oasis Centre, Barrack Corner/Portman Road IP1 2NB

Contact: Trisha Sutton  01473 432512

No. Item


Apologies for absence


Apologies were received from Councillors Cenci, Fern, Powell and Hyde-Chambers.


To Confirm or Vary the Order of Business




To vary the Order of Business.  To consider Item 8. Policing Priorities after Item 4, to enable the Police to attend, otherwise the order be as printed on the Agenda.


Declarations of Interest


Councillor Macartney declared an interest in Item 13. Funding request – Lark in the Park Event Funding, as a member of The Chantry Residents Association.


Unconfirmed Minutes of the Meeting held on 9 June 2016 pdf icon PDF 136 KB




that the minutes of the meeting held on 9 June 2016 be signed as a true record.


Police Priorities Update


23.1    Sgt Joe Askham reported that the West Safer Neighbourhood Team had now merged with no loss of staff and urged residents to call 101 to report any issues. 


23.2    The current priorities were:-

1.         Drug related behaviour in Alderman Park.  New drug dens had been located in June and July although there had been lower needle finds due to the placement of a sharps bin.  Operation Touchstone, using trained Police dogs, and the S35 dispersal notice in place during the Fun Fair had been successful. A weapons sweep of Jubilee Park and Alderman Park had been undertaken but no weapons had been found.

2.         Anti-Social Behaviour at Barnard Square. Following an increased number of bike thefts and thefts from vehicles, CCTV has been installed in the car parks.  A multi-agency event had been arranged to speak to tenants on 10 August 2016, between 10.00am-2.00pm to listen to resident’s concerns and improve the quality of life for residents in that area. 

3.         Drug related anti-social behaviour at Jamestown Boulevard.  This issue had been resolved following a problem tenant being evicted.


23.3    There had been 613 incident reports received with 684 crimes investigated overall.   There had been 11 Burglaries from dwellings, 8 robberies and 51 incidents of violence with injury.   There had been 147 incidents of anti-social behaviour, reports of which, always increased during the summer months.


23.4    A resident asked whether there had been reports of anti-social behaviour near the Co-op as graffiti there had been tagged to the ‘Chantry Gang’.  The Police said that they were not aware of any reports of graffiti at this location however, if evidence was available shops could pay for an injunction to be taken out.


23.5    Councillor Rudkin reported that engagement with residents at Barnard Square had proved difficult during recent canvassing.  It was confirmed that the flats concerned were those off Whipp Street and the Police said that all Councillors were welcome to attend the action day on 10 August 2016.


Chair's Update and Actions from the Previous Meeting


24.1    The Chair said that there had been no actions to resolve at the last meeting.


24.2    Councillor Gardiner updated on the Experimental Traffic Regulation Order (Suffolk One).  The SCC Rights of Way Committee held on 16 June 2016 had agreed to continue with the order for the stipulated length of time but had recommended changes to yellow lines in some areas.  It was reported however, that the minutes of the meeting would remain draft until published with the agenda of the next meeting of the Committee.


Ward Councillor's Feedback from their Communities


25.1    Sprites ward


Councillor C Smart had received reports of anti-social behaviour on Hawthorn Drive with vehicles using it as a racetrack.  Consultation was taking place about draining the pond at Stone Lodge Park which regularly flooded.  Building work would take place to alleviate the problems during August/September.


Councillor Clarke said that he had been contacted by a resident of Lakeside Road about the state of Stone Lodge Park. 


Gipping ward


Councillor Ellesmere said that a review would be undertaken with residents to consider whether Alderman Park was the best location for the Fun Fair.


Councillor Macartney reported on the success of the Wheels event held in Chantry Park.


Bridge ward


Councillor P Smart reported that it was likely a funding request would be submitted to the Committee in September for work to alleviate the flooding in Bourne Park.  The frequency of grass cutting was discussed as three cuts per year was the standard frequency which Suffolk County Council funded.  However, Ipswich Borough Council fund seven more cuts per year at certain intervals throughout the growing season.  It was acknowledged that because of the warm, wet weather this year the grass had grown longer but the budget would not allow for more than 10 grass cuts per year.  


A resident said that the resident’s association local to Holyrood Close had litter picked the area from Downing Close to the Asda shopping centre and around Belstead Road.  The grass cutters had requested that a co-ordinated litter pick be undertaken before cutting as the mowers were cutting glass and metal into shards and this debris was being left. 


Parents or carers at Ranelagh Primary School in Pauls Road, were making it unsafe for children arriving at the school by ignoring parking restrictions, parking on the zig zags and the yellow lines.  Parking Enforcement Officers had visited the school and issued tickets and the teachers had agreed to make sure that everyone was parking in a safe manner in September.  A team of road safety juniors had produced a document with the help of the Traffic Enforcement Officers.   


            Councillor Rudkin spoke about a survey which had taken place in February or March time about the possibility of a residents parking zone in Bridge ward.  Having spoken to Officers, there was enough evidence to collate to see if a residents parking zone would be a possibility.


Councillor P Smart said that an old changing room block in Bourne Park had become unsightly and was in an unsafe condition so it would soon be demolished.


Suffolk County Councillor Update


26.1    Suffolk County Councillor Rudkin reported that she had spent some of her SCC highways budget on Real Time Passenger Information in Bridge ward.


            Suffolk County Councillor Armitage said that she was working with Highways to install bollards to prevent parking outside the Oaks Primary School in Aster Road near Asterbury Place.


Responses to Public Questions Received and Open Discussion on Local Issues


27.1    No questions for the Committee had been received prior to the meeting.


27.2    A resident reported that a subway north of Handford Road at Civic Drive was slightly blocked by vegetation, at the roundabout on the bend by the school.  Councillor Ellesmere agreed to take this matter further.


27.3    A resident made reference to the Blue Badge Holder spaces at Christchurch and Holywells Park.  Councillor Smart said that as Christchurch Park was in Central Ipswich it had good public transport options to support visits.  He said that Holywells Park, which had recently had its gates restored, at the moment had a 16 space car park for permit holders only.  Four spaces had been issued to visiting Parks staff and the remaining to the staff of the park, the occupiers of the cottages in the grounds of the park and to the businesses in the stable block.  The point of the permit holders restricted access way was to limit vehicle movements through the gates in order to avoid queues of cars trying to get in and out. The resident made reference to art classes held at the park which she attended which required equipment to be carried in.


27.4    Councillor Ellesmere said that a condition of the Heritage Lottery Funded Grant had been that no car parking was to be funded.  A resident said that it was amazing what the Council had done at Holywells Park and the restricted car parking on the site was an enormous boost to the park.      


27.5    Councillor Rudkin said that parking at the Athena Hall car park signposted off of Duke Street car park at Wykes Bishop Street would then allow pedestrian access via the Myrtle Road entrance.   Parking at the Williams Street car park or the Regent car park would allow easy access to Christchurch Park. 


27.6    A resident said that at the tee junction of Lavender Hill and Pimpernel Road there were overgrown bushes on the right hand corner which needed cutting back and Councillor Ellesmere said that he would look into this. 


27.7    A resident said that drug dealers and users were using an area which indented on Civic Drive which was very close to the back of the playground of St Matthews School.  It was reported that a stained glass window in the Church at this location had recently been broken.  Councillor Macartney agreed to bring this up at the next Safer Neighbourhood Team meeting.   


Cornhill Development Consultation


28.1    The Operations Manager, Building & Design presented this item and reported that the project had been suggested by Sir Philip Rose when he had visited Ipswich and it aimed to improve the area.   An architectural competition for designs had followed in 2012 and the consultation would be on the website for comments and feedback at until the end of July.


28.2    The Officer confirmed that SCC and IBC would fund £800k each and the New Anglia Local Enterprise Partnership had match funded both these and would contribute £1.6m.


28.3    The site would be raised to provide flat level access into the Town Hall with steps up to the level platform which would still be large enough for parades to take place with additional tree planting and a possible tower.  There would be two areas with steps leading up to the flat area and flush jet water fountains.  It was hoped to encourage a café culture with tables and chairs surrounding the steps to revitalise the area, make people linger longer, attract new retailers and make better use of the space.


28.4    Discussion took place about the type and colour of the hardwearing granite stone, and both the temporary (during building works) and final location of the market.  The Officer confirmed that the platform would provide fully disabled access straight up the street and into the Town Hall.


28.5    A resident asked whether any public toilets would be included in the design and the Officer said that the Town Hall currently had access to public toilets or others were available in the Sailmakers or at the department store close by.


28.6    Councillor Rudkin said that the Town Hall steps were off putting and anything that levelled these out for wheelchair access was good.


28.7    A resident said that the design of any tower should reflect the history or heritage of the town and be in a central location to allow people to congregate around it.  The Town Hall itself should be made a central focal point and the Officer asked if he meant the uplighting at Christmas as this could be a possibility as it could pick out the architectural features. 


28.8    A resident said that small round seats would be better than long benches and she was concerned about people lying along the steps.  The Officer said that he had discussed this with the architects and it had been envisaged that the area would be self-policing and the Street Rangers would stop any anti-social behaviour such as skateboarders.


28.9    A resident requested seating under the Lloyds Avenue archways and it was confirmed that the area would remain traffic free although delivery HGV’s and fire engines would still be allowed access.


29.10  A resident asked how resilient the granite would be to chewing gum and the Officer said that three granite samples were under consideration ranging from smooth with an anti-slip surface to one with a thick granular surface.  There was a middle range one that was rough but not  ...  view the full minutes text for item 28.


Upper Orwell Crossing Consultation


29.1    John Noble, a consultant from WSP Group Parsons Brinckerhoff presented this item about the Upper Orwell Crossing consultation which would run from Friday 1 July 2016 to Friday 12 August 2016.  A provisional funding agreement of £77m had been agreed from the Department for Transport to part fund three crossings.  Additional contributions to the project would be required although Suffolk County Council had underwritten the £100m cost.


29.2    The three crossings would consist of a new road crossing to the south of the West Dock island, connecting the east and west banks for all road users, with access between Wherstead Road and Landseer Road.  A new bridge road crossing across the island site of the New Cut would connect the west bank to the Wet Dock Island for all road users and a crossing for pedestrians and cyclists only which would connect the east bank to the Wet Dock island. 


29.3    The objectives of the project would allow the redevelopment of the Wet Dock Island site, ensure the continued success of the Waterfront area, marina and port and regenerate the region on the southern section of the town.  It would improve connectivity and relieve the congestion in Ipswich on the east-west routes, on the A14 over the Orwell Bridge and at nearby junctions.


29.4    The major benefits would be to reduce traffic, journey times and costs, improve the accessibility for pedestrians and cyclists, bring more business and skilled workers to the area and regenerate underused land.  It was estimated that every £1 invested would result in £6 of economic benefits with the potential of the Wet Dock regeneration.  However, there was likely to be increased traffic on some local roads although minimising the effects of increased traffic on local roads would be a key element of the project.


29.5    Displays were available at Endeavour House, Chantry Library and Gainsborough Library for more information and the consultation was open for consideration for 6 weeks.   A public exhibition would be held on 6 August 2016 at an event on the Waterfront and the consultation survey was available on the website. 


29.6    Councillor Macartney asked if any money had been offered from the owners of the site, Associated British Ports and a resident said that it was likely that land values on the Island plot would increase.  The Officer said that the project would be classed as an infrastructure project and if the land was redeveloped there would be S106 money available. 


29.7    A resident asked how the bottleneck at Stoke Bridge would be improved as the computer controlled traffic lights had not been switched on yet.  The Officer said that based on traffic modelling the journey times across the town would dramatically improve.


29.8    Councillor P Smart said that his main concern was the amount of traffic which would flow through the Bridge ward side of town particularly in Station Street.  Councillor Rudkin concurred that the streets were crowded now in Bridge ward and this could encourage more  ...  view the full minutes text for item 29.


SWAC/16/08 Parking Enforcement at Schools Update pdf icon PDF 53 KB

Additional documents:


30.1    The Community Engagement Officer presented this report which updated the Committee on the additional parking enforcement around school pick up and drop off times.  The additional enforcement which had started on a regular basis in February was funded through existing budgets and had resulted in 166 visits to 24 schools with 102 Penalty Charge Notices (PCN) being issued.


30.2    The Officer commented on the restrictions which were enforceable and that future visits would be made less predictable.  Councillor Gardiner reported that although the amount of PCN’s issued in Gipping were high, they had mainly been at two schools, St Matthews C of E Primary School and St Marks Catholic Primary School.  Both schools had no set catchment area so students often travelled in by car rather than walked.   




            that the parking enforcement numbers, attached at Appendix 3 to report Ref No: SWAC/16/08, be noted.


SWAC/16/09 Funding request - Lark in the Park Event Funding pdf icon PDF 2 MB


31.1    In the absence of the Chair, Councillor Gardiner was elected Chair for the duration of this agenda item.


31.2    The Community Engagement Officer presented this report to the Committee which requested funding to secure the future of the annual summer Lark in the Park event in Gippeswyk Park run by the Chantry Residents Association.


31.3    It was confirmed that any funding would be subject to the Temporary Event Notice being granted when the demonstration of the funds raised would be provided.  It would be at this point that the funding from the South West Area Committee would become available. 


31.4    Following discussion of the options available and the breakdown of the necessary costs there was agreement that the location of the event was ideal and the importance of this event being accessible to all residents, it was 




that up to a total of £6,000, be allocated from the South West Area Committee budget, for costs towards the Lark in The Park events in 2017, 2018 and 2019, subject to match funding being secured on a 2:1 ratio as detailed in Section 4.4 of the report, be approved.


SWAC/16/10 Funding request - Additional Holiday Activities Old Stoke pdf icon PDF 57 KB

Additional documents:


32.1    The Community Engagement Officer presented this item which requested £900 from the South West Area Committee budget for provision of free activities for under 19 year olds in the Old Stoke area during the 2016 summer and autumn school holidays. 


32.2    The Police Sergeant had spoken of the challenges in engaging young people in this part of town and it had been designated as an area of specific need.  The extra activity would be for 4 weeks and be for kickboxing training with 2 hour sessions for the under 10’s and 2 hour sessions for over 10’s, held at St Mary’s at Stoke Church.


32.3    Councillor P Smart agreed that the object of the Committee was to look at the areas in the South West of Ipswich which required more investment to support community cohesion and it was confirmed that the provision would be mixed for both genders.  The Community Engagement Officer and the Assistant Operations Manager for Sports & Leisure were tasked to place advertising flyers for this and the other activities being held around the area. 




            that £900 be allocated from the South West Area Committee budget for the provision of free activities for under 19 year olds in the Old Stoke area during the 2016 summer and autumn school holidays.


            Reason:  To improve opportunities for structured youth activities in an area with limited opportunities and need identified through neighbourhood partners.


Area Action Plan Update (Verbal)


33.1    The Community Engagement Officer gave a verbal update on the Area Action Plan and reported that the Holiday Activities Programme, funded at the last Area Committee would commence on Monday 1 August 2016.


33.2    The Officer made reference to the funding allocated from the South West area Committee budget to improve the accessible toilets and baby change at the Community Resource, Education and Skills Space (CRESS) facility in Maidenhall.  It had been suggested that Suffolk New College be offered the opportunity to work with ActivLives on the project but as no response had been received from the college; work on the facility would progress. 


33.3    The outdoor furniture at Bourne Park which had been funded by the Area Committee had now been installed.


33.4    A programme of activities at Chantry Library to enhance educational life skills would be the subject of a report to the next Area Committee as would funding to support access at Wherstead Drive.  A second set of improvements to shop fronts and planters at Hawthorn Drive would also be considered for future funding.


33.5    A new area action plan for the next year was due to be set by the Committee within the next month.


33.6    Councillor Gardiner reported that there would be an Annual Summer Fair at the Chantry Library on 6 August 2016 from 10.00am – 1.00pm with events and activities for all the family.


SWAC/16/11 Community Dashboard pdf icon PDF 56 KB

Additional documents:


34.1    The Community Engagement Officer presented the Community Dashboard to the Committee and detailed information from the indices of multiple deprivation.  Councillor Smart reported that information from these figures validated the social demographic breakdown and was promoted.




            that the Community Dashboard of the South West area, attached at Appendix 1 to report Ref No: SWAC/16/11 be noted.


            Reason:  To provide details to Councillors and the community of the South West area which could be of interest.


SWAC/16/12 Area Committee Budget Update pdf icon PDF 57 KB

Additional documents:


35.1    The Community Engagement Officer presented this report which provided an update on the current budget of the South West Area Committee.  Prior to the meeting, the funds available were £62,281.04 and the Chair requested that the Committee come forward with any future funding requests.




            that the financial statement at Appendix 2 to report Ref No: SWAC/16/07, be noted.


            Reason:  To provide an audit trail of funding that has been spent from the South West Area Committee budget.


Dates of Future Meetings 2016/17, all to be held at 6.30pm:

·         Thursday 20 September 2016 – St Peters Church, Stoke Park Drive IP2 9YP

·         Thursday 17 November 2016 – TBC

·         Thursday 19 January 2017 – Gipping Room, Grafton House, Russell Road IP1 2DE

·         Thursday 23 March 2017 – Chantry Methodist Church, Kingfisher Avenue IP2 0QN


·         Tuesday 20 September 2016 – St Peters Church, Stoke Park Drive, IP2 8YP

·         Thursday 17 November 2016 – Venue to be confirmed

·         Thursday 19 January 2017 – Gipping Room, Grafton House, Russell Road, IP1 2DE

·         Thursday 23 March 2017 – Chantry Methodist Church, Kingfisher Avenue IP2 0QN